6 Best Alternatives Of Spotify For Streaming Music

Spotify is a Swedish music company that was established in the year 2008. It offers the greatest music of all genres and of probably all artists throughout the world. Spotify is a great app offering the listener to connect to the world of music by delivering multiple advanced features. The major charismatic features and specifications which make the Spotify app a worldwide success and best-seller are as follows-

1. Spotify allows you to make your infinite playlists and choose your music preferences according to your likes and dislikes of multiple artists around the world

2. Spotify enables you to join other people`s playlists, removing the communication fences and allows you to connect to the people widely and hear their language of music

3. Spotify allows you to make your playlist public which enables you to share your taste of music with people and make them apprehensive of the songs some people may have missed

4. Spotify allows you to follow your favorite artists

5. By enabling your bulletins, Spotify provides you the access to get all the information about the upcoming songs, new musical trends and artists that you like and follow 

6. Spotify is available for premium accounts that are to be purchased to experience unlimited downloads and skips to the next music on your list

7. By purchasing the different packs of accounts offered by them you can taste the world of music without any hindrances and advertisements.  

Spotify - Web Player: Music for everyone
Music is a stylish relaxation activity and is used by outside of the people on the globe. Analyses and studies show that music is a smart exercise to do and listening to music can reduces stress, pain, anxiety, blood pressure and as well as enrich mood, intellectual alertness, memory, and furnish the listener with a night of better-quality sleep.

Making Music your hobbyhorse can heal your body and soul and is capable of rising your complexion- ear by making you a happier, stress-free, and well-rounded person.
Despite being such a versatile application, why are people hesitant in using and making Spotify the best dealer in the app business? Spotify`s provisions and their premium account purchase makes people question themselves if they want to spend money on connecting to music. 

Here are 6 great alternatives to listen to free music which offer you similar features like SPOTIFY for you to enter the great dimension of the music world.

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1. YOUTUBE MUSIC – YouTube Music is highly capable of dethroning all the leading music-streaming apps. This platform connects you and enables you to know about all the musical trends at the earliest. This app has the widest range as it’s the first platform where music is released in the form of multiple artists all across the world. It covers all sorts artists be it well- established professionals or even new budding and amateur artists. This medium also enables any person to share their music. Like every other application, this one also has a set of reasons why one shall or shall not use this application. 

The biggest reason why one shall be using this application is that it enables you to view the music videos according to your available internet speed. It enables you to offload music videos or even stream music wherever you want regardless of the fact if you have acess to internet at that time or not. The biggest con of this app is the free account of this app provides you with certain skippable advertisements which may obstruct your constant mood of listening to music but the characteristic of downloads saves you from the hassle.

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2. DEERZER – This app is considered the Spotify Twin by most app addicts. This app has added than 50 Million addicts and it provides you with akin features of Spotify like the one`s that enable the user to edit their playlists, follow your favorite artists, etc. The only disadvantage of this app is that has quite limited free features and doesn’t deliver you with the feature of shuffle play and the user can only listen to the music in the chronological order of the playlist they’ve set.

Hungama Music launches radio-style 'original audio programming'
3. HUNGAMA -This app allows you to listen to music in the form of genres – featuring stations and can allow you to search according to your favorite artist. This app has a unique feature which no other music application has on offer, and that it, it automatically the music offline for the premium account user to save the hassle of downloading it manually later.

It provides good recommendations according to the music a user is listening so as to enhance their listening experience and provide them an unconditional and enriching musical experience. Superstar Hrithik Roshan was seen streaming music on this application in Honey Singh’s music video of the song Dheere Dheere in 2017. 

SoundCloud in Deal Talks With Google (GOOGL) After Spotify Drops Out -  TheStreet
4. SOUNDCLOUD – This is one of the oldest and best apps to listen to music. It’s the chic for collaborators and musicians themselves. It has got a magnificent music library and consists of musical artists from all across the globe. You can sit at home at your convenience, record music or a song and simply upload it with viral hashtags so as to make it trending. This application is said to provide a platform to budding artists as well pre-existing artists for free. It’s also a community app, hence the homepage of the app offers you new music constantly. It’s a great app to follow the new artists and help them grow as great singers and musicians. 

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5. BANDCAMP – This is a very underrated app when it comes to streaming music. This is a great platform for all the musical fans as well as the singers and musicians. The listener can subscribe for the music streaming application as a user or fan account unlike most of the applications, Bandcamp even enables you to write and start a blog for your favorite artists even for and as well as with them. Yes, you read that right. This application gives you an opportunity to connect with the artists and even communicate with those who are active on the application. One can even show their support for their minion bands through gift cards.

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6. WYNK MUSIC – This app is great for furnishing all the possible musical remixes of varied and multiple songs along with the releases of new songs as early as possible. The team of Wynk Music are always at their best to provide you the best services and solves your problems as soon as possible for their technicians to do so. This app is available for downloads on all the devices be it phones, tablets, laptops etc on both android and iOS devices. Like all others this application also provides the user an opportunity to listen to music and songs of all artists throughout the globe.

The only con of this app is that this application also provides subscriptions for user premium accounts but unlike Spotify, it offers you smart plans and services for free if you’re registered to their network service provider Airtel.


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