The surge in Covid 19 trends nationwide in 2021: Negative Impacts

The surge in Covid 19 trends nationwide in 2021: Negative Impacts

Covid-19 was introduced in the country in the year 2019. The strain of the virus was mainly introduced as a biological weapon. The single-stranded RNA Virus has made a drastic impact all over the world.

India’s economy has fallen to a significant level along with the crashing education systems followed by a shortage of job opportunities. India has also passed through a phase where the citizens were in severe need of oxygen cylinders. The patients outnumbered the hospital beds and the mortality rate was at a peak.

However, the introduction of vaccines such as covishield, covaxin, and sputnik has somehow managed to control the covid cases and reduce the mortality rate for people aged more than 18 years. Recently, the number of covid cases has been seen to have increased at a tremendous rate.

Many people have referred to it as the third wave of covid-19 strain. Also, people have pointed out the possible reasons for the covid-19 outbreak. According to many people, the root cause lies in festivities as well as elections. Let us study the covid trends in different regions of the nation to get a clear picture of the status.



A surge in Coronavirus Cases in Jammu and Kashmir:

Srinagar, the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir is observing a drastic increase in the Covid-19 cases. Jammu and Kashmir have reported a total of 165 new cases in the last 24 hours. Kashmir division has recorded 147 cases while Jammu had 18 new cases. The death rate has increased to 3 with two deaths from Jammu while 1 from the Kashmir region. 

Covid-19 Trends in Delhi:

The nation’s capital has recorded a total of 54 new coronavirus cases and zero death rate in the last 24 hours. Delhi has recorded 4 deaths in the previous month due to covid while a total of 5 people succumbed to covid-19 during the month of September.

As per the recorded cases, the coronavirus has infected around 14.5 lakh people. Among them, around 14.14 lakh people had recovered from the tremendous disease.

A sum of 57,900 tests was conducted in a day that included the RTPCR as well as the rapid antigen test. Currently, the death count stands at 25,091. Coronavirus cases have decreased significantly in Covid from what the situation was in the months of April and May.

Delhi has fought with the second wave of the pandemic in which many lives were succumbed due to a shortage of hospital beds, oxygen cylinders as well as essential drugs in the hospital. Moreover, due to the vaccination drive, around 95 percent of people have developed antibodies as compared to 82 percent of unvaccinated people.

Increase in Covid 19 Cases in West Bengal:

According to the health department records in West Bengal, the covid 19 tally has increased to the rate of 1600732 cases with an add-on of 853 new cases from the previous day. Of the 853 new cases, most of them were recorded from neighboring 24 Paraganas district as stated. Fifteen new fatalities have uplifted the death toll to the count of 19,267. The covid-19 recovering percentage is around 98.30 percent while the death rate accounts for around 1.20 percent.

Union health secretary Rajesh Bhushan has expressed his concern to the West Bengal health secretary about the surge in covid-19 cases in that particular region. He also mentioned that Kolkata has become the hotspot of the rise in covid cases.

His letter was conveyed after the celebrations of the Durga Puja. The festival was celebrated grandly in the entire state with minimum attention being paid to the Covid-19 protocols. And this has resulted in a gradual spike of cases after the festivities came to an end.

The Union Health Secretary has also mentioned that if the current situation is not controlled, it will affect the health and workspace infrastructure in that region. The district was also seen with low testing trends. And, he stated that the health minister should take authority before the situation worsens and the economy collapses in that region.

He also strictly stated that the citizens should follow the five basic protocols such as testing, tracking, treating, vaccinating, and following covid appropriate restrictions.

The Centre has even urged the state to take a record of the new cases and mortality caused by the covid-19 virus.

How India's Covid Vaccination Drive Gained Speed Despite Obstacles

Covid-19 Trends in Assam:

Kamrup Metro has reported around 115 new cases. Assam recorded a total of 247 new coronavirus infections on Tuesday. The positivity rate of the coronavirus strain of the virus has also increased from 0.53 to 0.60 percent on Monday.

A total of three people succumbed to the life-threatening virus taking the current death rate to 0.98 percent. Also, Assam has achieved a high recovery rate of 98.48 percent. It is solely due to the various vaccination drives that have been carried out in Assam. The vaccination doses have also increased to the count of 2,93,66,637.

Update of Coronavirus Cases in Gujarat:

With activities starting after the end of Diwali, the covid-19 cases have also increased significantly in Gujarat. The Coronavirus cases have doubled to 42. Moreover, the state has also recorded an increase of 15 to 35 cases per day since October 2021.

Most of the cases have been reported from the Ahmedabad jurisdiction region. The Health Department has decided to keep a watch on the people entering the city and has also planned on conducting as many Covid-19 virus detecting tests as possible.

Covid-19 trends in India

The coronavirus strain of the virus has been spiking significantly these days. So, we, as the citizens of the country should take the utmost accountability and responsibility to prevent the surge in the cases. 

We should not allow the situation to reappear that has taken place in the midst of April-May. We should abide by the covid-19 protocols, maintain utmost hygiene and register for the Covid-19 vaccine. Because India may not be able to survive the third wave and the Indian economy and infrastructure will totally collapse. 


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