Are Starscope Telescopes A Valuable Innovation For Astronomy Geeks?

The StarScope Telescope is a very compact monocular telescope that works wonders even without a smartphone close at hand. It’s one of the most impressive monocular options today.

A monocular is a modified refracting telescope used to magnify the images of distant objects by passing light through a series of lenses and usually prisms, the application of prisms resulting in a lightweight, compact telescope. The typical volume and weight of a monocular are less than half of a pair of binoculars having similar optical properties, making a monocular easier to carry, and also proportionally less expensive.

Monocular telescopes are ideally suited to those with vision in only one eye, or where compactness and low weight are important (for example, hiking). Hence, one is going to be able to use it as hardware, for a smartphone ‘telescope’, when it is paired with the onboard camera of the mobile phone, it can be used as a person`s personal and miniaturized telescope as well.

A person will be able to put the StarScope Telescope up against his dominant eye and use it as a monocular telescope during the day or at night, checking out things all around you in stunning high definition and full-color with the 12X zoom bringing you closer to the action.Astronomia al Solsonès – Observació d'estels, constel·lacions i planetes

Slide it over the main camera of the mobile and it divides will magnify EVERYTHING you go to take a picture of – letting you take crystal clear pictures of the moon, the stars, and other planets (as well as meteors, asteroids, and more) in a way that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise which aren’t visible from the naked eye or the regular smartphone cameras.

This device is an art and work of brilliance for the astronomy geeks who can’t and don’t carry around huge and heavy telescopes everywhere they visit. This compact and tiny device is what a traveler and an astronomy lover need at their next trip to watch the clear sky and observe the beauty of the celestial objects at any time and anywhere without the need of big heavy telescopes.Starscope Monocular Telescope Review: Quality Photos with Zoom Lens?


The approach of operation of the StarScope Monocular Telescope is quite straightforward for all smartphones and even if it is used individually. All the user got to do is holding the eyepiece or the StarScope Monocular Telescope over the main camera lens of the user`s smartphone and there it is, the StarScope Monocular Telescope instantly amplifies your smartphone’s zoom capabilities to 12 times.

When it is used individually all the user shall do is look through the lens of the camera and observe the planets, stars, meteors, and everything else. It is so simple and light-weighted that it is child-friendly. With this simple and smart innovation, even children who do not know who to use telescopes but are astronomy enthusiasts can now experience and witness the wonders of the celestial world.


A couple of things help to make the StarScope Monocular Telescope so special, but the biggest thing has to be its overall build quality. For starters, the entire body is made out of ruggedized tubular steel or aluminum materials that give the monocular a lot of strength and a lot of durabilities.

One wouldn’t want to drop or kick this around very much but as compared to the previously invented and made monocular telescope which used to slip, the StarScope Monocular Telescope isn’t going to smash into a million pieces all because of the good quality material it is made out of which holds the materials and contents of this device as one piece and makes it super simple and lightweight to use.

Secondly, the glass inside of the monocular is really impressive, too. The lenses themselves are 100% multi-layered green lenses that have an eye relief of 20 mm and a field-of-view of 293/1000m. The lenses are also coded with a scratch-free protectant, helping to make sure that the 12-power zoom and 50 mm objective lens is always protected.

A person will be able to suck up a lot of light for incredible images and viewing in low light conditions (like nighttime views of the moon or the stars), and the height magnification power and extreme lengths diameter guarantee that one`s going to get great shots with nothing more than the person`s regular smartphone, too.

Thirdly, the StarScope Monocular Telescope is made of BAK 4 barium crown glass as well as a water and scratch-resistant cover. This can be placed on rough forest floors or even uneven beachy surfaces without the worry of the damage that can be caused to it. Fourthly, the sides of the case have a non-slip surface making the StarScope Monocular Telescope comfortable and convenient to use.Best Monoculars for Stargazing 2021 | Prices, Performance & Reviews


Any person that wants to do a bit of stargazing or is really into astronomy and photography will love everything that this monocular has to offer. Whether one just does this once in a while when he gets an itch for it or loves heading out to stare at the stars and the moon every chance the user gets, the monocular is going to help make the heavens open up for the user.

On top of that, photographers will appreciate just how well the StarScope Monocular Telescope works the first time they try it out, too. The beautiful thing about this hardware is that it turns something the person always has had on himself (in essence to the user`s smartphone) into a very capable piece of photography hardware that can take the kind of photos a professional photographer expects from much more expensive and professional-grade cameras.Starscope Monocular - High Power HD Monocular with Smartphone Holder & –  Daily Trending Tips


There’s only one place from where a person will be able to find this StarScope Monocular Telescope and one place that a person will be able to get the best StarScope Monocular price – is directly through the manufacturer.

The company that is involved in the production of this monocular sells them directly to consumers, eliminating the middleman and keeping the overall price low while still getting top-tier hardware into the hands of people that want to see the night sky in vivid detail.

If you are thinking about getting your hands on this amazing piece of gear but want to get the best possible StarScope Monocular price there’s no better approach than buying it directly from the folks that make it. Other options are retail outlets providing electronics or even big online shopping sites such as Amazon, but these places will add up to their profits and costs only to make the product more expensive for the consumer. To get the best prices, one shall purchase the innovation from the manufacturer to obtain the product at the best price.

The product is available on Amazon for a range of prices holding the mostly same features just with different brands, ranging from the basic price of $55.95 to $400. The manufacturer can provide the product for half of the price. You can’t pay for the product after receiving your order, it can only be paid through account and credit cards and the only accepted cards are Visa, American Express, and Mastercard. The manufacturer of this wonder resides in NEW JERSEY, USA.


The previous buyers are mostly satisfied with the handling as well as the pictures were taken. One point that is especially emphasized here is speed. Getting the telescope out and placing it over the camera of the smartphone only takes a few moments. It is, therefore, not necessary to lie down and wait for the perfect moment to capture the shots. Instead, buyers are happy about quickly taking pictures of moments that shall not be forgotten.




Crystal clear and high-definition pictures even under extreme magnification.

Getting StarScope Monocular Telescope up on the smartphone takes a bit of practice.

Incredibly lightweight 320g) and compact

Celestial shots can be difficult to capture sometimes

Works with phones (Android, iOS) and even tablets.


Affordable due to direct consumer approach


Super high-quality materials used



It will be right to say the earlier a person gets his hand on this product, the better it is for the user. Hence, nothing can stop astronomy geeks now to witness the beauty and elegance of the celestial objects.

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