In Noida, the nation’s 1st ever vedic theme park opens, Happiness among locals.

In Noida, the nation’s first ever vedic theme park opens


Noida, a city in India, is now home to the country’s first Vedic theme park, offering a unique blend of culture, entertainment, and natural tranquilly. Vandana Srivastava, an official from the Noida Authority, has revealed that the park has been developed on land that was previously utilised as a dump yard. Extensive efforts were made to transform the area into a picturesque park for visitors to enjoy.

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The transformation process involved various steps to ensure the park’s success. Initially, the soil in the area underwent compaction to provide a solid foundation for the park’s development. The compaction process aimed to create a stable ground that would support the structures and amenities within the park.

Furthermore, the soil was carefully loosened to enhance its quality, ensuring a healthy environment for the plants. This meticulous preparation allowed for the growth of more than 50,000 plants that are mentioned in Vedic literature. These plants, drawn from ancient texts, contribute to the park’s Vedic theme and create a serene atmosphere where visitors can immerse themselves in the country’s rich heritage.

The construction project of this remarkable theme park has incurred an expenditure of INR 27 crore. This investment demonstrates the commitment to creating a space that showcases the essence of the four Vedas: the Rig Veda, the Atharva Veda, the Yajur Veda, and the Sama Veda. Visitors can expect to explore excerpts from these sacred texts, further enriching their experience at the park.

The Noida Authority is now gearing up to open the park to the public, allowing residents and visitors to engage with the historical and spiritual significance of Vedic literature. This exceptional venture offers an unprecedented opportunity to delve into the country’s ancient roots while relishing the beauty and tranquilly of nature.
As the park opens its doors, individuals can look forward to an enchanting journey through time, where they can witness the fusion of ancient wisdom and modern entertainment. Whether one seeks to explore the depths of Vedic philosophy or simply wishes to indulge in the serene ambience, this Vedic theme park promises to captivate and inspire all who visit.

India's First Vedic Themed Park Opens In Noida

“Seven zones, including Kashyap, Bharadwaj, Gautam, Atri, Vasishtha, Vishvamitra, and Agastya, will be designated inside the park. Regarding the Vedic park’s zoning, Srivastava added that information on Indian sages and sacred texts would be shown.

A Vedic-themed laser show will also be held in the park for the enjoyment of the general public, and Vedic sceneries have also been painted on the park’s walls. More than 50,000 plants, including neem, banyan, kalpavriksha, coconut, and other species described in Vedic literature, are also present in the park, according to the article.

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A solar-lit amphitheatre and outdoor gym have also been included to the park’s construction. According to authorities, the park will be used by those living in housing societies in sectors 74 to 79 as well as people from other adjacent communities.

According to Vandana Srivastava of the Noida Authority, the newly established Vedic theme park in Noida is set to offer a unique experience divided into seven distinct zones, each named after renowned sages from the Vedic age. These zones, including Kashyap, Bharadwaj, Gautam, Atri, Vasishtha, Vishvamitra, and Agastya, will provide visitors with an opportunity to learn about and connect with the spiritual and cultural heritage of ancient India and Noida.

Information panels showcasing details about the Indian sages and the holy scriptures will be prominently displayed throughout the park.

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To enhance the immersive experience, the park has been adorned with elaborate murals depicting scenes from the Vedic era. These artistic portrayals serve to transport visitors back in time, offering glimpses into the lives and teachings of the sages that shaped the Vedic age.

Adding to the grandeur, the park will feature a mesmerising Vedic-themed laser display. This captivating spectacle is sure to enthral and entertain visitors, combining the mysticism of the Vedic age with modern technology and visual effects.

The Vedic theme park boasts an impressive collection of over 50,000 plants, carefully curated to include various species mentioned in Vedic literature. Among these plants, visitors will encounter iconic trees such as neem, banyan, kalpavriksha, and coconut, evoking a sense of connection with the sacred teachings and natural elements revered in the Vedic texts.

In an effort to promote a healthy and sustainable environment, the park has incorporated several eco-friendly features. An outdoor gymnasium has been established, providing visitors with an opportunity to engage in physical exercise amidst the serene surroundings. Additionally, an amphitheatre within the park will be illuminated by solar power, exemplifying the park’s commitment to renewable energy and environmental consciousness. Noida

The Vedic theme park aims to serve not only the residents of housing societies in sectors 74 to 79 but also visitors from neighbouring communities. It aspires to be a cultural hub where people can gather, appreciates the ancient wisdom of the Vedas, and partake in various recreational activities.

With its meticulous attention to detail, the fusion of culture and nature, and commitment to sustainable practises, the Vedic theme park in Noida stands as a testament to the preservation and celebration of India’s rich heritage. It invites individuals of all ages and backgrounds to immerse themselves in the captivating world of Vedic wisdom and experience the tranquilly and grandeur that the park has to offer.

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