Nagaland Most Astonishing place for summer 2022

Nagaland Most Astonishing places 

Exploring the eastern region of India is always on the bucket list of many, and in Nagaland, where vibrant people are guarding their cultures & tradition, various colorful festivals and practices are still in between those locals. Still, you can experience it on the trip to Nagaland.

Anything that brings you close to the natural beauty & people is the best, and the beauty of the eastern region is very well known. Spending time in the lap of mountains and lush greenery will make you feel relaxed & release the stress of everyday life.

Experience the life of locals, villages & wildlife sanctuaries along with the pleasant climate. So if you have ever thought of visiting Nagaland and could not visit it yet, pack your bags and be ready to calm yourself down in the buzzing sound of birds & the fresh aroma of the forest and look at the handicrafts and many tourist places.


A quick guide to Kohima and Dimapur | Condé Nast Traveller India | India |  Experiences

The capital city of Nagaland and one of the most beautiful places in Nagaland. It attracts many tourists from its natural beauty, lush greenery, and peace. If you are among the ones, who want to visit the untouched nature, it is the perfect destination.

Even if you are planning to visit Nagaland with your friends or treks, you can prepare it in Kohima, situated at the height of 1500 m above sea level, in between the mountains & forests. You can plan hiking, trekking, and camping.

Kohima is the residence place for the Angami tribe, and while your visit to Kohima, does not forget to visit the Commonwealth War Cemetery & pay tribute to the soldiers who died while fighting with the Japanese in World War 2. Along with that, you can visit Naga heritage village, Kohima state museum, Japfu peak, etc.


Mokokchung Tourism & Travel Guide | Mokokchung Tours

Spending time while looking at the beautiful hills & streams is very calming & satisfying, so for that, you can visit the Mokokchung. The place is famous for its traditional practices, festival celebrations, and hospitality.

The place is home to the Ao tribe, which is very welcoming. The site looks like a panoramic place just like we see in the films, the houses, hills, and streams. If you miss this place, you will miss something huge, and you will return with many tales to tell in the future. You can also visit the Ungma village, Changtongya, Longkhum, Mokokchung park, and the place is situated around 105 km from Jorhat. Still, it is very well connected with the transporting facility.


Best 15 Tourist Places to Visit in Nagaland | Tour My India

While entering Nagaland, you will first enter Dimapur and which is considered one of the best tourist places in Nagaland. It is a perfect place for nature enthusiasts & history explorers. It is the largest city in Nagaland and as we know, Nagaland is surrounded by mountains but Dimapur is the only city with a plain track.

There are many places to visit in Dimapur like Dimapur Jain Temple, which was built in 1947 with fantastic glasswork. Ruins of Kachari Rajbari is an abandoned place after the conflict in the 18th century, which was about the settlement of township, you can explore the Aqua Mellow Park, Nagaland Zoological Park, Triple Falls, Stone Park, Hazi Park, Science Centre, Agri Expo site, etc.

You will have a perfect time in Dimapur as it makes the first impression of Nagaland in the minds of tourists.


5 BEST Places to Visit in Wokha - UPDATED 2022 (with Photos & Reviews) -  Tripadvisor

Walk around the multicolored flowers, lush greenery, flowing rivers, and chirruping of birds which will make your day better. Wokha is the place for experiencing exotic flora & fauna along with the scenic beauty of the area.

You can explore many plants, fruit trees, flowers, and even you can have fresh fruits. Wokha is home to the Lotha tribe, and they consider it their everything.

Looking around the valleys will drive you away from the flow. The place also has mount Tiyi, which is said to have some supernatural power associated with it, and the locals believe that the mountain has an orchard that can be found only by the lucky ones, so you can try your luck here.

Apart from this, you can visit the Tehurang Valley, Totsu Cliff, Doyang River, etc.


4 Top Tourist Attractions in Mon -

Mon is one of the famous tourist spots in Nagaland and you can explore the rich tribal heritage at the place. The place is like heaven, which will give you a refreshing ambiance. The area is the 3rd most significant town in Nagaland but feels like it has full beauty. You can visit the Shangnyu village which is known by many and it the wooden monument which is believed to be made by the angles from heaven and some carving of humans & other creatures can be seen in the carving.

Apart from this, you can explore, the Longwa village, Chi village, Naganimora, Veda Peak, etc.


Benreu Nagaland: Must-Visit for All lovers of nature -

The place is a historical home to the Zeliang tribe, and along with that, you will watch the clouds next to you, more like the home of clouds and rains. It receives a good amount of rainfall and it seems that it is one of the favorite cities of God of rains. Mount Pauna is the 3rd highest peak in Nagaland, perched at 1950 m.

From mount Pauna, you can look at the fields, the clouds, the scenic beauty, rivers, and you can also sneak a peek into Manipur. The forest in the Benreu is home to some of the endangered species of flora & fauna, and not only this but the mount Pauna is considered as EBA (Eastern Himalayas Endemic Bird Area) due to its peculiar avifauna.

It has many springs, but the healing water spring is the most famous one, due to its unique healing properties, and this has been used for ages. You can explore the village, they are very welcoming and look into their lives & the beautiful view.


G H Damant Tomb Monument -

The first green village of India, getting this tag has not been so easy. The journey started with establishing Khonoma Nature Conservation & Tragopan Sanctuary in the year 1998. Earlier, the locals were dependent on hunting but after the ban on hunting, they faced difficulty but it changed their lifestyle.

Khonoma is home to the Angami tribe. The thought of change struck when around three hundred Tragopan Blyth were killed during the hunting competition and it clicked the mind of some village elders later they started campaigning for the conservation area and introduced the ban on hunting. It was one of the hardest things to implement as many were dependent on this.

But that first step has now resulted in the new identity of the place and even their stories are related to the forests, animals, and birds, and these are still an essential part of local’s life.

The locals try to preserve the beauty of nature and take the nature protection challenges required and are an inspiration for others. You can also visit the Dovipie Inn, Naga Heritage Village, G H Damant Tomb Monument, etc.



If you are an adventure enthusiast, it is s must-visit village for you, exploring the unique rock formation, the Shilloi lake, and it is believed that no one can drown in that lake and has the spirit of protection.

You can plan trekking, rock climbing, jungle camping, etc. The village lies in Mount Saramati and is home to the Pochury tribe. If you don’t know, the Pochury tribe is recognized for its unique & exceptional hunting skills.

You must visit the village and look at the rock formation, also the brine salt & cane furniture, one of the specialties of the Meluri. You can explore the Zanibu peak from where you can look at the astonishing view of Nagaland, along with Mount Everest, and also walk by the Dzuku lake.

Sometimes beauty can not be described and this is one of such places.


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Tuensang is one of the largest districts in Nagaland and has rich culture, tradition & preserved heritage is home to many tribes like Sumi Nagas, Sanhtams, the Changs, and more, which contributes to the diversity of the Tuensang. Many rituals and practices are still practiced but many are unaware of them, you can explore their dance, techniques, and patterns by spending time with them.

The place is also known for its handicraft & handloom products, along with that you will find some unique & extraordinary jewelry here. Apart from that, you can visit Longtrok, where you can look into the ancient remnants from the Chungliyangti & Tsongliyangti civilizations via its stone structures. Noklak, this place is very much recognized for its tribal festivals and attracts a lot of tourists from different parts.

Explore the living stones and the local life of the place, you will come across many unique facts that will amaze you.

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