‘Next Stop Christmas’: Review Beautiful Original Hallmark Holiday Movie for 2021

Next stop christmas is a movie about a girl named Angie who  intends to spend Christmas alone, but her usual ride turns into a Christmas train that took her down to her hometown in 2011.

Angie is a spinal surgeon who works with her mother, Lia Thompson. Angie missed the last two Christmas because her parents were recently divorced.

Instead of going home for the holidays, Angie gets drinks with her co-worker Sabrina. They drank Christmas Cocktails and talked about past relationships. Angie is dating a famous sports commentator named Tyler Grant. He proposed to her at Christmas, but Angie refused. Angie still remembers it as the last good Christmas with her family.


While the girls on Instagram follow Tyler, Ben Lee (a children’s friend) appears in the bar. He asks Angie about her sister Kristen and her adoption. Angie doesn’t know anything about it because she doesn’t talk to her family. On the way home to Yonkers, Angie was called by a kooky ticket agent. (Christopher Lloyd.) He talks to her about the magic of Christmas and writes her a round trip at 10:15 pm. He asks her to slow down and enjoy the world around her. Angie rushes to the train and falls fast asleep.


When Angie wakes up, the train is decorated, and there is Tyler Grant. She talks about how she enjoyed meeting her parents. Angie kisses to make sure she is honest and runs away. Christopher Lloyd is in another car, and he asks her what is going on. Her cellphone is old, and when she calls her hospital, they have never heard of her. Angie tries to give Christopher Lloyd his return ticket, but half of it is lost.

Where Was the Hallmark Channel Movie 'Next Stop, Christmas' Filmed?

Angie realizes that it is 2011, and she is on her way to her hometown to find the “beautiful” Christmas she remembers. She tells herself it must be a dream. His father, George, picks them up at the train station and takes them home to his happy family and Christmas customs. While doing some chores, Angie takes her niece to visit Santa; Ben plays Santa, and Angie sits on his lap. Tyler Grant is jealous. Next, they choose a Christmas tree and meet Chloe, who speaks nervously. (I do not know what he was talking about.)


Angie is surprised when she wakes up the next day and is in town. He is trying to take the train home, but his ticket is empty. Angie wants signs, and Ben Lee is the first person she meets. He decides to tell her about strange things that are happening to her, such as the future. He does not believe her, but she makes fun of him. Angie decides to prove it to him and tells him that she will choke gumdrops while they decorate gingerbread houses later.


THAT’S going to happen, and Angie is arrogant before saving Ben Lee. She believes him and is surprised when he tells her about Tyler’s proposal. Ben thought he and Angie would end up together. It doesn’t matter because Tyler doesn’t raise as much as he did last time. Angie pays close attention to things a second time and realizes her father and mother are far away. And you hear Kristen and her husband Peter have trouble conceiving a baby with IVF.

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To make Tyler less vulnerable to Ben Lee, Angie arranges for Ben and Chloe. (Chloe is so excited to have a fake boyfriend!) It works because Tyler Grant proposes in front of his whole family under a decorated gazebo. (Ummm, my dream suggestion? Take the audience out; I will know nothing) She then asks him to bring her to Barcelona, ​​and Angie remembers that work is her passion, not her.


Angie uses her knowledge of the future to try and arouse love between them. She puts her mother in the dress she wore 35 years ago and plans to mimic their first meeting at Anti Mert’s annual Christmas party. This tactic seems to work, and her parents seem to be reconnecting. The day before Christmas, and Angie was still busy in 2011. He breaks it down with Tyler, and he starts it right! Ben Lee says something about Frosty, and Angie thinks that might be related to why she’s gone.


Kristin gives Angie a note she found in Frosty’s jewelry box at her place of the night in the light of the Christmas tree. Note a love letter from Ben; Angie realizes she loves Ben and is always there. That awareness completes his ticket to the future. The train leaves, and Angie calls on Ben to meet for the next ten years. Ben rushes to the train to stop but does not arrive on time.

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By 2021, his family is still reunited, and he has a new nephew! Angie is in a hurry for surgery and realizes that she has plans she made ten years ago with Ben Lee. He’s there even though he’s been drunk for an hour or two. They kissed at a restaurant trying to close, and he began to remember his life with Ben. He lifts with a Frosty box and says yes!


It is a story that is played every holiday season when people return home to their families when they stop and wonder how their lives will be different if they take a different path. Angie (Lyndsy Fonseca) is a New York surgeon who travels home to spend the holidays with her family. She gets on the train, and as she leaves, she wonders what her life would have been like if she had married her ex-boyfriend Tyler (Eric Freeman).

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When he got home, it was ten years ago, and the kind-hearted driver (Christopher Lloyd) suggested he use the opportunity to check on his health and do things he could not change before. She works with her sister to instill a new spark in her parents’ love, and she finds it very important in life. The second chance of a lifetime and everything is part of the magic of the holidays.

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