Are flagship smartphones worth the money in 2021 or after?

It is now the end of the year 2021 and the prices of a flagship phone have been record-breaking. Some of them are around 2 lakhs and by this pricing, you must be thinking is worth investing in a flagship device instead of an affordable mid-range device.

A few backs later there were not many phones which are launching around the price range of 20 to 30k.

But the time has changed how we can see so many devices with lots of great features and value that you are paying. So we are gonna discuss should you spend that much money on a flagship phone or should you buy a mid-range phone.


Difference between the price of flagship and a mid-range 


The main factor for which this question arises is price nowadays the prices of smartphones are very much brands are charging hell lot of money for there flagships.
But did they can make difference as per the price they are charging. I don’t think so there are so many things that are similar in mid-range devices.


Like the flagship processor from Qualcomm the 888 you can see that it is very common now and phones under 40k are having the processor.

And you must be thinking that the expensive one should have better performance but no the same processor is performing quite similar in both the range.

Take an example of iPhone 13 and 13 pro is there much of a difference in both of them no except 120 hertz and one extra camera there is not much of a difference. But is these two things will bother you and are you willing to pay a premium for these two thing.
The same thing is happening in the Android market too there is not much of a difference in flagship and mid-range devices.

Nowadays processors are also much capable than before and can give head-to-head competition to flagship processors a good example should be snapdragon 778g, MediaTek Dimensity 1200, snapdragon 870, etc.

There is one difference though which is the material used in the smartphone for design and nowadays brands are given glass back and metal frames to their mid-range devices too.

The flagships are getting ceramic stainless steel like that some premium materials but doing that will be a deal-breaker for you.


The difference in features between flagship devices and midrange devices


This is one segment where there is a difference Between flagship and midrange. Some things are still reserved for the flagship devices like reverse wireless charging, fast wireless charging, IP ratings, a little bit better displays, etc.

But there are some things which were missing earlier but now it is there like better haptics, fast charging, better cameras, etc.


Some of them are better in comparison to a flagship like a headphone jack and battery.
The battery is one of the key components where the premium phones have to compromise because of higher-quality displays, power-hungry processors.

And you can not do anything for that due to the depletion of battery health which will occur over time. And you can’t do anything for that but in the mid-range device, the battery backup will be good because of low power-hungry processors and display with fewer pixels.

Some features which still make a flagship differentiable


As said earlier some reserved features are still made for flagships like reverse wireless charging which haven’t been available yet to mid-range devices. 

Cameras are also good in mid-range devices when it comes to the primary camera. But when it comes to ultra-wide flagships are still the king and zoom lenses like 50x, 100x. Periscope lens is still missing in mid-range devices.

The innovations like foldable displays, under-display cameras, etc these are some other things that are still reserved for the premium segment.

Yes slowly they will come to mid-range devices but it will take time and always innovations will be in flagships first.


Did flagship devices last longer than mid-range?


You must be thinking that as it is a flagship device it will last longer for me it will get more updates than a mid-range but no it was true a few years back but nowadays this difference has also been settled.

Companies are promising the same kind of update as it was giving to their premium segments.
And when it comes to lasting longer it will not because of buggy updates degraded battery health and components aging down the line.

But it will run as much as you can make it run and you can’t expect it to run for more than 3 years with that same speed and fluidness that you were getting on the first day.

And above that, the buggy software will make you very stressed and make your device slower with degradation in camera performance too

Gaming in flagship and mid-range devices

Gaming was one of the main reasons which were pushing people to spend money on premium devices because of the powerful processors.  


But nowadays you can do gaming like a flagship in just 30k or under. Due to the improvement in the performance of 700 series processors and Dimensity processors from MediaTek with very low prices.

There are so many brands targeting gamers in the budget segment with these processors and top-notch performance including several gaming-based features. 


Flagship vs midrange which one should you buy? 


There are several features and innovations present in the premium category but the point is if that features and innovation are a must need for you then you can go for a premium phone.

But if that innovation and features are not that much of a need for you then it will not be a good idea to spend that much money on a smartphone and you can easily get a mid-range device with a similar experience. 

And it will be with you for a good amount of time and you will not regret your decision to buy that mid-range device. 

You will get all the value of your money fully with good software support.

edited and proofread by: nikita sharma

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