The Reason Behind Squid Game’s Massive Popularity

Netflix is a new normal for every one of us; if anyone is not into Netflix, then they are old-fashioned. OTT has come up with comfort and control in our hands and nowadays you must have heard about the new trend of Squid Game – a game that was supposed to be for the children but had been turned into a deathly game in the new Korean series on Netflix and that series has come up as a chartbuster. 

The Korean series attracted the audience with its unique name and is continuing on the number one position on the charts. The series has nine episodes in total but it is very disturbing to see that the games which children play turn out to be so deadly.

Squid Game is the first Korean series drama that has made it into the number one position on Netflix and that too in four days, just after the release of the series. Currently, it holds the mark of the biggest series launch ever of the company. The viewers are becoming addicted to the series, and the series is being highly binge-watched.

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The series “Squid Game” started streaming on September 17, the series has the main focus on the group of people from South Korea.

The game makes its first move by tricking the people into the deadly game which was designed for the children but in the maze of money, the youths agree to be a part of the game. The series also portrays rich people bettin on the deaths and survival of the person. It may give that vibes but definitely, it is not a copy of that; it has the twist of horror and drama which is well managed by the makers. From the beginning till the end, the series holds the audience and that’s where the series got its success.

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If we look into the series, the main character Seong Gi-hun which is played by Lee Jung- Jae introduces the game and says that the Squid Game was played by a child who lived in his neighborhood in the squid-shaped court but this series takes many deadly turns.

The series has a base concept of different kid games and the main moto for the participants is survival, as if they lose they have to die. When we experience the game played in our childhood with all the fun and unaware of the consequences turns into a game that will take lives for a loose.

Seong Gi-hun is playing the role of the main character in the movie and is a curious dad but the thing becomes bad when the action made by Seong Gi-hun leads to a big loss but he is not the only one over there, one older person that becomes the grandfather of the group and along with them they have a gangster, a well- educated man, and a refugee from North Korea

Squid Game' Is Now The #1 Show In 90 Different Countries

Once you start the series it is very hard not to come back for another episode just to see the twist of who survives and who dies. You can watch the series on Netflix, the “Squid Game” is a Netflix original show and was made in South Korea later got dubbed in English. People lose their life horribly in the game that was supposed to be for the kids and that covers the whole nine episodes.

After the success of season 1 of the Squid Game, people are thinking for the sequel of the series but the director and the writer Hwang Dong-hyuk said that he will come up to the big screen movie before thinking for season 2 of the Squid Game and added that as for now, he has nothing in his mind and also he does not have any idea for the Squid Game season 2.

Even if he thinks for the sequel he will not do this alone, it will require him a couple of writers and directors as it becomes very tiring for getting into the new concepts for a single person. 

If you liked the concept of Squid Game you can also watch the similar series The Hunger Games, as they have the same format for the competition. Many are claiming that the series Squid Game is similar to a Japanese movie “As The Gods Will” which was directed by Takashi Miike in the year 2014.

The movie also has the concept of death and survival based on the games which are made for kids. Also, some say Squid Game has some scenes similar to that of the Japanese series like the doll who spins around and tries to catch the players into action. 

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The writer and the director of the series Hwang Dong-hyuk said that the idea for the series clicked into his mind from the real-world event by a show. He added that at that time he was in the struggling phase of his life, the world has completely changed since then; new technologies, digital space, cryptocurrencies have come into action.

IT giants like Google and Facebook came into trends and later when Donald Trump became the president of the United States, the creator found that Donald Trump was running the game and not a country. The way he worked and the way  people reacted, gave the creator this idea to get his show out in the world. 

Squid Game is Netflix's 'biggest ever' series at launch - CNN

The challenges from the Squid Game have hit the real world like in Abu Dhabi, the event takes place where two teams of 15 members played the Red light and Greenlight wearing the T-shirts which featured the Squid Game logo. People are also taking up the dalgona candy challenge, the paper flipping game, and the marbles.

But the series harms the kids – a student from a Belgian school watched the series even though the series is for the adults, and misunderstood the concept, which resulted in a terrible fight where the school auhtorities had to call in parents.

Apart from these, the merchandise for the Squid Game is also in the trends and is going out of stock in no time.

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