Top 10 electric scooter companies in India that will transform the market

Rise of electric vehicles:

Go electric comes in handy during environment-saving programs. The government is also paying attention to this topic by providing subsidies that support people buying electric scooters and vehicles. But what goes electric means, it states the fact of moving from petroleum operated vehicles to electric vehicles, the kind of vehicles made famous by Elon musk with his company tesla, showing electric vehicles can be cool too.

Electric scooter popularity in India:Here are the most popular electric scooters and bikes in India based on  sales so far in 2021.

When electric vehicles have started reaching longer distances, this industry has gained its fire. We can see the number of innovations after that making electric vehicles accessible to every community. In our country India, electric scooters are more popular than electric four-wheelers. And, there’s a question that pops into the customer’s mind about the best option available in the market for them. So, here is a list of the top 10 companies which can be considered while going out to buy a new electric scooter:


Bajaj chetak can be considered the two-wheeler while visualizing a middle-class family of the ’90s to early 2000; with its powerful influence in the heart of people, Bajaj chetak has realized its electric version, which can go up to 90km in a single charge. If we look into its design, they have mixed the latest ongoing design of electric scooters by mixing it with the classic big circular headlamp on the front top. If we look at charging details, chetak can be fully charged in 5hours, whereas we can quickly change it to 25% in 60 minutes.


CEO India is a company established in 2014, relatively new but has built impressive products too, with its electric scooters going up to the range of 100 km per full charge. They have launched two models of electric scooters in the market with numerous models in an electric rickshaw. Part of the scooters has used lines in their structures effectively, with an excellent light composition on both ends.

KNA Bending:

With an office in Uttam Nagar, KNA Bending offers a wide range of electric scooters for every need. Whether you are looking for a stylish or classic design, KNA Bending can solve your condition. It provides scooters in two categories, high speed and low speed, with aura in the high-speed category with a range of 120 km and a top speed of 60km/h. In contrast, they’ve three models in the low-speed category- falcon, Kriti, and icon; their range is from 55-65km, all having more stylish designs, and all come under the type where there is no need for license plate and registration.

KomakiKomaki Electric Scooters, Motorcycle Online Booking Platform Launched

Komaki is not just another brand of electric scooters. It’s a revolution in this field, removing the first-time newness of electric two-wheelers by bringing a wide range of variety and types in their products, whether it’s giving a sportbike look to an electric vehicle. There are almost 11 varieties in the intelligent scooter range and about three models in high-speed scooter type. While looking at the scooter of this company, one can sense the amount of hard work given the aesthetics of this product.

Pure EV

pure EV is on the mission of bringing the weirdness out people experience while buying an electric vehicle. Their four products, Epluto 7G, Entrance NEO, Entrance, Etron+, represent a different dimension for electric two-wheelers. The design of each scooter of this company is unique.


Ampere electric scooters are another product that brings the class to the table for electric two-wheelers. It has products in two ranges, performance electric scooters and economical electric scooters. Both the ranges have various products to choose from, like Magnus ex can reach up to 55km/h in just 10 seconds with the range of 100km providing an experience like a standard scooter.


With its presence in the market with two-wheelers like Splendor, and its vast market in bicycles too, Hero is not behind in the case of electric vehicles too, bringing about 12 products in the market, electric scooters manufactured by a hero can reach up to 42km/h of speed. They can cover 108km of distance in a full charge. In a measure of a design, a hero successfully has simplicity as it did in other products like Splendor.


Okinawa’s scooters believe in delivering the maximum power to its user, with top speed and range per charge higher than most competitors in the market. Okinawa offer scooters in variety, performance, and economical. With three products in each variety, Okinawa’s I praise + from performance category can reach up to the speed of 68km/h and range of 139km per charge, which is higher than almost any other electric scooters available in the market.

AtherAther 450X Electric Scooter To Launch In 16 New Cities - First TVC

Ather electric scooters are the best choice for you if you like your scooter to be the quickest and fastest. Ather 450x can reach the speed of 80km/h, and go to 40km/h in just 3.3 seconds, with two high-performance scooters- Ather 450 plus and Ather 450 x, Ather scooters are made for high-performance lovers, not behind in range giving 80km of distance in one charge. Not just the performance, Ather scooters are not back in design and technology, which is evident from its black colour and massive screen in the dial, making it look like a perfect ride for urban style.


Tvs is not behind when it comes to electric scooters. It has suddenly launched its iQube, which can reach up to the speed range of 78km/h and can reach a distance of 75km in one single charge, as per the design part of iQube is considered, its white colour and exterior design make it look like a perfect ride for future.

With increasing environmental degradation and shortages in petrol and diesel prices, electric vehicles seem like the answer to all these problems. Choosing the right product that suits your pocket and needs is a must while purchasing a new car, so above is a list of companies you can look toward to buy the best electric scooter for yourself.

Article Proofread and Edited by Shreedatri Banerjee

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