Shocking eviction: Miesha Iyer Evicted From Big Boss 15

Salman Khan announced that housemates/contestants would face double elimination this week, as Miesha Iyer nominated contestants will get evicted tonight.

Salman Khan analyses everyone’s game using weekly callers in the latest episode of ‘Weekend Ka Waar’. Most of the questions were directed at Shamita Shetty, Karan Kundrra, Vishal Kotian, Nishant Bhat, and Tejasswi Prakash. 

Participants were not ready to be released because it was Diwali church, but the host, Salman Khan, surprised everyone by announcing the release. Miesha Iyer was made to go to the confession room before leaving the ‘Bigg Boss 15’ house. When presenter Salman called Miesha Iyer’s name, she was not surprised. He stood up and said goodbye to all. Ishaan couldn’t help but cry when he heard his name being called for dismissal. Miesha Iyer calmed her down and kissed her goodbye. He insisted, informing her that she would have been fired if she had not been released first.Bigg Boss 15 Weekend Ka Vaar: After Miesha Iyer, Boyfriend Ieshaan Sehgaal  Eliminated From The BB15 House

Ishaan kissed his friend, Rajiv Adatia, and cried. Umar Riaz, Nishant Bhat, Ishaan Sehgal, Jay Bhanushali, and Miesha Iyer are five nominees. Salman Khan informed his competitors that the callers should only speak to a few, which should be a wake-up call as to why they did not ask the rest. Miesha Iyer recently made headlines about her contact with Ishaan Sehgal and her first friendship and outing with Pratik Sehajpal, a contestant for the ‘Splitsvilla’ competition. 

Miesha Iyer’s appointment comes after being nominated by her co-workers in the safe house – Jay Bhanushali, Karan Kundrra, Tejasswi Prakash and Vishal Kotian. While Jay was opposed to picking him up as they were very close, the other three insisted that he be nominated because of his small contribution to the game. 

Miesha Iyer, who is already part of Ace of Space and Splitsvilla, has been nominated as a strong contender. While his journey began with a constant battle with his friend Pratik Sehajpal, he soon gained prominence in a ‘romantic’ relationship with Ishaan. They seemed to be spending all the time together, and they did not shy away from expressing their love. As they were often seen kissing each other, Salman even warned them on television. Their closeness even aroused curiosity outside the show, with some even viewing the affair as fake.Bigg Boss 15': Miesha Iyer gets evicted from Salman Khan's show, Ieshaan  Sehgaal breaks down

Miesha Iyer-Ieshaan’s love story also hit the road when wildcard runner Rajiv Adatia entered the house. As Ishaan’s close friend, he flirted with her because he said she was in love right away, even sharing that their relationship looked unrealistic on screen. Rajiv also revealed that Ieshaan’s family was opposed to the match. 

Returning to Miesha Iyer, before entering the show, the actress-actress talked about her love of the reality show with indiananepress.com. He said the exposure and prestige associated with these programs had led him to participate in another. 

“There is a lot of excitement as you do not know what will happen next. Also, no two reality shows are the same, so you can’t really expect what will happen next. Even with the Ace of Space, two-thirds were trapped inside the room. Although for Bigg Boss, who has a lot of captives in the house, it is a completely different football game. I don’t think any of my experiences will serve as a benefit as we will all be at the same level,” he said. As a first impression, in Miesha Iyer post, Ishaan Sehgal is likely to be released from Bigg Boss 15 on Sunday.

Over the weekend in Saturday’s episode of Ka Vaar, Jay Bhanushali, Karan Kundrra, Tejasswi Prakash, and Vishal Kotian said Miesha Iyer should be fired had no say in the show. Broadcaster Salman Khan spoke of the two dismissals and indicated that one of the nominees would be fired on Sunday. A Miesha Iyer fan wrote on Twitter, “Return him as a wild card if you want your TRP back up or just want to encourage your already known kids? BRING BACK Miesha Iyer.” Bigg Boss 15: This Contestant To Get Eliminated On Weekend Ka Vaar

The viewer, who was overjoyed at Miesha Iyer’s dismissal, said, “She was useless. Ieshaan will follow. Their love moved them to stick for 2-3 weeks. As a player, he never gave up.” One viewer said that Ishaan would now play the game better. “I hope that abhi Ieshan will be a real person then, and the wo apna game will start again (hopefully, Ieshaan is now showing his true personality and starting to play his game). We wish you the best of luck, Ieshaan,” said the spectator.

One observer said Miesha Iyer should have replaced Simba and Ishaan. He said: “I disagree with his dismissal, and I feel that his dismissal is wrong. First, it should be SIMBA AND IESHAAN. One Twitter user wrote, “You have to get rid of Simba for being violent on #MarRiaz. COLOURS BE FAIR WITH UMAR.”

Article Proofread and Edited by Shreedatri Banerjee

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