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Modi like an avatar of god: UP minister

Modi like an avatar of god: UP minister


Uttar Pradesh minister Gulab Devi on Wednesday said PM Narendra Modi is like an incarnation of god and he can remain on his post as long as he wishes.

Modi like avatar of god: UP MLA Gulab Devi | Deccan Herald

“Modiji is like an avatar. He is a person of extraordinary talent. No one can compete with them. If he wishes, he can remain the prime minister till he is alive,” the Chandausi MLA told reporters after a programme here.

Modiji Is Like An Avtar" Of God, Has Extraordinary Talents: UP Minister  Gulab Devi

When asked that some opposition leaders are saying that a person from a minority community should be made the prime minister, Devi said, “Nothing happens by speculation. He is such an extraordinary personality. God has sent him as his representative.”

People will consider PM Modi as an avatar of Ram, Krishna in times to come:  CM Tirath Rawat

The minister said Modi makes people do whatever he wishes. “See, the entire country follows his words. What can be a greater acceptance than this,” said the minister.

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