Movie Review – Hum Do Hamare Do 2021: The Performances Stand Out In The Family Dramedy

Hum Do Hamare Do is a 2021 Indian comedy-drama Hindi-language film produced by Dinesh Vijan and directed by Abhishek Jain. The movie features Kriti Sanon, Rajkummar Rao, Ratna Pathak Shah, and Paresh Rawal in the lead roles.

Manu Rishi, Aparshakti Khurana, and Prachi Shah feature in supporting roles. The main plot is about a young couple keen to adopt parents.


Hum Do Hamare Do was supposed to be very fun. A film is all about an orphan who pretends to have parents to marry his sweetheart is probably a sad drama. Instead, director Abhishek Jain prefers occasional laughter and a normal lump in his throat.


A Dhruv businessman played by Rajkummar Rao has lifted himself out of poverty which is never explained, and has reached a point in his life where he has everything and needs someone to share it with.

That someone is Anya, played by Kriti Sanon; also an orphan raised by her uncle Sanjeev played by Manu Rishi Chadha. Dhruv lies about having parents and then supports the lie by persuading Purushottam (Paresh Rawal) and Deepti (Ratna Pathak Shah) to play father and mother.

Deepti and Purushottam have shared their history, which adds acceptable meat to an empty structure. The movie is about 126-minute long that is broadcast on Disney + Hotstar.

Hum Do Hamare Do' release date, cast, and all about this Hotstar release

The story, by Deepa Venkateshan and Abhishek Jain, and the screenplay, by Prashant Jha, try to equate the dull love between Dhruv and Anya with the most interesting song between Purushottam and Deepti. Unlike the comedy 14 Phere, which was released on Zee5 in July, cheating on one side.

Dhruv’s skepticism about revealing the truth to a woman he wants to have a family he remembers would have been better off if the film had not been successful in a way that would lead to a big fat wedding in Hindi films that he likes to win.

Oldies offer better pieces. The gaffe-prone Purushottam approaches deception, while Deepti’s skepticism about being in the same room with his ex-colleagues leads to some of the movie’s most engaging scenes.

Hum Do Hamare Do Review: A Complete Family Entertainer With Emotions And  Laughter

Ratna Pathak Shah brings emotions to the trial, while Paresh Rawal is in good shape as gent his foot is put in his mouth. Rajkummar Rao bravely wanders into the ugly conversations, while Kriti Sanon is taken out of the movie and put down on any of his previous releases, and it won’t make a difference.


Review Of The Movie 


Despite the inconvenience, an opportunity meeting between businessman Dhruv Shikhar and blogger Anya Mehra during the launch of her virtual reality app led to another, and they immediately started dating. However, his desire to marry someone who ‘has a good family and a good dog’ sends him to the fight against the right parents. His wish stems from the loss of his parents in a seven-year-old fire accident, in which he was taken by his uncle, Dr. Sanjeev Mehra, and aunt Rupa Mehra (Prachi Shah Pandya) and called them father and mother.

Hum Do Hamare Do is Now Streaming Now going on now enjoy this movie sitting  at home EntPKS - कृति सेनन-राजकुमार की 'Hum Do Hamare Do' हुई रिलीज, अभी घर  बैठे उठाइए

Dhruv, stunned by the choices his friend Sandeep Sachdeva aka Shunty, played by Aparshakti Khurana and Shaadiram, played by Saanand Verma, show him, decides to seek help from the Purshottam Mishra, where he worked as a child. When Dhruv and Shunty learned of his college love (Purshottam), Dipti Kashyap (Ratna Pathak Shah), they first made him agree to be his mother to get his (Mishra) approval to play his father. We read that Purshottam and Dipti had to flee, but they became cold. So, considering their history, how Dhruv and Anya ended up going to the altar formed a film crux.


Director Abhishek Jain, who has found hot songs in Gujarati cinema for films like Bey Yaar, tells the thrilling story ‘Hum Do Hamare Do’ (with Deepak Venkateshan). If Prashant Jha had come up with an attractive and convincing screenplay, he would have put the film on another level. Things get a little fun, and the narrative is delayed in the second half until the cat comes out of the bag. He began to wonder how long Dhruv, Purshottam, and Dipti would play the role of the family because the truth about false parents had to be made public at some point. And then, it seems that the director was in a hurry to wrap it up with a happy ending.


Rajkummar Rao, who has become a fast-paced actor, offers another authentic play and proves why he passed the box office. Kriti Sanon is working and doing justice on her part like Anya. Paresh Rawal and Ratna Pathak Shah are still in good shape and not only show the way to the top of the story but also lead the way. Evidence can be found in the chemistry between their characters – Dhruv, Anya, Purshottam, and Dipti – and how they keep you connected to their play even when the screenplay slides and gains the movie an extra half star.

Hum Do Hamare Do: A Beautiful comedy of Normal Lives (2021)

Despite this movie having a good actor, Aparshakti Khurana seems to be considered a great friend of the hero. Manu Rishi Chadha and Prachi Shah Pandya provide excellent support.


Sachin-Jigar’s song is humble and helpful. Still, the film has some very interesting moments. At the same time, it also comments on families expressing a happy and united image on the outside while arguing and fighting inside. And one can choose the perfect family if needed. The ‘Hum Do Hamare Do’ is a modest watch… but if the second half were very attractive, a few funny dolls.

edited and proofread by: nikita sharma

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