Mayor of Ghaziabad seizes 9 trucks, accuses Delhi of dumping solid waste in Ghaziabad

Mayor of Ghaziabad confiscates 9 trucks, claiming that Delhi’s solid waste has been dumped in Ghaziabad


Ghaziabad Mayor Sunita Dayal took swift action in response to a credible tipoff concerning the alleged dumping of daily solid waste from Delhi into Ghaziabad’s municipal corporation’s waste processing facility in Morta. On Friday, Mayor Sunita Dayal spearheaded an inspection and seized a total of nine trucks, purportedly laden with solid waste believed to have originated from Delhi.

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The mayor’s decisive response came after receiving information about the illicit disposal of Delhi’s waste in Ghaziabad. Acting promptly on this tipoff, Mayor Sunita Dayal personally led the inspection, determined to verify the claims and ensure the proper handling of waste management in her jurisdiction.

Recognising the gravity of the situation, Nitin Gaur, the municipal commissioner, has ordered a thorough investigation into the matter. To conduct this inquiry, an additional municipal commissioner has been entrusted with the task, and they are expected to deliver a comprehensive report within two days. This step highlights the seriousness with which the authorities are approaching the issue, aiming to uncover the truth and take appropriate measures.

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In light of the truck seizure, two officials from the Ghaziabad municipal corporation have been served show-cause notices. These notices serve as a means to demand an explanation from the officials regarding their potential involvement or negligence in allowing the transportation and dumping of the waste.

The mayor’s proactive actions, coupled with the ongoing investigation, underscore the commitment of the Ghaziabad municipal authorities to address the issue of waste management diligently. They are determined to maintain the cleanliness and environmental integrity of the city while also holding those responsible accountable for their actions.

Contradicting the claims made by Ghaziabad Mayor Sunita Dayal, Ankit Agarwal, the CEO of waste processing company Geron Engineering, has provided an alternative explanation for the seized trucks. According to Agarwal, the trucks were transporting refuse-derived fuel (RDF) from Delhi’s landfills to their private plant located in Bahadarpur, Ghaziabad, and were not destined for Morta, as alleged by the mayor.

Mayor Dayal intercepted the trucks on Friday, asserting that they displayed markings indicating affiliation with the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD). The trucks were stopped between Nandgram and Pipeline Road and subsequently handed over to the police. As a result, three of the seized trucks were taken to the Nandgram police station.

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Mayor Dayal, acting on the information received about waste dumping from Delhi, personally investigated the matter and halted nine trucks in Ghaziabad. She has announced plans to file a First Information Report (FIR) against three specific trucks, with further action against the remaining six trucks scheduled for the following day. Mayor Dayal also notified higher authorities at the state level regarding these activities. She expressed concerns about the alleged complicity of municipal staff and officials, as such activities would not be possible without their involvement.

Ghaziabad, as a city, generates approximately 1,400 metric tonnes of solid waste daily, which is currently processed at a temporary site in Morta. Mayor Dayal pointed out that the waste processing at the Morta site is not entirely effective, resulting in a significant accumulation of garbage. Furthermore, she claimed that the assigned waste processing company in Morta is handling waste from Delhi. Mayor Dayal emphasised her commitment to preventing an increase in the city’s waste burden due to waste transportation from Delhi and voiced her determination to tackle the issue.

In summary, Ankit Agarwal, the CEO of Geron Engineering, has refuted the allegations made by Mayor Sunita Dayal, asserting that the seized trucks were carrying refuse-derived fuel (RDF) to their private plant in Bahadarpur. Meanwhile, Mayor Dayal remains steadfast in her belief that the trucks were involved in the unauthorised dumping of Delhi’s waste in Ghaziabad, and she intends to pursue legal action against the responsible parties.

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Mayor Dayal expressed concerns over the inadequate processing of waste, leading to a substantial accumulation of garbage at the Morta site. She emphasised that the company responsible for waste processing in Morta was handling waste from Delhi, exacerbating the existing challenges. Mayor Dayal firmly stated her determination to prevent further waste influx from Delhi, as she believes it would worsen the situation in Ghaziabad.

Municipal Commissioner Nitin Gaur responded to the issue by initiating an inquiry into the matter. He also issued show-cause notices to an additional municipal commissioner and the city health officer, seeking explanations regarding their involvement or negligence in the alleged waste dumping.

Contrary to the claims made by Mayor Dayal, Ankit Agarwal, CEO of Geron Engineering, refuted the notion that solid waste from Delhi was being processed at the Morta site. Agarwal clarified that the trucks were transporting refuse-derived fuel (RDF) from Delhi to his private waste-to-energy plant in Bahadarpur, Ghaziabad. He further asserted his right to bring in raw materials from any part of the country, adhering to the appropriate norms and regulations. Agarwal clarified that the trucks were never destined for Morta but rather for his private plant in Bahadarpur. He emphasised that his waste-to-energy plant was being constructed by a separate group company unaffiliated with the municipal corporation.

As of now, there has been no response from the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) regarding the issue at hand. The matter remains unresolved and awaits further clarification from the concerned authorities.

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