Detailed Information Of The Budget Session 2022

Detailed Information Of The Budget Session 2022

At Lok Sabha, the opposition hunted down the government on issues such as Pegasus and MGNREGS, and the BJP praised various government initiatives.

 As a sign of respect, both houses remained silent about the deaths of South African Honorary Archbishop  Desmond  Tutu in December and President David Sassoli of the European Parliament earlier this month. Rajya Sabha leader M. Venkaiah Naidu explained that he was very worried about the confusion of the House of Representatives during the last two sessions, and to the MP to help the House of Representatives work smoothly during the ongoing budget session. 

Lok Sabha postponed

 Lok Sabha has been postponed until 4 pm. February 3, 2022.

Congress leaders hunt down the government with hate speech

 Abdul Harek, Secretary of the Assam Parliament, said: “The border between Assam and Mizoram witnessed a clash that killed Assam police officers, but did not reach the president’s speech. The government is doing nothing about Haridwar Dharmasansad. Nothing was done about hate speech by Yogi Adityanath and Himanta Biswa Sarma. “


 Khaleque describes J & K as follows: “Article 370 has been abolished by Jammu and Kashmir. J & K needs to regain its national status and stop the ongoing boundaries.”

 BJP leaders praise Prime Minister Modi’s initiative

 BJP leader Ganesh Singh said, “Peasants did not have dignity until Prime Minister Modi planned Xanzamannidi.” It empowered women. “

 Jagdan Bikapal, BJP Leader on India’s International Status and National War Memorial

 Citing Boris Johnson in the House of Representatives, BJP leader Jagdan Bika Pal said, “Thanks to  Prime Minister Modi’s efforts, the world has isolated Pakistan and China.” He responded to the claim that the world isolated India. Regarding Amar Jawan Jyoti, he said: 26,000 soldiers who lost their lives, the former government did nothing for them, but our government created a war monument for our fallen heroes. “


 BSP Guide to Appreciate President’s Speech at Lok Sabha

Several issues have brought Ritesh Pandey into conflict with the government, including the improper treatment of COVID19, youth unemployment, deductions from the MGNREGS fund, and a decline in India’s ranking in the Global Hunger Index.

Maharashtra’s GST dues were discussed by a Shiv Sena leader

 In a statement to the House, Shiv Sena leader Vinayak Raut stated that Maharashtra’s GST is still due. As well as discussing the difficulties the MVA government is facing due to the Maharashtra Governor. “The President address should mention the state of government telecom service BSNL and what steps are being taken to upgrade it,” he said.

 Prof. Sougata Ray on Motion of Thanks to the President`s address in Lok Sabha

Amar Jawan Jyoti was extinguished for no apparent reason, according to the leader of AITC. According to him, “Mr Modi wants history erased.”. Why was the Netaji tableau rejected? A hologram has been created that disappears with BJP’s love for the story.

 To the president, Ray said he remains silent on key issues such as fuel prices,  killings in the Mon district, and domestic hate speech issues.

Mr Gandhi on India’s foreign policy

“India was surrounded by all aspects under the Modi administration,” Gandhi said. In addition, he said his previous foreign policy included an important attempt to keep China and Pakistan separated. However, the government has put both together, which poses a serious threat to India. “

 “We made a big mistake in foreign policy with J & K. Two different frontline concepts have been thrown into a single unified front with the unification of Pakistan and China, “he adds. 

Rahul Gandhi on approval of President’s speech at Lok Sabha

 “There are two Indias. One is the ultra-rich and the other is poor. The inequality between these two Indias is widening. Poor India has no jobs, but the president’s speech Did not mention it. By 2021, 3 million young people will lose their jobsThe rate of unemployment in India is the highest, says Rahul Gandhi. “The UPA government has rescued 27 million people from poverty, and the BJP has returned 23 million people to poverty,” he added.

 Gandhi, who talked about the monopoly, said: One person gave Adani all the ports, airports, power transmission, green energy and renewable energy. On the other hand, Ambani’s monopoly can be seen. The government has destroyed the informal sector through GST and demonization. MSME has been destroyed. Make in India cannot be implemented in this country because MSME and the informal sector were the backbones of Make in India, but the government killed both sectors.


 Regarding his work in the manufacturing industry, he said: “In the last five years, manufacturing has declined by 46%. The government has focused on only 15 people.”

 Thank you for the president’s speech

 BJP leader Harish Dwivedi shares BJP’s achievements under Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He talks about the abolition of Article 370 and the Ram Temple in Ayodhya. During the discussion, he emphasized youth employment opportunities and that the Modi government has promoted them through “Mudra Yojana.” He stressed that the central government post was awarded impartiality and impartiality.

Question time is over

 The Speaker of the House announces the end of the question time.

Special Economic Zone

 Parliamentary Speaker Manish Tewari said purchasing power in developed countries will be hurt by the withdrawal of fiscal stimulus. He added that another challenge is the structural change in consumer behaviour around the world due to COVID 19. Piyush Goyal replied that changes in geopolitical scenarios offer new opportunities for India to conquer new markets and broaden its economic horizons. He states that the PLI program aims to create a “global champion” and FDA in more countries.


 When asked by Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, Trade and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal replied that the parliamentary government was not investing in the productive industrial sector at the time. He added that the COVID 19 pandemic affected all sectors, but through Make in India, the government is aiming to strengthen its manufacturing industry.

Rajya Sabha was postponed

 The chair postponed the meeting until 10 o’clock tomorrow. The discussion on the thank you proposal will continue tomorrow.

 Tiruchi Siva thank the President for his speech at Rajya Sabha

 DMKMP’s Tiruchi Siva said the government. Ignore the peasants of the country. Previously, the economy was based on agriculture, he says, but today it’s more focused on business. Mr Shiva calls the BJP government. Anti-regional language. He says the government. Enforce Hindi in countries that do not speak Hindi. “BJP government. He took power in the mantra of the smallest government and the greatest governance, but now he has the largest government and no governance, “he says. 

Ram Gopal Yadav thanks the President’s speech at Rajya Sabha

 Ram Gopal Yadav states that he did not have to provide booster immunity domestically. He states: “Only vaccination companies have benefited from this initiative and it was not necessary.”


 Mr Kage about religious disputes

 They harassed the minority and Mother Teresa’s organization was concerned. They (BJP) speak out to the church, the church is disciplined, and many people here are educating their children in Christian schools. Christians have been oppressed by destroying the statue of Jesus on December 25th. The prime minister needs to intervene. Instead, you send your servant. I keep Hindu rituals, but I don’t show them to people.

He says labour law has been abolished and unions must not strike. Nehru has built all the institutions, you will benefit from it. You wouldn’t take his name because you hate him, but that’s true. PM left home at 1:39 pm.

Kharge choose LIC and U.P

 Why sell LIC when it’s a profitable business? When you finish your government work, your booking ends. Private companies work on a contract basis, you snap safe work. They never paid compensation to the peasants who died during the upset. Four farmers were killed by a minister’s son, whom you called mawali and aatankawadi. In the President’s address, the doubled income of farmers was not mentioned. Deputy Home Minister Ajay Kumar Mishra Teni should be sacked; he could influence the investigation. Because of the U.P elections, you did not sack him, though you’re known for taking quick actions. Crop insurance schemes were profitable for insurance companies. 

The motion of thanks to the address by the President in the Rajya Sabha was moved by Mallikarjun Kharge

 According to the President, the speech was a policy document, but lacked vision as well as policy. You say that nothing has happened in the past 70 years, but if nothing had happened in the past 70 years, you wouldn’t be alive today. We have democracy for you to govern today. It is anti-national to express opposition to the government.  As soon as the Opposition speaks, you declare that religion is under threat. Since you claimed in 2014 that you would provide 2 crore jobs per year, you should have already provided 15 crore jobs by now.

Yesterday’s budget speech stated that there were 600,000 rupees of work over the next five years. Today, over 200 million rupees are unemployed. Bihar and U.P. young people have begun to look for work. The Indian government has a vacancy of 9,000 people, 15% for railroads, 12% for budget, 40% for defence, and there is no room for scheduled caste. No SC secretary or deputy secretary was found. Adaware Serve, don’t be upset, he hasn’t made you a  minister. 


60% of MSME units are closed. As soon as we released MGN REGA, Modiserve called it a love story about your failed policies. This MGNREGA program provided lost workers a safety net during COVID. There should have been Rs 1.80 billion set aside for MGNREGA, but it only received Rs 73,000. They gave 7 million unemployed people only  20 days of work, as opposed to the 150 days promised during COVID. A twelve-year high has been reached in the price of oil.

 If China is stealing our land and building a house, why don’t your eyes turn red now? They asked us to show us red eyes. You don’t talk about China at all. They are now silent, he said, pointing to Prime Minister Modi at home.

The motion moved

 Two BJP members, Geeta aka Chandraprabha and Shwait Malik, are discussing the Modi administration. Chandraprabha says programs such as Swach Bharat, Prime Minister Awas Yojana, Betty Bachao and Betty Padao have helped many women and children across the country.  After expressing gratitude in the President’s speech, RS members were deeply grateful for the President’s speech, and the Vice-Chairman read aloud in connection with the motion. 

Question hour was over

 The Speaker of the House announces the end of the question time. I would like to thank the president for his speech.

Marital rape

 CPI MP Binoy Viswam asks questions about sexual violence in marriage. It is not advisable to blame all marriages in the country for violence and blame all men as rapists. The problem with marital rape is obedience. There are more than 30 counselling centres in the country that have supported women. Protecting women and children is a government priority, said Smriti Irani, Minister of Development for Women and Children. Wissam says it never meant that everyone was a rapist. 

BJP MP’s Skilmar Modi asks if the government is in favour of criminalizing spousal rape. He says he supports immunization because criminalizing it ends the marriage system. Modi said it was difficult to prove whether the women agreed. Irani says the issue is judicial obedience and cannot be elaborated further.

Counterfeit banknotes, the capital of A.P.

The Interior Minister of Andhra Pradesh responded to a question about the capital of the state, saying that Amravati is the capital of the state and that the problems of the three capitals of the state will be resolved soon.

 The government notified Rajya Sabha last year that about 8,35,000 counterfeit banknotes, including 2,44,000 rupees at face value of 2,000 rupees, were confiscated. During a House of Representatives question, Mr Lai provided data on counterfeit banknotes seized from 2016 to 2018.

Panchayati system


 Many Panchayati are linked in Egram Swaraj, and unlinked Panchayati are linked in the process, said Kapil Moreshwar Patil, Minister of State for Panchayati, in response to a question about including Panchayati in digital campaigns.

Question hour starts

 Question time begins with Large Yasaba.

FCRA adopts railway

Vijaisai Reddy addresses the issue of non-renewal of FCRA licenses for Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam and states that foreign funding is needed.

 Fauzia Khan (NCP) said he addressed recent recruitment issues on the railroad and exposed unemployment and the failure of the education system. 

BJP MP’s Skilmar Modi states that Group D requires one exam and not two exams.  AAP MP Sanjay Singh says students should not be treated as enemies. They were beaten with Playa Grazi and Patna.

 Parliamentary Standing Committee

 The duration of the Standing Committee meeting has been significantly increased: Chair

 The procedure for large Yasaba begins


 Chairman of  Rajya Sabha M Venkai Arnaidu told lawmakers Wednesday that it should encourage the House of Representatives to function smoothly during an ongoing budget session and act in a manner consistent with public confidence in India’s parliamentary democracy. According to Naidu, in this historic year, the country’s 5,000 parliamentarians, MLA and MLC, need to settle to benefit people by promoting unremitting democracy for the past 70 years.

Naidu said shortly after listing the listed papers, “The only way to accomplish this is for us to act (5,000) in a manner that reflects public confidence in parliamentary democracy.” He described the housing turmoil during the last two sessions as very disturbing. He noted that Rajasaba lost 52.10% of his valuable seating time due to the turmoil and forced transfers during the last winter session. During the monsoon season before last year, home function time losses were up to 70.40%. 

The budget session started on January 31st. For the first two days, the House of Representatives worked easily and negotiations were postponed after economic reports and a federal budget were decided. The House of Representatives is now set to begin to thank the President’s speech and budget debate. Earlier that day, Haus kept silent as a sign of homage to the deaths of South Africa’s Honorary Archbishop Desmond  Tutu and earlier this month, President David Sassoli of the European Parliament.

 Mr Tutu died on December 26 at the age of 90. Tutu was the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize. An award of the Gandhi Peace Prize was presented in 2005 in recognition of his valuable contribution towards social and political change in South Africa, contributing to world peace.  Sadly, Sassoli passed away on January 11, 2011. The House extends its condolences to the families of Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Mpilo Tutu and to His Excellency David Sassoli, who died earlier today, along with the Government and people of South Africa and the European Parliament,” the Chairman said.

Additionally, Members of the House observed a minute of silence in memory of those who lost their lives in the floods in Malaysia in December and the underwater eruption near the Tongan capital of Nuku’alofa in January.  As part of the social distancing norms, Mr Naidu urged the members to behave appropriately during this time.

edited and proofread by nikita sharma

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