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It is the Halloween season; Halloween comes from horror, so here are some of the horror movies you can binge-watch with your group and make it more realistic as the directors of these movies have tried their best to make it real for the audience and scare them. 

The ExorcistThe Exorcist (1973) - IMDb horror

The movie “The Exorcist” is an American Supernatural Horror Film released in 1973 starring Ellen BurstynLee J. Cobb, Max Von SydowJac MacGowranLinda Blair, Jason Miller, and Kitty Winn. William Friedkin directs the movie, and William Peter Blatty is both writer and producer of the film. It is based on a novel written by William Peter Batty of the same name. This film is the first part of the “The Exorcist film series”, where a twelve-year-old kid and her mother are rescued from the two Catholic priests trying exorcism. 

The book has been on the list of bestsellers, but still, William Peter Blatty turned into a film with the director of his own choice. The Exorcist became the highest-grossing R- rated horror film and the first film nominated for the Best Picture in the Oscar. The movie was a superhit, even with the mixed reviews, people waited in long queues to get the tickets. Meanwhile, many people suffered from body reactions like vomiting, fainting while some scenes. 

The ConjuringThe Conjuring Universe explained

The Conjuring is based on a supernatural horror theme released in the year 2013. The film is directed by James Wan and is written by Carey W Hayes and Chad Hayes and is the first film of the Conjuring universal franchise. Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson are seen as two paranormal activity investigators, Ed Warren and Lorraine Warren.

The movie is somehow based on the real-life event when Ed and Lorrain come to help a family experiencing paranormal activities in their house on the Island in 1971. The movie received positive reviews. The film grossed $319 million around the globe.

HereditaryHereditary (2018) - IMDb

Hereditary is an American Psychological horror film released in 2018 starring Alex Wolff, Toni ColletteGabriel Byrne, and Milly Shapiro. The movie is the debut feature film of the writer and director Ari Aster and has traces of some personal effects after the death of a grandmother in a mysterious way. The movie “Hereditary” was premiered at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival in the midnight section. The movie grossed $80 million with a budget of $10 million and also received a positive response from the audience. 

The ShiningThe Shining Review | Movie - Empire

The movie “The Shining” is a psychological horror film released in 1980, starring Shelley DuvallJack Nicholson, Scatman Crothers, and Danny Lloyd. The horror film is directed and produced by Stanley Kubrick, and the movie was based on the novel by Stephen King of the year 1977. While making the movie, the crew tried to shoot every part in the actual location instead of sets. They gave the film a new look, which they appreciated afterwards.

The film received a mixed reaction from the audience, and the movie was criticized by Stephen King, as the movie has connections with his novel but has proved to be one of the most influential and greatest horror movies. The movie also got a place in the preservation section in the United States National Film Registry for being aesthetically significant. After 39 years of the release of “The Shining”, its sequel “Doctor Sleep” was released on November 8, 2019. The movie provides you with the chills if you are looking for one. 

HalloweenHalloween Kills Teaser Debuts as Release Delays to 2021 | IndieWire

Halloween is an American slasher movie released in the year 1978 starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald Pleasence. John Carpenter directs the film. The story revolves around a person with a mental health condition who has committed a crime on Halloween night. The movie “Halloween” is one of the most successful individual films of all time and grossed $70 million. The director, John Carpenter, was praised for taking the film to the next level.

In 1981, a movie’s sequel was released, and later on, more sequels were released. Every sequel was connected via points to the previous ones, and the “Halloween Ends” will be released in the coming year 2022. Apart from the movie, it has a game and comic book based on this series, and the Library of Congress preserved this film in the US National Film Registry. Everyone working as the team has carried on the franchise very well for more than 40 years. 

The Texas Chainsaw MassacreThe Texas Chainsaw Massacre: How Low-budget Filmmaking Created a Classic -  Den of Geek

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” is a horror movie released in 1974 starring Paul A. PartainMarilyn BurnsJim SiedowGunnar Hansen, and Edwin Neal. The film was directed and produced by Tobe Hooper. The story revolves around friends who fall into a trap and become the family’s victim on their visit to the old house. The movie is inspired by the details of the crimes of the murderer, but the plot is all fictional. The film was a limited-budget film, and that made the director take long shots.

Especially in the movie, they took the less famous actors from Central Texas. The movie “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” was banned in a few countries, and some of the theatres stopped their screening after receiving complaints from the audience about the more violent scenes. The movie collected a good amount in the starting and also received reviews from the critics. The film gives you the goosebumps and is considered one of the most influential horror movies. 

SinisterThe True Villain In Sinister Isn't Who You Think

The movie “Sinister” is a supernatural horror film released in 2012 starring Juliet RylanceJames RansoneEthan Hawke, Vincent D’Onofrio, and Fred Thompson. The movie is co-written and directed by Scott Derrickson. The film was written by C. Robert Cargill, inspired by “The Ring”, released in 2002. The acting, music, cinematography was very much praised and received a good review from the audience. The movie’s success resulted in the sequel of the movie named “Sinister 2”, which was released in 2015, and according to one of the reports, it is the scariest movie ever made. 

InsidiousInsidious 5' Moving Forward With Patrick Wilson Making Feature Directorial  Debut – BlumFest – Deadline

The movie “Insidious” was released in 2010 and is a Canadian- American supernatural horror movie starring Patrick Wilson, Barbara Hershey, and Rose Byrne. The movie was written by Leigh Whannell and was directed by James Wan. The movie was premiered at the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). The movie has one of the best scare jumps, and that appears so realistic on screen.

These are some of the movies that you can binge-watch alone or with your friends, and they will give you the chills you are looking for. 

Article Proofread and Edited by Shreedatri Banerjee

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