FAILURES: Let’s Embrace Them

While everyone today talks about success, happiness, and all good things in life, I believe it’s important to talk about failures too. There are rare movies like Chhichhore that beautifully portray failure.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam had rightly explained that failure means the first attempt in learning. We all know that successes and failures are part and parcel of our life and embracing them with dignity demands courage.


Today our young generation is under tremendous pressure due to cutthroat competition. Everyone is running to acquire top ranks in each and every exam; there is a rat race to prove oneself, and no one is able to accept their failures. When they come face to face with it they either run away from it or end their life.

But the fact of life is that failures give us a chance to find our fault, work upon it, and improve it. And throughout all this, your family is the one that will treat you the same. Your parents, siblings will always be there by your side even if everyone else leaves; your parents will be there to comfort you with these lines, “This is just the beginning kiddo, we failed so many times in life too, you see that’s the strength when you rise from falling down, and it has been a tradition in our family no one got through in one attempt anywhere”.

All this said, I know it’s not easy to let go of your failures. Still, there are many examples from Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Aryabhatta, Gandhi, and many more who have faced failure, pain. Still, they all learned from it and grew and made something beautiful for themselves and the world.

Albert Einstein Quote: “Failure is success in progress.”

I believe we should make mistakes; at the end of the day we are humans; if we won’t, then who would? But we must learn from our each mistake and try to commit a new mistake each day.

Our blemishes make us more beautiful as being perfect is a utopia, so don’t run after that. Just be you, relax, enjoy each moment of your life. You never know what you are destined for, so just trust the lord and keep on working hard success will come to you after a journey full of many ups and downs like a rollercoaster.

Failure is Success in Progress | Gympik Blog

So till then, just sit back and enjoy every phase, learn from it, grow each day, and never be afraid of failures.


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