15 Best Things To Do In Strasbourg, France

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Known as the city of roads, STRASBOURG is located at the Eastern borders of France alongside Germany, facing across the river to the beautiful journey town, Kehl.

The charming French town with the German accent is the largest city in the Grand Est region of France with thousands of tourists every year.

This interesting city plays an important role in the business, industries, and cultural center. It has an interestingly traditional role in the prime city of Alsace with the European Parliament, The European Court of Human Rights as well as the Council of Europe.

Here is the list of things to do and visit in this fresh and beautiful business state that will rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.

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1. GOTHIC CATHEDRAL– The city is majorly known for its CATHEDRAL OF OUR LADY, or the sandstone rock Gothic Cathedral. With its medieval cityscape of white-black buildings around, the location provides the right place for tourists to feel the real essence of France which may charm even the most stoic human.

2. CATHEDRALE DE NOTRE DAME- This is the tallest medieval building in Europe. The church is home to a remarkable astronomical clock, which features a depiction of the commencement of life until man`s death. Climb on top of the Cathedral for a gorgeous view of the Alsatian countryside.

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3. RHINE RIVER- Strasbourg is set on the Rhein in the Alsace region across Kehl, Germany. The travelers shall look around for an appealing mixture of cultures of Germany and France in the culture, appearance, and the city`s cuisine as well. Strasbourg history also plays a large role despite the geography which links the city. The best part of the town is that the countries live so peacefully that there is no need to show passports to travel to the other side.

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4. TASTE THE DELICIOUS ALSATIAN CUISINE- Alsatian cookery combines ancient German food with French aptitude. Strasbourg is the home to bakeries, brasseries, and breweries, further to extravagant restaurants as well. Additionally to mouth-watering German-style beers, you can sip the region’s known Riesling wines together with your meals.

Here are a few Alsatian dishes to look for when visiting Strasbourg.

A. Tarte Flambee- The fabulous crave-worthy Alsatian equivalent to pizza is Tarte flambee. It’s prepared with a thin, tender rectangular crust and topped with crème Fraiche, white cheese, thinly sliced onions, and lardons (French-style bacon of sorts).

B. White Asparagus- If you’re visiting Strasbourg especially in the spring season, then you would want to order a plate of Alsace’s famed white asparagus, usually eaten with ham and fresh-made dressing.

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5. KUGELHOPF– The travelers shall visit the traditional bakeries of the city to feel the essence of the city by tasting the delicious traditional dish, the Kuglehopf. it’s an Alsatian bun cooked in the shape of a crown and traditionally filled with raisins and almonds.

6. STORKS WATCHING- It as expected isn`t that one witness a stork`s nest that’s unless one is in Strasbourg of course. Many of such nests are one after the other, a mom or dad stork guarding their eggs. Storks add an exotic feeling to a visit to Strasbourg.

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7. SHOPPING IN STRASBOURG- Strasbourg is magnificent enough to own loads of shops and restaurants to explore while being sufficiently small to still be hospitable to welcome village tribes. Be sure to pick up some souvenirs from this unique Alsatian city.

8. LA CURE GOUDMANTE- The famous French sweets fill their lovely boxes with cookies, candies, and chocolates which indeed make a sweet souvenir of your time in France or a stunning gift for your friends and family at home.

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9. CHRIST KINDLE SMARIK- Throughout the country, Strasbourg is known as the Capital of Christmas. The city’s renowned Christ Kindle Smarik is the most popular Christmas market in the country. It features more than 300 outdoor stalls, stretching across the city center. Back in 1570, this was among the oldest Christmas markets in all of Europe.

10. THE CHRISTMAS CAPITAL- Undoubtedly, the best time to go to the city is during Christmas. One can’t miss the 100-foot great Christmas tree in Place Kleber. Bright, glistering, and glossy ornaments and lights beautify the tree making it all the more magnificent. Strasbourg’s Christmas market features within the town from late November through Christmas Eve each year. Hence, even if you can’t travel during the vacation season, you can witness the exotic and delightful Christmas decorations and ornaments which are to be sold at outlets throughout Strasbourg all over the year.

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11. PLACE DU MARCHE AUX COCHON DE LAIT- Not far from the Cathedral, the joyous place du Marche aux Cochon de lait and Rue du Maroquin are lined up with various win-stubs and restaurants serving the exotic cuisine. There are brilliantly designed semi- timbered homes. The city is worth clicking postcard pictures.

Pont du Corbeau (Strasbourg, 1892) | Structurae 12. PONT DU CORBEAU and the COUR DU CORBEAU- The Raven Bridge also called the Pont du Corbeau offers a picturesque view over the cathedral placed at a distance. From the bridge, one will witness the banks of the river, the Old Customs’ Butchers’ House, and the Old Butchers’ House.

13. PETITE FRANCE DISTRICT- This is the most famous district in the city of Strasbourg. One shall take the time to wander along the waterways and see the reflections of the semi-timbered houses in the water. The pretty little semi-timbered houses of the district date from the 16th century.

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14. GERMAN IMPERIAL DISTRICT- Beyond the old town, the new officials of Alsace post the Franco-Prussian War laid out a completely fashionable city. The district included representatives of the power around the Imperial Palace, esteemed and influential buildings, also several public buildings that further became iconic buildings in the city. The New Town is a combination of many Roman and Gothic architectural styles.

Passerelle des Deux Rives (Strasbourg/Kehl, 2004) | Structurae15. JARDIN DES DEUX RIVES- Last but not least is the most beautiful site to visit in the city, Jardin des Deux rives. Mutual aid and collaboration of efforts between Strasbourg and Kehl led to the creation. The garden spreads on either side of the Rhine over sixty hectares, connected by a pedestrian bridge. A belvedere in Kehl offers a fine view over Strasbourg, the Vosges, and also the black forest mountains.

The perfect picture-worthy garden has its beauty and shall provide you with the simplicity and give an exotic view for sight-seeing during the day and sunsets and shall calm your soul and mind and give you a sense of peace from your busy life and schedule.

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