India Records The Lowest Single-Day Increase In Covid Cases In 3 Months

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

The majority of persons infected with COVID-19 will have mild to moderate symptoms and will recover without any particular therapy. Others, on the other hand, may become severely sick and require medical attention.


When an infected person coughs, sneezes, talks, sings or breathes, the virus spreads through their mouth or nose in minute liquid particles. The particles range in size from larger respiratory droplets to tiny aerosols.

If you are close to someone who has COVID-19, you can become infected by inhaling the virus or by touching your eyes, nose, or mouth after coming into contact with a contaminated surface. Indoors and in crowded areas, the virus is more easily spread.

The sights of misery in India in earlier times were difficult to fathom. More than 202 million instances of COVID-19 have been documented as of May 4, with a rolling average of 378,000 cases each day, as well as more than 222,000 fatalities, which specialists say are likely to be understated.

Hospitals are overburdened, and medical personnel is weary and diseased. People (both physicians and the general public) are frantic about medical oxygen, hospital beds, and other requirements on social media.

Even before the second wave of COVID-19 cases began to emerge in early March, Indian Health Minister Harsh Vardhan claimed that the pandemic was nearing its “endgame.” Despite repeated warnings about the hazards of a second wave and the introduction of new strains, the administration gave the impression that India had defeated COVID-19 after many months of low case counts.

India's Lowest Single-Day Rise (18,346) In Covid Cases Since Early March

But here’s the good news – on Sunday, India reported the lowest single-day increases in total coronavirus infections and deaths in three months. The daily increase of 50,129 was the lowest since July 29, and the 578 Covid-19 deaths recorded on Sunday were the fewest in a single day since July 19.

In another sign that India’s infections may have peaked, the country recorded a net decrease in active cases of 12,526, reducing the total number of active cases to 668,154, the lowest since August 15 and about 35% lower than the peak of 1,017,754 on September 18. In addition, 62,077 additional cured cases were recorded in a single day, bringing the total number of recovered patients to 7,078,123, or 90 percent of all reported illnesses.

India, the third-most-affected country in terms of active cases and fatalities, and the second-most-affected country in terms of overall cases have gained 370,260 in the last seven days. The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) released coronavirus data on Sunday, and these are the major findings (October 25, 2020) :

  • With a daily increase of 50,129 cases, India’s coronavirus case count has climbed from 7,814,682 on Saturday to 7,864,811 – a 0.6 percent increase. The death toll has risen to 118,534, with 578 people killed in a single day. India, the third-most-affected country in terms of active cases and fatalities, and the second-most-affected country in terms of overall cases have added 370,260 cases in the last seven days.

India COVID cases cross 18 million, gravediggers work round the clock |  Reuters

  • India presently has 6.60 percent of all active cases (one in every 15 active cases) and 10.26% of all deaths worldwide (one in every 10 deaths).
  • In reverse order, the remaining 1 million cases for India arrived in 17 days.
  • The total number of active cases in India has decreased by 12526, compared to 14829 on Saturday.
  • Kerala (1760), Delhi (466), West Bengal (336), Manipur (82), and Haryana are the states with the highest number of inactive cases (66).

Coronavirus: India confirms six cases of new Covid variant - BBC News

  • India’s recovery rate has increased to 90%, with 62077 new daily recoveries; the mortality rate has remained constant at 1.51%.
  • India has 62,655 new closed cases each day, with 578 fatalities and 62077 recoveries. The percentage of fatalities in all closed cases is 0.92 percent.
  • The daily rate of addition to total cases in India is 0.7 percent on a 5-day moving average.
  • The doubling time in India is 108.4 days for total cases and 141.8 days for fatalities.
  • Kerala (8253), Maharashtra (6417), Karnataka (4471), West Bengal (4148), and Delhi are the five states with the largest 24-hour spike in total cases (4116).
  • Kerala (74.40 percent), Chhattisgarh (85.28 percent), Puducherry (86.81 percent), West Bengal (87.49 percent), and Karnataka (87.49 percent) had the lowest recovery rates among states with more than 25,000 cases (87.77 percent ).
  • India performed 1,140,905 coronavirus tests on Saturday, bringing the total number of tests conducted in the nation to 102,523,469 thus far. On Thursday, the test positive rate was 4.39 percent.
  • Maharashtra (19.17 percent), Goa (14.53 percent), Chandigarh (13.87 percent), Puducherry (11.78 percent), and Karnataka are the five states with the highest test positivity rate (TPR) – the percentage of people tested who turn out to be positive for Covid-19 infection (based on cumulative data for tests and cases) (10.97 percent).

40 lakh people kept under surveillance as part of Covid contact-tracing:  Centre | India News - Times of India

  • Goa (15.09 percent), Nagaland (13.93 percent), Kerala (12.21 percent), Manipur (10.76 percent), and Maharashtra have the highest TPR in terms of daily numbers of tests and cases added (9.32 percent ).
  • Delhi (217792), J&K (163109), Andhra Pradesh (143677), Assam (131297), and Tamil Nadu (131297) are the five states and UTs with the greatest number of tests (per million population) among states and UTs with more than 10 million people (124669).
  • Maharashtra (1638961), Andhra Pradesh (804026), Karnataka (798378), Tamil Nadu (706136), and Uttar Pradesh are the five states with the most instances (468238).
  • Maharashtra, the state with the highest cases, has recorded a net increase of 6,417 cases. In the last ten days, the state has added 84572 new instances.
  • Andhra Pradesh, the state with the second-highest number of cases, has added 24,880 new cases in the last seven days. It added 3342 instances on Sunday.
  • Tamil Nadu’s total has increased by 2,886 to 706136.
  • Karnataka has reported 4471 cases, bringing the total number of cases to 798378.
  • Uttar Pradesh has now received 2178 new cases, bringing the total number of cases to 468238.
  • The number of cases in Delhi has increased by 4116, bringing the total to 352520.

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