Apple car: Will it be launching in 2024?

We all know Apple is a well-known company in the world with that this is one of the wealthiest companies holding its valuation of around 2 trillion dollars. In the past, Apple has surprised us with many innovative products like iPhones, iPods, iPad, and Apple watches. And now it is moving towards the automobile industry.

He started this company to make personal computers in the 70s. And slowly, over time, they improved their products and jumped into different segments like smartphones, tablets, watches, earphones, etc.

But did you know that this company makes most of its profit in their smartphones which is the main money-making product on Apple’s lineup?

But now, a rumour is starting that it will jump into the automobile business by making their driverless automatic car.Hyundai Will Make Apple's Self-Driven Cars, Production Starts 2024; India  Launch? – – Indian Business of Tech, Mobile & Startups

Why is Apple jumping into the car industry?

If we see the global market of the car industry is around 10 trillion dollars, whereas the smartphone industry lies with approx 715 billion, which is nowhere near to the car industry.

Apple has started this planning in 2014 and was went public in 2015, where they said that this could happen in 2020. But unfortunately, we know what happened due to covid and after that chip shortage and many more.

In 2017 Tim cook himself confirmed that they are working on it, but now mass production of this car has been impossible for some years.

Apple car design rumoursApple to reportedly start producing self-driving car in 2024 using "next  level" battery - PhoneArena

Recently Icar, whatever it may be, its design has been leaked, and by looking, you may think it’s two-seaters, but it is a four-seater car.

And by looking at that design, we can see it is looking compact as for the pictures. But we can’t compare now because there is neither a human standing nor a car parked beside us, so we can’t reach the site directly.

Because we know when tesla was launching its truck, it was also looking compact, but after the launch, it was not that compact as we thought.

It has been said that they will start the mass production of the Apple car in 2024, but we never know what can happen, so it is better to keep hopes less.

Because as much money this industry provides, the same amount of difficulties are there in this business. As Elon Musk once said that making a car is much more complex than launching a rocket.

In 2015 Apple secretly started a project named titan, where it invested billions of dollars and hired several Tesla employees.

Challenges to face by Apple for Apple carApple Car 2024... - YouTube

See one thing is that starting a car business is not that easy it needs lots of money. Once tesla had also faced problems, and Elon Musk decided to sell the company because they were out of money and couldn’t find investors.

Because you need a lot of money to buy plants for the car to manufacture, you need plants for making batteries if you are driving an electric vehicle.

In places, you also need to hire many people for the manufacturing work in the plants. Tesla has faced this kind of difficulty too, but now there are no such problems because tesla is now a brand, and it will never run out of investors.

The same is here too. We are not talking about any company. We are talking about Apple, and investors can’t trust Apple.

Whenever Apple has jumped into any business, it has done a great job, as we can see now, like watches, tablets, earphones, etc.

So money and investors will not be an issue as per my thought because it will give the profits to the investor shortly.

Yes, the product may not be as perfect as we hope because they are new and will take time to perfect things.
So there is not much time left when you can be watching the event where Tim cook or if any new CEO is unveiling the Apple car or I car, whatever the name should be.

But the actual thing is what will be price because of the history of Apple. I am not expecting any lower price Apple will ask for it.

Article Proofread and Edited by Shreedatri Banerjee

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