Yeida has initiated the undertaking of constructing the 1st Pod Taxi project in close proximity to the Noida airport, Happiness among locals.

Yeida has initiated the undertaking of constructing the Pod Taxi project in close proximity to the Noida airport.


Yeida, the Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority, has recently embarked on the ambitious endeavor of constructing a cutting-edge pod taxi link, as part of the Personal Rapid Transport (PRT) project. The estimated cost of this groundbreaking initiative amounts to a staggering ₹630 crore. The primary objective of this project is to establish seamless multimodal connectivity, connecting Jewar Airport to the proposed Film City in the vicinity of Greater Noida, situated along the renowned Yamuna Expressway.

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The scope of the project extends beyond the mere facilitation of transportation between Jewar and Greater Noida; Yeida envisions an extensive network that will enable efficient travel to key urban centers, including Delhi and Noida. To ensure the successful realization of this grand vision, Yeida has decided to award a 35-year concession period to the prospective bidder who will assume responsibility for the construction, operation, and maintenance of the Pod Taxi project.

According to the Request for Proposal (RFP) issued by Yeida, the chosen concessionaire will operate the project for a period of 33 years. At the conclusion of this concession period, the authority will assume ownership and control of the project, as it adheres to the build, operate, and transfer (BOT) model. In essence, this model entails the private player undertaking the construction and subsequent operation of the project before ultimately transferring it back to the authority.

Arun Vir Singh, the Chief Executive Officer of Yeida, expressed optimism regarding the project’s progress, stating, “We will finalize the company in the next two to three months following procedures as we have issued a tender for this project that is aimed at boosting connectivity from Noida airport to the proposed Film City project at sector 21 along Yamuna Expressway.”

The impetus behind this innovative endeavor stems from the Indian Port Rail and Ropeway Corporation Limited’s suggestion to Yeida, in March of 2023, about the successful implementation of pod taxi projects in countries such as South Korea, London, and Abu Dhabi. Encouraged by this revelation, Yeida promptly approved the bid document and the detailed project report. These crucial milestones subsequently garnered approval from the state government, paving the way for the issuance of tenders for the project.

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The implications of this groundbreaking project are multifaceted. Beyond providing efficient and time-saving transportation options for travelers, the pod taxi link will greatly enhance connectivity and accessibility, effectively bridging the gap between key economic centers and improving regional integration. Furthermore, it is expected to stimulate economic growth, attract investment, and spur the development of the proposed Film City and surrounding areas, thus establishing Greater Noida as a prominent cultural and entertainment hub.

The construction of the pod taxi link marks a significant milestone in Yeida’s ongoing efforts to establish world-class infrastructure and promote sustainable urban development. By embracing cutting-edge technology and innovative transportation solutions, Yeida aims to create a future-ready transport network that optimizes efficiency, reduces congestion, and minimizes the carbon footprint. As the project moves forward, it is anticipated that it will serve as a catalyst for further advancements in the region’s transportation sector, setting new benchmarks for urban mobility and reinforcing Yeida’s commitment to progressive, inclusive, and sustainable growth.

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In conclusion, Yeida’s initiation of the Pod Taxi project near the Noida airport heralds a new era of enhanced connectivity and convenience. With its ambitious plans for multimodal transportation and its commitment to the BOT model, Yeida seeks to revolutionize travel, bolster regional integration, and lay the foundation for a more prosperous and sustainable future. As the project gains momentum and takes shape, it is poised to become an emblem of technological progress, efficiency, and forward-thinking urban planning in the years to come.

According to the final DPR, the 12km route connecting the two mega projects in the Yeida area will have 12 stations at Film City, Rabupura village, Sector 34, junction of sectors 28 and 33, Toy Park, intersection of sectors 29 and 32 (on 100m wide road), Apparel Park, Sector 29, junction of sectors 29 and 32 (on 75m wide road), MSME Park, and Handicraft Park. According to officials, the authority hopes to complete the pod taxi project by 2024, when the first phase of the Jewar airport is expected to be operational.

According to officials, each station will have a pod taxi service with a frequency of 20 seconds, and the project is expected to see 37,000 passengers per day who will be charged ₹8 per kilometre.

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The pod taxi system presents numerous benefits for the Yeida area and its residents. Firstly, it is an innovative and eco-friendly mode of transportation that utilizes electric-powered pods. This clean energy approach will help reduce carbon emissions, contributing to a greener environment and improved air quality.

Moreover, the introduction of the pod taxi system will alleviate traffic congestion in the region. By providing an alternative transportation solution, it will reduce the dependence on private vehicles, resulting in less traffic on roads and smoother commuting experiences for individuals. Additionally, the reduced traffic load will have a positive impact on fuel consumption, further supporting the environment and reducing the overall carbon footprint.

The project’s completion alongside the first phase of the Jewar airport will have synergistic benefits. The pod taxi system will enhance connectivity between the airport and major destinations in the Yeida area, facilitating efficient and seamless travel for passengers. This integration will not only enhance the overall travel experience but also contribute to the economic growth of the region by promoting tourism and attracting investments.

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