Delhi – The Most Unsafe Metropolitan City For Women

Delhi reported maximum rape cases and murders among the 19 metro cities in 2020, according to NCRB data. 

The capital was responsible for almost 40% of the total rape cases and around 25% of the total murder cases among the 19 metropolitan cities of India in 2020, according to the recent data by the government of India. Delhi recorded a total of 461 murder cases in 2020, which was the highest number in all of the metro cities.

Although a reduction of 8.3% cases was noted as compared to the data associated with 2019, such huge stats, that too in the year when the covid-19 outbreak burst out, is not at all acceptable in any case. Also, 192 cases of ‘accountable homicides’ not associated with murder were reported in almost all metropolitan cities, where Delhi reported 57 cases.

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The crime rate of Delhi touched new heights during the lockdown period, the most probable reasons are unemployment, sudden loss of job, bankruptcy, and lots more where people are left with no money and no other source of income. As a result, many of them have turned towards crime out of helplessness and have started practicing snatching, pickpocketing, loots, and many more to sustain their families.

Regarding crimes against women, 35,331 cases were registered during 2020, where the data shows a decline of 21.1% compared to the stats of 2019. During the same time interval, India reported 2,533 rape cases, where Delhi was again at the top, with 967 cases, where the victims comprised of both mature and minor girls, which is so shameful.

A major part of the crimes against women was under the criteria ‘brutality by the husband or relative’, followed by ‘assaults’ with intent to resent her modesty. Further, ‘kidnapping of women’ and lastly ‘rapes’ were the crimes reported against women.

delhiThe stats included are the real stats that the government agencies uploaded. With an average of 80 murders per day, UP has beaten all the other states, and Delhi is on top of all metro cities. Talking about the children, a total of 1,28,531 cases were registered during 2020, which showed a significant decline of 13.2% compared to the stats of 2019. Collecting everything stated so far, Delhi has witnessed an increase of 28% in crime rate, compared to the data associated with 2019, the main reason being the covid-19 related compulsions in the country.

Getting back to the topic, according to reports, the rape cases recorded in Delhi declined by 21.63%, molestation cases by 25.16%, and insult to modesty cases by 12.32%. This significant decline is a positive note of course, but we need to make further efficient efforts so that Delhi can not only be called a ‘smart city’ but also a ‘safe city’.

A place that is safe not only for women but for everybody, including the children, elderly couples, teens, all of the public. I know this task is a bit difficult, but not impossible. If we work together as a team towards the betterment of Delhi by working on its weak points – such as crime and hygienic surroundings, we can transform Delhi into a more peaceful place where everyone is proud to reside.

According to another positive report, the rate of solving cases also experienced a significant upgrade in 2020, except for those related to kidnapping and hostage of women. About the rape cases, the officials said that in almost 98% of the total rape cases, the accused were people from family and friends. In 12% of the cases, the accused turned out to be neighbors, 14% of the accused were co-workers or employees, and in 26% of the cases, the accused were known. Only in 2% of the rape cases, the accused were unknown people to the victims or strangers. The involvement of strangers in the total rape cases, was only 2.20%, according to reports.

The Delhi police officials further clarified that they have identified certain hotspots all around the city and have applied certain measures such as continuous patrolling to provide safety measures not only for the women but for the general public. The most affected police stations in all of Delhi include Bindapur, Dwarka south, New Usmanpur, Sultanpuri, Prem Nagar, Laxmi Nagar, Govindpuri, and Khajuri Khas.

Although the data shows a significant fall of 28% in the numbers of rape cases, a decrease in molestation cases by 32.91%, and dipping modesty cases were reduced by 18.51% in 2020, the fact of the matter remains the same – Is Delhi safe for women?

On a general basis, women are not seen out on the streets after 8 in the evening. Those who are helpless due to jobs or colleges or any other reason, travel in constant fear and always keep their mobiles on and pepper sprays handy.

The amount of fear in the hearts of women is such that they do not even sleep in private cabs such as Ola and Uber, due to trust issues. All of these are mere indicators that women do not feel safe at all in the capital of the country. They do not prefer to travel alone during the late hours.

The action taken by the Delhi police in this regard was very impressive. The police officials hold police commissioner S.N. Srivastava responsible for this significant decline in crime against women due to his ‘zero tolerance attitude’. Under his strict surveillance, all the district DCPs in charge were ordered to directly investigate the rape cases and certain measures were taken such as mapping the areas which reported more crime related to women than others.UP: Rape Victim Hangs Herself After Police Refuses To File Complaint

The most impressive action that was taken in crime against women was to prevent people from drinking alcohol in public places. These steps, which were taken efficiently, significantly reduced the crime rates and helped in making Delhi a relatively safer place for individuals. I personally believe that if we take bigger steps as a community, we will further be able to abolish crime against women from not only Delhi but also India, because girls have the basic right to move fearlessly on the streets just like any other individual. 


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