Top 8 Most Innovative Theme Parks In Japan

Top 8 Most Innovative Theme Parks In Japan

Theme parks are one of the most enjoyed sites in all countries no matter what part of the world. Theme parks even though may seem like a concept specially created for children, but have something or the other four people from all age groups to enjoy and look forward to.

Japan is a country which is not only popular for its high level of technologies and human resource management but is widely famous all across the world for its animations and creative skillset through its popular comic books, Manga, and its Animated adaptations made in that form of Movies and TV shows, popularly, Anime.

Japan is one such country with a variety of theme parks. Be it based on its popular anime to one of the most popular Disney parks Japan has one of the most impressive theme parks from all across the world.

Here is One of the most impressive theme parks in Japan, to make your next trip to Japan more fun, adventurous, and thrilling!

1. Tokyo Disneyland–

Tokyo Disneyland was set up in the capital city of Japan in the year 1983 by the Walt Disney Imagineering. It is the third most visited Theme Park of all the theme parks in the world. The park is divided into seven different areas all with different themes and attractions for the tourists to have a fun-filled day.

The park is not completely located in Tokyo but is located in the Chiba prefecture of the country. The park offers different kinds of passports for visitors depending on the age and the number of days on which the tourists want to visit the theme park.

Not only that but the park also comprises a collective passport of the Tokyo Disneyland and the Tokyo DisneySea. A Complete Guide To Tokyo DisneySea Japan - Expatolife
2. Tokyo DisneySea-

Tokyo DisneySea was set up in the capital city of Japan in the year 2001 by the Walt Disney Imagineering and is established right next to the Tokyo Disneyland. The park is inspired by the ocean legends of Disney and has various popular characters and attractions with 7 different allocated areas.

The idea of Tokyo DisneySea was to attract more adults and couples while Tokyo Disneyland was centered as an attraction for children and families.

Universal Studios Japan gets US$250m cash boost from PAG | South China  Morning Post
3. Universal Studios Japan  –

Every theme park fan has always dreamt of visiting the Universal Studios at least once. Japan has covered your wishes by setting up universal studios in its city Osaka.

The theme park comprises thrilling rides and attractions based on the themes of the movies like Spiderman, Harry Potter, Minions, and many more. It is the fourth most visited Theme Park of all the theme parks in the world.

Sanrio Puroland | ZEKKEI Japan
4. Sanrio Puroland –

Sanrio Puroland is an indoor theme park based on the attractions of Sanrio characters, Most popular of all, Hello Kitty. The park is set up in Tokyo and is a lot famous for his it’s cafes and restaurants that offer food and deserts based on the Sanrio characters.

Legoland Japan Resort - Wikipedia

5. Legoland Japan –

The country‘s first Lego land was established in 2017 in Nagoya, Aichi prefecture. The theme park is divided into seven areas comprising of thriller rides and attractions based on different lego blocks and popular landmarks of Japan, the Tokyo station, Nagoya Castle.

Inside Japan's Super Mario Theme Park: Mario Kart, Mushroom Kingdom, And  Green Dinosaur
6. Super Nintendo World, Universal Studios Japan –

Super Nintendo world is a special park located in universal studios Japan, Osaka. The mini-world has video games and characters of Nintendo and the most popular of all Mario and its video game Mario kart, supported by its sub-series. 


I only fangirled a little bit when I saw Levi in the Attack On Titan 4D  ride at Universal Studios Osaka. He can serve me r… | Attack on titan,  Titans, Action

7. Attack On Titan Park, Universal Studios Japan  –

Yes, you read that right, Universal Studios Japan has allocated another special area for the popular manga and anime series, Attack On Titan (Shingeki No Kyojin).

The park has a thrilling VR coaster, Attack On Titan: Race For Survival XR along with dining restaurants serving the food served just like in the series, the Investigation Corps‘ mess hall! Even for a limited period of time, the park has to offer you the real life experience of hanging out in Shiganshina, the town of Eren Yeager.  

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8. NarutoLand Japan  –

Every manga and anime fan is familiar with the name of one of the biggest manga and anime series of the world, Naruto and Boruto. Called Shinobi-Zato in the country, Narutoland has its theme park attractions of the series Naruto including the Hokage rock wall, real-life ‘Ichiraku Ramen shop’, and the most important of all a chance to solve Naruto level Shinobi missions!

The World Biggest Naruto Theme Park in Japan | SHINOBIZATO — Tokyo Zebra

The land has two types of courses to provide based on the two most popular characters of the series, the top rivals and friends Sasuke and Naruto, Uchiha, and Uzumaki! The Uchiha is more of an intellectual course just like the character of Sasuke and the Uzumaki course is more of an active course just like the character of Naruto. The courses are available in three languages Japanese, English, and Chinese.

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