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6 Policemen Suspended After One Civilian Dies Due To A Late-Night Raid

Early morning on Tuesday, few policemen raided a hotel and entered the room of a property dealer. He died after getting assaulted by those policemen, who claimed that they went to the hotel searching for some criminals.

A total of six policemen were suspended, including a Station House Officer. However, the investigation is still ongoing, and no charges have been filed.

The victim’s wife filed a complaint to the Superintendent of Police of Gorakhpur region, stating that the policemen misbehaved and when her husband objected to the behavior, he was smacked by the policemen and that resulted in some serious injuries and even lead to his death. The police claimed that the victim, Manish Gupta, died after experiencing a fall in the hotel room.

At the place where we always say that police are for the protection and safety of the citizens, we see such a large number of cases like this, where people are held for bribes or other reasons. 


However, Vipin Tada, Chief of Police of Gorakhpur, released a statement saying that a few police officers went to the hotel looking for the criminals. Three other people were staying in a room at the hotel when the police arrived. The manager of the hotel accompanied him when a man panicked and fell, leaving himself seriously injured. After that, he was taken to the hospital by the police.

Unfortunately, he died during treatment at the BRD Hospital; the team of doctors will carry out the process of post-mortem, and the investigation is on the process for the other three men, and police is trying to find out why they were in the hotel.

The wife of the victim, Meenakshi, stated that her husband went to Gorakhpur for his work and there he booked a room in the hotel along with two others who were doing business with him. She added that her husband was beaten very brutally by the policemen.

She said that when she spoke to him on the call, he said he has to disconnect the call and was in a panic. A few minutes later, he told his nephew that the policemen were torturing him and that they were taking him to the Ramgarhtal police station. Gupta is survived by his wife and a four-year-old son, who live in Kanpur.

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After receiving the complaint from Meenakshi, the police have not registered any case yet. Gupta was accompanied by Harveer Singh, who is a resident of Mewat, Haryana, and also Pradeep Kumar, who is the resident of Gurugram Sector 48. They were staying the Krishna Palace Hotel in Gorakhpur, when, around 12:30 am, five–six policemen came to the room along with the boy who worked as a hotel staff . The policemen asked for their IDs and Manish Gupta questioned why they were being visited by the police at such an hour.

After that, the police started checking on Harveer Singh’s luggage and when Harveer Singh objected to this action of the policemen, the police started slapping him and also threatened to arrest him. The policemen dragged him to the lift and later dragged Manish Gupta and he was bleeding. Harveer Singh told the police that they have come to meet Chandhan Saini. After verifying with Chandan Saini, they took Gupta to a hospital, where the doctors told them that he was in a very critical condition and doctors referred him to BRD Medical College.

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According to the reports, Meenakshi Gupta has asked to charge the policemen for the murder of her husband and she wants a proper investigation. All six police officers have been suspended following the death, and the incident will be investigated by SP Manoj Kumar Awasthi.

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