Student Stabbed To Death By A Batchmate In Kerala

Usually, we try to help our friends and classmates, and try to trust them in their behavior, but every day we witness so many incidents that cause us to think twice before we trust anyone, whether it is a friend, relative, or classmate.

Recently a 22- year-old girl, Nithinamol, was attacked by one of her batchmates, Abhishek Baiju, with a blade. He slit her throat in the college premises, after she came out of the exam room.

Nitinamol was stabbed to death on the campus of St. Thomas College by one of her batchmates in the Kottayam district of Kerala. According to police, Abhishek Baiju, the accused. attacked his Nithinamol after she came out of the examination hall with a blade and slit her throat on the college premises.

The security guard of the college is an eyewitness to the crime. He told that he saw the accused and the victim engaged in a verbal argument by the side of the parking area inside the campus.


In contemporary society, it is very saddening to see the state of the youths, who resort to violence and hatred over everything. This incident took place in the government college which is run by the Syro Malabar Church and was founded in 1950.

The security guard added that after he saw them having a verbal argument, he soon saw the accused forcing the victim down on the ground. He was holding her throat, but the security guard could not spot the blade the accused was carrying. After a few seconds, he spotted the blood spilling from the victim’s throat; instantly, he dialed the college principal and informed him about the attack.

After the attack, the accused did not even attempt to run away from the spot of the attack; he wiped his hand off the blood after the attack and sat a few meters away from the spot calmly until the police arrived. 

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The attacker used a kind of paper cutter. The victim lost lots of blood in no time. As soon as students and outlookers spotted her bleeding, they rushed her to the hospital nearby. The attacker was handed over to the police by the locals but the victim stopped fighting for her life and died in the hospital. She was a final year student of B. Voc in Food Processing Technology in the college. 

The accused has been taken into custody but the police are still unaware of the intention behind the attack; according to police the attacker is not in a good mental state. The police are still investigating the case and are trying to find the reason for the attack from the attacker. They are suspecting it to be a case of one-sided love story, but can be anything. 

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One question that arises from this incident is what is making the students and youths commit such crimes at an age when they are supposed to focus on the career; what kind of influence they are in, is it dependent on their surroundings and enviroment? All these incidents make us think about our security and the security of the loved ones. In most schools, students are heavily involved in alcohol and drugs, which severely impairs their ability to think responsibly and leads to them developing anger inside them, which in turn leads to the act of committing crimes.  

This is what we are passing on to the next generation and maybe they will lead down the same path and the crime rates will be increasing. It will destroy the development of the nation and the future of an individual, leading only to darkness.

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