All You Need To Know About Jio’s new and eyecatching Re.1 Plan

All You Need To Know About Jio’s Re.1 Plan

When the price for all the recharge plans are rising in all the network companies, people are getting perplexed as they don`t know what to do. People are wondering which plan to choose, whether should I port to a new sim card or not? Even if we decide to port to a different company then whom shall we choose?  All the companies have changed their recharge plans all at the same time. This has been a real struggle for all of us. But not anymore!

 As our, all-time saviour has come to save us. Jio quietly unveiled a new prepaid plan. The new plan is also the cheapest prepaid refill plan in the country, and all network providers across the country. Worth Re. 1. The validity period is 30 days. The cheapest charging plans are suitable for users who don’t want to buy more data than they need. Also, the charging plan will show up in the MyJio app, but not on the website at the time of writing. Jio also modified Rs. The 119 prepaid recharge plan is the cheapest in our unlimited plan portfolio.


As originally reported by TelecomTalk, Re. 1 Jio prepaid recharge plan includes 30 days and 100MB of data. With user-specified data, you get an internet browsing speed of 64Kbps. Jio’s new charging plans can be found in the Pricing section of the Other plans section of the MyJio app, but not on the website. TelecomTalk also reports that 10 charges of this plan can give users nearly 1GB of high-speed data, which will still be cheaper than a dedicated 1GB data plan that costs Rs. 15 per month.

 Currently, no carrier other than domestic Jio offers prepaid plans as cheap as  Re. 1 charging plan. As mentioned earlier, this plan is suitable for users who do not want to purchase more data than they need. There is also currently no confirmation of how many users can fund their accounts using this plan. Earlier this week, Jio quietly corrected Rs. The 119 prepaid plan includes 300 SMS messages, 1.5 GB of high-speed data per day, and unlimited voice calls. This is  a revision of

Rs. 98 has the same benefits. The difference between the two plans is 5000 won excluding the price. The duration of the 119 plan is 14 days, Rs. Plan 98  was valid for 28 days. The plan will appear again in the category “Others” under the Value section in the mobile operator’s mobile application (MyJio).

Rapid change of Reliance Jio’s Re.1 Plan:

Yesterday we informed you about Reliance Jio’s new ultra-low-cost charging plan. The recently launched Jio Re 1 prepaid charging plan originally offered 100MB of 4G high-speed data and a validity period of 30 days. The plan was very flexible, as customers could do multiple Re 1 recharges and queue packages for automatic activation after 100 MB of data expires. However, things changed very quickly when Jio Re 1’s prepaid recharge plan was scrapped. Discover the new benefits of the Reliance Jio Re 1 prepaid recharge plan.

Reliance Jio has already changed the benefits of the Re1 plan. On Wednesday, Telecom Talk announced a silent start of Re1 prepaid charges from Reliance Jio. In just one day, Telecom has significantly changed the benefits of the plan. Currently, the data is significantly reduced and the validity period is very short. Reliance Jio Re1 Changed Benefits of Prepaid Plans.


In just one day, the telecommunications company radically changed its plan benefits. Now there are much less data and the expiry date is very short. No other telecommunications company offers these plans. The best thing about this plan is that users can get 1 GB of data for as little as 10 rupees per transaction in any way if they charge 10 times with this plan.

That should be good news, as Reliance Jio raised tariffs on unlimited prepaid plans last month aftermarket competitors Airtel and Vodafone Idea. After the increase, the base rate is now  91 rupees instead of 75 rupees, which provides 3GB of data and 50 SMS for 28 days. This plan, which used to be 129 rupees, is now 155 rupees. Valid for 28 days. During this period, users can use 2 GB of data. The tariff also provides 300 SMS.

The next line is Rs 179 (formerly Rs 149), Rs 239 (Rs 4,444,199) and Rs 299 (formerly Rs 249). All of these plans come with a validity period of up to 28 days and 2GB of data. The plans offering 399 rupees and 499 rupees, double the 58 days, are now 479 rupees and 533 rupees respectively, providing up to 2GB of internet data per day.

This plan will appear in the “Value” plan category of your carrier’s mobile application (MyJio). The Re 1 plan is currently valid for one day and provides only  10MB of data. By comparison, the plans were listed for the same amount but provided a 30-day validity period and 100MB of data.

 Therefore, to get 100 MB of data with this plan, the user would have to spend 10 rupees. The Rs 15 4G Data Coupon makes much more sense here as it provides 1 GB of fast data. The previous benefit was that spending  10 rupees on Jio’s Re1 voucher provided users with 1GB of data in 30 days.

However, the previous service has been changed by the telecommunications company and the change will be visible in the mobile application. After consuming 10MB of fast data, the user’s internet speed drops to 64Kbps. I can’t say who will benefit from this 10MB data plan.


 Reliance Jio’s strategy for this plan is a bit confusing. With all the data your application consumes in the background of today’s smartphones, you can save 10MB of data in seconds or minutes.

But again,  no other telecommunications company offers such a plan. Users can effectively purchase this plan 5 times (total spending-Re 5) and get about 50MB of data as needed. However, Rs15 coupons that provide 1GB of data are always worth more.

edited and proofread by nikita sharma

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