Indian smartphone brands: Is there a great future in the coming 3 to 6 years?

Indian smartphone brands are making their comeback in the Indian market with a boom. Both the manufacturers were doing a great job, let it be Micromax or Lava. Both are doing great work on their smartphones.

Recently Lava launched its new smartphone, Lava Agni 5g, which comes with Density 810. With that, Lava is the first Indian company that brings its first 5g smartphone.

All of the phones from Lava and Micromax were using stock android with some tweaks.

Before heading to the main topic, lets us know what happened in the first place. 

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When there was not that much competition in the smartphone market, what Indian brands were doing was copy and paste. They used to copy the design of any Chinese phone and put the logo of themselves. And as there was not a big competition at that time, that was not making many problems.

But when first Xiaomi entered the Indian market whole story changed, and slowly the consumer was moving towards these brands because of the cheap pricing and good specs.

Slowly the death of Indian smartphone brands occurred and wiped them completely. But now, they were fixing their mistakes and making good progress.

But that doesn’t mean they were making everything in India, and it isn’t possible either.

Some components can’t be made here, but the main thing is that they are designing their product here, and the assembly is also done here.

For example, Samsung also brings some components from outside, and Apple does the same if you have seen in the back of an iPhone it says designed by Apple in California.

That is the thing Apple designs its iPhone in California, and assembly is done in China.

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Recently Micromax has launched its two phones, and Lava has also launched recently. The main thing these brands need to do is establish these types of phones regularly because there is a lot of competition in this price segment to make an impression and fix their name in the minds of consumers.

Yes, there will be some problems at first, but as an Indian brand, they will have the edge over Chinese brands if they launch similar specification phones compared to a Chinese phone.

Because there is a limit to keep the price in control because they cannot compromise, Chinese brands can’t lower their worth after a specific limit.

With the edge from Indian brands tag, smartphone manufacturers will have another advantage: stock android, which is rare in this price point, and it will be the only factor to kill any Chinese brand.

Due to stock android, users will have a fluid experience as well as ad-free UI. And everyone likes that, and users will move to them instead of Chinese brands.

The Indian brands need to launch a product with the latest processor because outdated processors will not make a difference.

With the latest and powerful processor, they can easily conqueror the Indian market. 

It can make a massive difference with a good Processor. You will be getting clean UI too. It is impossible nowadays because users have to compromise on something at that price point.

As Lava indicated with its Agni 5g, Micromax should also focus on their 5g smartphone because it is the truth. After all, people are buying a smartphone with a priority like 5g. It may take a long for 5g to come in India, but users are concerned about the 5g bands, and 5g features the phone has.

So likely, with all the things, they also have to focus on futures ready smartphones with 5g.

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Indian brands are also focusing on accessories like this, and much more recently, both companies have launched their TWS. If they stay and launch products like this and have a good user experience, they can gain more and more consumers.

And if all goes well, they also can make an ecosystem like Apple.

Future of Indian smartphone brand

There is a bright future in Indian smartphone brands because they are focusing on their products this time. But they need to do this thing to become successful. They have to provide good software support and, most importantly, bug-free updates.

There should be good customer support, and after-sales service should be excellent.

After some success, they should also focus on their camera quality and should do more innovation. These companies are on track, and we can expect more and more products from them with suitable hardware and software.

The accessories part of the market will also make their way up as the smartphone market of these companies will grow.

With this, they should not just focus on the online market but also bring the smartphone to offline stores.

Discounts should also be provided to attract new customers, and if they do, there is a possibility of making a good portfolio.

And chances are there that these Indian brands will multiply and can give tough competition to Chinese manufacturers.

Article Proofread and Edited by Shreedatri Banerjee

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