Google pixel 6 and 6 pro: why it would be success if it comes to India?

As we all know that pixel 6 and 6 pros have been launched for some days now and no chance this is by far the best Android smartphone. 

But due to some reasons, Google didn’t launch these devices in India. Google Pixel 6 and 6 pros are launched in 8 country’s US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Australia, Germany, France, Japan, and Taiwan. 

And there is no hope that pixel 6 and 6 pros will be launching in India. 

And when asked to Google’s team they replied that they are not able to provide the product needed for the mass. 

Due to chip shortage, they can’t provide that many supplies for this country. 

As per the hype, Pixel has managed to keep the expectations which users were hoping for and the mass living in India were very desperate for the pixels. 

But unfortunately, their hopes were all down as this is not dropping to India. 


Reason for the hype of pixel in India 


As we all know Indian markets were not that easy for smartphones companies to survive because of the price sensitivity. 

That is why when Google has launched its Pixel 1 and 2 in India there sales were not that great. Due to several problems with their devices and having excellent other choices from other brands like OnePlus.  

pixel 6

At that time OnePlus used to provide excellent software and hardware at a very reasonable price. 

Maybe that is the reason behind not bringing the pixel 6 and 6 pros in India. But this time the pricing of pixel 6 and 6 pro are very much aggressive and recently the pixel 4a was also a hit in India due to its simplicity and clean UI. 

Nowadays Indian people are smart enough to just not focus on hardware rather than focusing on software and user experience. 

And pixels are a great example of that with clean UI and timely updates. 


Why pixel 6 and 6 pro will be a success in India? 


The main reason for the pixel 6 and 6 pro to be a success in India is the price of the devices. 

This time Google has priced its pixel 6 and 6 pros very aggressively which is 599$ and 899$ respectively. 

As said earlier the focus of consumers is now shifted towards user experience rather than hardware. 

Brands are also working on their software to polish it as much as possible but the key aspect of pixels is their software which cannot be beaten. 

pixel 6

And the main competitor of Google has also been out of focus yes I was talking about OnePlus. Nowadays OnePlus is launching its flagship at a very high price and not delivering the same performance as it was giving earlier. 

And after the merger of Oxygen OS with Colour OS most of the OnePlus fans were very disappointed with OnePlus. 

This can be the key reason for Google to succeed because when OnePlus fans will shift they are the tech enthusiastic person and will buy the best experience phone possible. 

So pixels will be the best deal for them due to the price and software experience with cameras which were the downside of OnePlus till now. 

And as it is a Google phone software is a non-issue part and cameras are always the best in Google phones. 

They are the top in the android market and now with the new pixels, they have improved the video quality too. 

In the android segment, there is only Samsung and OnePlus which are in the value for money category for the users preferring user experience. 

Now the latest fan edition of Samsung hasn’t been yet launched and OnePlus is shifting apart from its core oxygen OS. 

So there is enough market for Google to conquer and make their pixel lineup hit. 


What is the future of Google products in India? 


As said earlier that when asked to Google team they said that they can’t fulfill the demand of the Indian market. 

They have also said that they will bring many products to India in near future. But the reason they have given for not bringing the devices to India is not worth it. 

We can’t say anything for now what Google is thinking and why are they ignoring the Indian market. 

pixel 6

But as of now all the people who are waiting for the pixels will be surely disappointed with this decision of Google. 

But there is a catch if anybody is wanting the pixel devices can import them from outside and it will work flawlessly without any problem.

edited and proofread by: nikita sharma

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