391 Rape Cases Has Reported In 90 Days In UP’s Braj Region

Has violence against women increased dramatically? Rape cases Reports women in Bengaluru on the eve of New Year’s Eve in front of a police station cannot be dismissed isolated incident when combined with rapes in the same city, increasing gang rapes and rapes of teenage girls by relatives. and neighbors sometimes leading to a tragic death.


Following official denials and scandals by the state minister about how the ‘victims’ were dressed inappropriately and their western lifestyle, public unrest led to delays in the arrest of a number of suspects.

The negligence of the police is irritating and working hard to put in inputs for their failure to stop the abuse of women, whcig is outrageous were the crowds hanging as dumb spectators of a brutal drama in which women were beaten, stripped, and beaten. The fact that more and more rapists are roaming shows not only the inefficiency of the law and the police but the masculinity of the animals.

No country for women: India reported 88 rape cases every day in 2019 - DIU  News

Rape is the fourth most common crime of women in India. According to the National Criminal Records Bureau (NCRB) 2013 annual report, 24,923 rape cases were reported throughout India in 2012. Of these, 24,470 were committed by a known victim (98% of cases).


Crime against women in the Capital has increased by 63.3 percent in the first six months of 2021 compared to 2020, details shared by Delhi police. According to the report, rape cases increased by 43% from 580 to June 15 last year to 833 this year, rape by 39% from 733 to 1,022, abduction of women from 1,026 to 1,580, abduction of women from 46 to 159. and lobola deaths from 47 to 56.


The country India has become identified as one of the “countries with the lowest per capita rape rate.” Many cases of rape are not reported in various countries, including India.

In India, consensual sex offered on the false promise of marriage involves rape. Determination to report rape has increased in recent years after rape cases became widely publicized and sparked public protests, which has been led to the Indian government changing its punitive laws on charges of rape and sexual assault.

A rape in India every 15 minutes: government data - Asia Times

According to NCRB 2015 statistics, Madhya Pradesh has the highest number of rape reports in the Indian subcontinent, while Jodhpur in Rajasthan has the highest number of rape cases in cities, followed by Delhi, the Capital.

According to statistics from Agra police headquarters, 27 cases of rape were reported in Aligarh, 25 in Agra, 26 in Mathura, 26 in Mathur, 19 in Firozabad, 11 in Mainpuri, no. -9 in Etah, six in Kasganj, and six rapes. In Hathras three months ago.


With this outbreak of rape cases over the past few months, parents are concerned about the safety of their daughters, and sales of pepper spray and small knives have skyrocketed as more and more young women, and girls equip themselves to do it for themselves.


Speaking to India Today, a police official said that in the past three months, 260 people had been charged in 129 cases of rape registered with the police. Of these, 22 were not prosecuted and disciplined. Although 140 of the 205 suspects remain in jail, ten surrendered to the court, and 55 fled.

Karnataka sees rise in rape cases but convictions of offenders fall |  Bengaluru News - Times of India

Chief psychiatrist Dr. K C Gurnani has called the sexual abuse of children a mental disorder called pedophilia, which is more common in people with certain disabilities that make them feel inferior to other men and even afraid to talk to women. Such individuals point to children as easy prey and, as fearful of being identified, often kill the children.

Two such cases of child rape have been reported in Agra recently. In one case, the father of a minor is a defendant, and in another case, a law student at Agra College has been identified in CCTV footage as a rapist and child murderer. Police say law student Amit has been sent to jail.


SSP Agra Amit Pathak told India Today that similar incidents are being taken seriously by the police and that all police stations have been instructed to pay special attention to form of violence against women. Police are busy arresting criminals in such cases, and action is being taken under Section 82/83 of the CrPC.

Inspector-General of Police Agra Range Raja Srivastava told India Today that senior officials had been given direct instructions to arrive at the scene and ensure that the FIR was registered without delay. All suspects must be arrested immediately and brought to justice in order to restore public confidence in the police.

No country for women: India reported 88 rape cases every day in 2019 - DIU  News

Hindustani Biradari Deputy Chairperson Vishal Sharma spoke to India Today, saying that the new law released by the central government today to amend the POCSO, IPC, CrPC, and other acts related to sexual abuse of women or children is a welcome step, and I hope you will take action. . as a deterrent to rape cases, although it will increase the chances of rape victims being killed by rapists to avoid identification and prosecution.

He said the law alone would not be an obstacle, but if the police stepped up their efforts to prosecute, worked more diligently in resolving rape cases and criminal convictions, the number of rape cases could drop.


The newly appointed police chief, Rakesh Asthana, has called on senior police officers to adopt a policy of zero tolerance for crimes against women. All regional DCPs have been asked to investigate rape cases with special attention in patients where the victims are minors.

A study was conducted to identify areas that reported more crimes against women, and steps were being taken, officials said. Community centers have been instructed to make appropriate lighting arrangements in the dark areas of the city.

The offices where the women worked at night were told to take proper safety measures, police said. “Women’s PCR vans are located outside the market and in areas frequented by women, including schools and colleges. Awareness programs are conducted at various locations, and survivors are encouraged to report any incident without fear of the police.

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