Freelancing: Freedom of Work From Anywhere Especially in Pandemic 2021

Freelancing: Freedom of Work From Anywhere

Freelancing is getting more recognized day by day by people of the world, it may be how the work situation will be for a while keeping in mind the current situation.

Freelancing is primarily doing your work independently from the comfort of your home, a café or restaurant, or wherever you like, you can work at your own pace and there is no compulsion to work 9 to 5 job.

Freelancers can be independent workers, contractors, companies, or enterprises that hire them to work on the projects for a short time but they receive lucrative remuneration.


Some of the freelancing jobs are :

Online Tutor-

Teachers who can not work full-time at school can start home tutoring or online tutoring via skype and google meet according to their convenience, the payment is quite impressive.

Content Writer-

If you have an interest and very skill for writing, you can always work as a content writer and develop content for projects.

Web Development and Design-

If you are an IT intellectual, you can start working as a web designer on your own in a subtle way. You should have skills in the software development kits like Java, NET., etc.

Graphic Design- Graphic design is in huge demand in the 21st century keeping in mind that everything is becoming digital. You need to have a vast knowledge of graphic design to start your career in this field.


Blog is another freelance work that one can start doing to earn a hefty payment.

Freelancing brings both positive and ruinous outcomes. Though it provides people with convenience and comfort, it also takes years of experience, pretty hard work, and consistency to start your work, and sort of other than it takes a plan, strategy, for all intents and purposes mindset, risks taking abilities, consistency to make very your name in the market and get projects.

Pros of Freelancing could be:

You have total control of the workload. Remote work and flexible timings specifically are an advantage for freelancers, can work anywhere, at home, cafe, or the workspace studios.

Your experience allows you to get the payment for your work’s worth.

Freelancing allows you to work according to your schedule you want to work part-time or full-time.

You get to choose who you want to work for, can work for sensible clients, you won’t be obligated to work for demanding and discriminating people.

It allows you to face challenges in a fun way and lets you have the upper hand on how you want to carry out the project.

Cons of Freelancing can be:
If you have control of the workload, it means you have to be responsible.

You have to manage taxes, health insurance, invoices, the payment received. You have to spend money on purchasing the software and technology you need to complete your work, or so they kind of thought.

Feast and Famine syndrome is another defeat of freelancing, some days will be consistently filled with busy with work on the other days you will be sitting without any work, or so.

Having worked for one client only is quite risky and stagnant why you need work from other sources as well.

Characteristics people need to be able to freelance


People who, for the most part, are thinking of going freelance should keep in mind that being consistent is key to becoming successful in the freelance field in a big way.

Procrastination destroys the chances of growing and getting subtly recognized in the market. Finding new projects and keeping in touch with the update makes your work stand out. Just because you are not working in the office doesn’t mean you can kind of lag off in a big way.

Constructing more client sources-

To be able to make your work stand out you need to take more work and for that, you need to make more sources and talk to clients on regular basis. Let them know about your experience and the services you offer.

Managing Skills-

Managing and organizing meetings and work makes you efficient that is a quality every freelancer should have subtly.

Handling Rejection-

It is obvious that if you are starting as a freelancer rejection will come but you have to be resilient enough to handle it politely and gracefully.

Some of the websites which provide freelance work are:
People Per Hour
TaskRabbit and so on.

edited and proofread by nikita sharma 


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