Apple iPad Mini 6: The Near-Perfect Tablet That Fills A Market Gap

Once the pandemic has passed, frequent travelers would seek an iPad Mini 6 that combines size, form factor, and portability.

Furthermore, it has made me realize that a tablet is not meant only to replace a laptop, but also to fill its void. 

Form Factor And Portability

iPad Mini 6’s compact nature is not a surprise – the mini family of Apple’s hardware is compact by design. On this tablet, you get an 8.3-inch display that is 7.7 inches tall by 5.3 inches wide. Additionally, the cellular version weighs 297 grams and is 6.3mm thick. Apple’s new iPhone 13 Pro is 205 grams and 7.7mm thick. Despite the weight difference, the iPad feels heavier in hand because the iPad’s weight is not proportionally heavier, and it’s better distributed.

Apple iPad Mini 6: The Near-Perfect Tablet That Fills A Market Gap

Because of all these factors, iOS devices such as the iPad Mini 6 are easy to transport and you can fit them anywhere in your bag. Even with a Smart Folio case attached, it can be operated using one hand. It is a good display for desktops in conjunction with compact laptops so you’ll be less likely to switch between windows and tabs endlessly when you’re writing. By reducing distractions, it’s great for a small or loaded desk, and its compact footprint makes it easy to use.

With its optimal size for viewing movies, the iPad Mini 6 is about the right size to watch movies on the go, without being too small or very large. Operating it is convenient and ergonomic, and it is comfortable and convenient to hold with one hand. Although it is good for watching a game of football, it is not optimal if everyone else at home has slept and you can’t turn on the TV. iPad Air’s 10.9-inch display is ideal for this.

Design And Ergonomics

According to Apple, its iPad Mini 6 has an “all-screen” design, for the 8.3-inch screen is flanked by thick but impressively even bezels on all sides. Unlike Apple’s 9th generation iPad and 2nd generation iPhone SE, the new generation design makes it look more modern, and the circular home button has been replaced with a power button that’s on the left edge, or the right edge, depending on how it’s held. It also integrates Touch ID.

This iPad Mini 6 is a smart, stylish device that is as sleek and well-designed as any other Apple device. It’s easy to access Touch ID on both sides of the device, and the 2nd generation Apple Pencil fits neatly with the magnetic attachment. The magnetic attachment ensures that it doesn’t come loose easily and does not distract when you’re watching content on the screen, contrary to my expectations.

Ergonomically, the iPad Mini 6 is not much worse than you’d expect for such a tiny tablet. It may have been better to have the volume button at the top (when the handset is landscape), but there is no place for it. This device houses four stereo speakers in a configuration of two sides on either side of a pencil and folio cover. The Pencil takes up the top edge; the Folio Cover takes up the lower edge. It is, in all honesty, an extremely nice design.

Display And UX

There are a few moments when the iPad Mini 6’s small display could be seen as a flaw, however. The iPad Mini 6’s display, even when compared with larger smartphones, is 1.5 inches larger in diagonal size. Streaming shows, playing games, editing movies, writing, and reading are all possible with this smallest iPhone compared to a larger phone.

Apple iPad Mini 6: The Near-Perfect Tablet That Fills A Market Gap

When seated upright, the iPad Mini 6 covers approximately 85 percent of your direct vision at a distance of approximately 20 inches between the eyes and the point where you’d hold it. As you scan the screen in landscape orientation, your peripheral vision is not interrupted, which results in less eye movement. Those who enjoy reading will agree. But a bit more size would’ve made it more versatile. Apple may once again propose a 9-inch iPad Mini without compromising the compact form factor.

It is still possible to improve iPadOS. Several apps are not used to their full potential on the home screen, which makes it look sparse. The notifications menu also doesn’t appear to be optimized, apart from being stretched out to fit. With iPad’s widgets, there’s some visual contrast between the icon size and themes, but in general, there are many blank areas on the display – more than what you’d expect from Apple. Even the Control Centre looks awkward and doesn’t set the bar high for UX design.

It’s really convenient having the app dock, which gives you two-tap access to your most-used apps regardless of the screen you’re on. A long swipe-up gesture or two swipe-up gestures open the multitasking view and while the small windows don’t seem to be as ergonomic as they might be, they are visually appealing. It is largely seamless to search in Spotlight, which is also the system’s default calculator.

It is difficult to complain about the quality of the display. Even backlighting and excellent True Tone adjustment are also provided, as well as fluid touch responses, rich contrasts, and great color renditions. Using this display for drawing and browsing content to be viewed is a pleasure. The colors on the display are particularly rich and accurate, and even the Quick Note feature is good for spontaneous use. The iPad Mini 6 displays more like a mini iPad Pro than an entry-level tablet.

Moreover, the system keyboard is of a good height, so you can easily type while using the iPad Mini 5. Generally, touch inputs are less ergonomic than a physical keyboard, but there is no Smart Keyboard for the Mini 6, and third-party keyboards are too bulky, so the mini iPad cannot do anything much. Despite my fears, the touch keyboard works very well, and I was able to type out well over 300 words while in the backseat of a car without feeling frustrated.


With the inclusion of Apple’s newest A15 Bionic chip, the iPad Mini 6 should have more than enough power to cover most tasks. InShot Pro has so far proved to be a performance-enhanced tablet with sharp and responsive graphics, as well as being a smooth switcher between apps, multitasking views, and even editing 4K video. In this way, also the performance of the iPad Mini 6 is similar to that of the iPad Pro.

It is the little features that make the iPad Mini 6 so amazing. In addition to offering Center Stage, the front camera is compatible with third parties including Zoom (instead of FaceTime) and is compatible with third-party apps. With the quad stereo speakers, you are able to enjoy Dolby Atmos and Hi-Res Lossless audio, which are great for personal use. There are far better built-in speakers, which you can use when you’re alone, and they’re louder than standard ones. They come with an EQ, so you can tune it to produce more bass.

Even more demanding tasks like gaming or multiple-layer photo editing can be handled by the iPad Mini 6. It is an excellent tablet to use because there is no stutter. It fills the market need for a compact mobile device that possesses a large display so it can compare with smartphones while still being compact. There are, therefore, still those who value small screens, and that is what we need to see.

Battery Life

Among its weaker points is its short battery life. The tablet can stream video and browse for about ten hours when connected to Wi-Fi. The iPad requires around one full charge every two days for me and the Apple Pencil, when it is used as a second display for music, live sports, reading, and browsing for about 3.5 hours a day. Apple has finally shifted to use USB-C with the iPad Mini 6 (just like they should have done for the iPhone 13 series). Inside the box, you’ll find a 20W USB-C charger and a two-way USB-C cable. The charger will charge your phone fully in about 100 minutes.


Even though it may not seem important to have a 12-megapixel rear camera on a tablet, the Apple iPad Mini 6 does not feel underpowered in this respect. With this camera, you can take good photos or give a relatively smooth, short video when needed. With the front 12MP camera, the view is cropped to a standard view angle by default. Center Stage can be used with FaceTime and other video conferencing apps thanks to its 122-degree field of view.

Apple iPad Mini 6: The Near-Perfect Tablet That Fills A Market Gap

Center Stage becomes quite handy once you become accustomed to it. Its seamless screen panning and full HD video quality are more than adequate for all your usage needs. Your footage will be as smooth as possible with the front camera thanks to its 60fps capability. However, even the tablet’s camera can record in 4K at 60 frames an hour, which is more than it would be able to do from a tablet.

We find that the Apple iPad Mini 6 is one of the best gadgets to own and to use, and we find it to be a near-perfect gadget. Even though the screen could have been slightly bigger, for all intents and purposes, this size is enough to offer you an upgrade over your current phone, but still small enough to be ergonomic. With a convenient form factor, a premium design, a flagship-class display, and ample processing power, all this makes it a great option. Moreover, the cellular variant offers 5G, so you’ll be future-proofed if you purchase it.

Its starting price of Rs 46,900 makes the iPad Mini 6 a wonderful tablet to own. In terms of portability, this display is a perfect size if you frequently travel, and the same goes if you need a second display on your desk to accompany your main workstation. The 64GB entry-level model offers a great value in terms of value and features, including support for the Pencil (available separately).

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