Is Bigg Boss Spoiling The Generation?

There are many television reality shows, but the popular show Bigg Boss has always given much controversial content. 

Bigg Boss does not have any clear base; it has fake eliminations, drama, and scripted fights. Salman Khan is hosting it, and it generates many controversies. 

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Many political leaders are against Bigg Boss; Nand Kishor Gurjar wrote a letter to the Information and Broadcasting Minister, Mr. Prakash Javadekar, and urged him to stop the show’s telecast as this show is spreading vulgarity and is destroying the morale of the country. 

He also added that the intimate scenes that are part of the show are against the culture; the participants are being made to share a bed, which is unacceptable. He believes that after Big Boss, love jihad will get encouragement, which is not good for society.

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The show shares the task of ‘Bed Friends Forever,’ which goes against the Indian culture where unmarried men and women are being made to share the bed and gives vulgar content. The show is also corrupting the minds of the children and younger generation with violence and many more, leading them to sexual violence.

Recently, a 12-year old raped his neighbor minor 5-year old girl in Palghar, Maharastra, and similarly, a 14-year old boy raped and 5-year old girl in March, and in this matter, Supreme Court has experienced the rise in the issue of child rape. On the one hand, we are talking about the country’s progress, and on the other hand, we are witnessing all these things.

At the time when we say children don’t even understand much in that, they are committing such horrific crimes and destroying whole life. The Nation is suffering because of the programs like Bigg Boss, and rules should be modified for telecasting such shows. Entertainment has certain limits. 

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Recently, a video went viral on social media of Urfi Javed after her eviction from the show; in the video, she was seen saying that “Yahan sex ho Chuka hai,” which is unacceptable for society.

All these things are taking place in the name of a reality show, giving vulgar content and corrupting the minds. This show is said to be a family show, but how can the whole family watch this profane content and so much controversy.

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