Virat’s New Statements Putting End To Rohit And Virat Fanwars 2021

Virat Again Putting End To Rohit And Virat Fanwars

No matter which country’s origin, every sport comprises rivalries among the best, which gives rise to fan-wars. Fan-wars is an internet slang derived from the views, opinions, and clash of interests and beliefs of ardent fans and supporters of different teams or players. From football to cricket, no sport has been spared of the fan wars as the people continue to claim that their favourite player or team is the best by praising their favourite or trying to pull down the choice of others.

One of the never-ending rivalries among fans of the game of cricket exists in India with the fans of the whole format Indian captain and commendable player Virat Kohli ( now the red-ball or Test cricket captain) and the mind-blowing opener of the Indian cricket team
 Rohit Sharma (now the white-ball or T20 internationals and ODI captain of the Indian cricket team).


Rohit Sharma: Still long way to go before we finalise our playing 11 for  T20 World Cup - The Financial Express
Ever since the rise of both the players from the early decade of 2010, the fans of the players have continuously tried to outshine the others by bringing up the records and player and match statistics of their favourite player.

This rivalry is never-ending, from international matches to domestic cricket of the Indian Premier League (IPL). The former has been the player and captain of the IPL franchise Royal Challengers Bangalore.

The latter has been the player and captain of the IPL franchise Mumbai Indians for around a decade and have continuously impressed their fans with a commendable display of the game of cricket and sportsmanship. Not just the fans but the journalists also take interest by trying to create a rift between both the players by issuing accurate statements with due lack of shreds of evidence.

A sudden stir again rose among the cricketers’ fans as Virat Kohli decided to step down as the T20 captain, and Rohit Sharma was appointed as the new T20 internationals captain of Indian cricket.
Rohit Sharma to Replace Virat Kohli as India's Limited-Overs Captain After  T20 World Cup: Report
Ignoring the fan wars Rohit Sharma took the first step to release a statement while praising Virat Kohli and saying that his contribution has been time and again crucial for the Indian cricket team no matter what format as he has brought out the team in a beautiful way by beating out difficult matches and playing an essential knock under challenging situations and standing by the team.

He also went on to call Virat still the ‘Leader’ of the Indian cricket team despite him stepping down as the T20 internationals captain.Virat Kohli's Epic Tweets, Incredible Facts, Education Qualifications,  Family Background, Iconic Quotes and Memes & Jokes

On the other hand, Virat has also never left an opportunity to praise the game and skills and techniques of Rohit Sharma no matter what platform. From press conferences to personal interviews, he has always taken a stand to appreciate the latter and how he has always been left in awe of his cricket innings.

Time and again, as the Indian cricket captain, Virat has been questioned about his relationship with the former vice-captain of the Indian cricket team, Rohit Sharma, as many journalists have continuously tried to create rumours about a rift going on between the two.

After stepping down as the T20 international captain, Virat Kohli was Replaced by Rohit Sharma as the One-Day International (ODI) Indian cricket captain. This again leads to fan-wars of the brilliant players of the Indian cricket team.

Virat Kohli recently held a virtual press conference and cleared his take about the rift between him and Rohit Sharma by a tiresome reply. He has been answering the same question and clarifying this statement repeatedly for over two and a half years now.

Why do so many love to hate outgoing T20 captain Virat Kohli? -  Firstcricket News, Firstpost
In the press conference, he also went on to guarantee his ardent fans and all the cricket lovers who follow the game as a religion that due to lack of communication or any miscommunication, the team will never be brought down of him.

He will always continue to give his best on the field, and he Will always try to fulfil his part of roles and responsibilities as a cricket player as this is his commitment towards the game of cricket. He also praised Rohit as a captain as he has led the team in many games in the absence of Virat and even as a captain of the IPL franchise Mumbai Indians.

Virat believes the combination of Rohit and The newly appointed head coach of the Indian cricket team Rahul Dravid is brilliant as the former cricket player is, according to him, a very balanced coach and team manager.

The cricketer believes in pushing the team in the right direction being a captain or even as a player, and has shown a very positive attitude by offering support and a hundred per cent contribution to whichever direction the new duo will plan to take the Indian cricket team.

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