Sneha Dubey Hits Out At Pakistan For Providing Shelter To Terrorists

Terrorism is always one of the major concerns for any nation, but India has been dealing with terrorism in its way. It is seen that Pakistan has been protecting and providing shelters to the terrorist, and there is no chance of doubt in mind. In reaction, Pakistan always tries to play the victim card, but the crocodile tears are visible very well.

Talking on this, Sneha Dubey, India’s First Secretary at the UN, voiced her opinion against Pakistan, making them count their mistakes and wrongdoings and playing the victim card in front of the world.

Arsonist disguising as firefighter: India slams Pak for raking up Kashmir  at UNGA, harbouring terrorists - India News

Sneha Dubey is the IFS Officer from Batch 2012 and cleared the UPSC exams in her first attempt. Also she is the first one to join the civil services from her family. On Friday, she delivered a scorching response to Pakistan by using her right to respond after Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, raised the issue of Kashmir while addressing it in the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).

This reply recalls the memory of Sushma Swaraj when she spoke about the terrorist attack. This clearly shows India is developing; women are going forward to make their mark in the world for the Nation and show the women empowerment in India. 

In response to Imran Khan, Sneha Dubey said that Pakistan is an “arsonist” disguising itself as a “fire-fighter,” and the world is suffering because of the nation’s policies that protect the terrorist in their backyard. Sneha Dubey seems to be a focused girl and knows where to target.

She was just 12 years old when she found her interest in global affairs and also for traveling. At an age when kids only know about being a doctor or engineer, she had already decided what she would be in her future. Looking at her journey, you can not say that it was just her childhood thoughts as she is living her dream now. She has completed her M. Phil and PG from Jawaharlal Nehru University. Sneha Dubey has also worked as the Third Secretary in the Embassy for India in Madrid and at the Ministry of External Affairs as an Under Secretary.

Sneha Dubey who raged on Imran Khan's Kashmir theory by spewing venom  against India at the United Nations - PressWire18

Sneha Dubey added that Pakistan always has had hands in hosting terrorist activities, and Osama Bin Laden was also sheltered and protected by Pakistan, and still Pakistan denotes him as a martyr. It looks like Pakistan has no signs of humanity; they just know how to harm other countries and innocent people living in those nations. Pakistan does not live in peace and does not even let others. Also, the citizens of India do not need to explain or speak in front of anyone for justification, especially in front of the nation that shelters the terrorists in the backyard intending to spread hate. Pakistan has been a sponsor to terrorists, and even after that, they say Pakistan wants peace.

In which Sneha Dubey gives it to Pakistan - ​India's blistering retort to  Pakistan | The Economic Times

Pakistan does not even know the meaning of love, peace, and bravery as they have followed the idealogy of hate. But now they should not forget that India knows how to answer their rivals; it is a New India, they will also find you in your homes and take revenge. India knows the meaning of both peace and revenge. Pakistan has been wearing a face mask every time, but the world knows the truth of how Pakistan nurtures illegal occupations; and that Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh were, are, and will always be the part of India. It is one nation.

Everyone is praising this response of Sneha Dubey as she responded to Pakistan brilliantly and the words that she so perfectly used to denote every doings of Pakistan.

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