MCG is looking for 10 recommendations to enhance Gurugram’s street vending system. Surprising

MCG is looking for recommendations to enhance Gurugram’s street vending system.

Officials have been receiving numerous complaints about unorganised street vendors encroaching upon roads, causing traffic congestion in various locations. In response, officials have invited suggestions from Resident Welfare Association (RWA) representatives and residents to improve the street vending system. They can submit their ideas via email to [email protected] or through WhatsApp on 9821395248, according to officials.

The Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) Commissioner, PC Meena, expressed the intention to enhance the concept of street vending. The goal is to develop and maintain the infrastructure of street vending zones, creating a safe and conducive environment for both vendors and customers. This includes ensuring clean and hygienic facilities, implementing effective waste management systems, providing adequate lighting, and arranging seating facilities for visitors, Meena explained.

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During a recent review meeting, Meena instructed concerned officers to take the necessary steps to improve the street vending system. He urged residents and RWAs to share their suggestions, requesting details about the condition of vending spots and a list of illegal vendors. Meena emphasised the importance of timely action and urged residents to submit their feedback within the next 10 days.

Many RWAs and residents have expressed dissatisfaction with the current street vending mechanism and are seeking intervention from the MCG. Kusum Sharma, the chairperson of the Suncity Township RWA, highlighted that areas designated for food stalls by the MCG have been encroached upon by vendors. They have encroached upon green belts and footpaths, in addition to littering garbage on the roads. Sharma’s concerns are representative of the frustration felt by many residents who are dealing with the consequences of unchecked encroachment and inadequate waste management.

Puneet Pahwa, the general secretary of Sector 45 RWA, pointed out that illegal vendors have taken over the area from all sides, making it difficult for residents to enter or exit Sector 45. Despite raising the issue with the civic body and the Chief Minister’s Office, little action has been taken to address the problem. Pahwa’s statement highlights the urgent need for effective measures to tackle the issue of encroachment and restore ease of movement for residents.

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The concerns raised by the RWAs and residents indicate a broader problem with the street vending system in Gurugram. Unregulated and unauthorised vending has led to congestion on the roads, compromising traffic flow and causing inconvenience to commuters. The encroachment on green belts and footpaths not only disrupts the aesthetics of the city but also poses safety hazards.

The MCG’s initiative to seek suggestions from the public demonstrates a proactive approach to addressing the issue. By involving RWAs and residents, the authorities hope to gain valuable insights and practical solutions to improve the street vending system. The focus is not just on eliminating unauthorised vending but also on developing a comprehensive framework that supports legitimate vendors while ensuring the convenience and safety of the general public.

To achieve these goals, the MCG needs to take decisive action. This includes conducting thorough surveys to identify and address areas of encroachment, collaborating with law enforcement agencies to enforce regulations, and implementing effective waste management systems. Additionally, educating both vendors and customers about responsible vending practices and proper disposal of waste is essential.

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The provision of clean and hygienic facilities for vendors and customers is crucial for fostering a conducive environment. Adequate lighting and seating arrangements contribute to the overall experience and encourage the public to utilise street vending zones. By investing in the infrastructure of these zones, the MCG can promote a vibrant street vending culture while addressing the concerns raised by residents and RWAs.

Furthermore, streamlining the licencing and registration process for vendors can help differentiate legitimate vendors from those operating illegally. The introduction of a transparent and efficient mechanism will not only regulate street vending but also protect the rights of vendors who abide by the rules.

Collaboration between the MCG, residents, RWAs, and local businesses is essential to finding sustainable solutions. Regular dialogue and feedback channels should be established to address ongoing issues and ensure continuous improvement of the street vending system. The MCG should also consider the economic and social impact of street vending, as it provides livelihood opportunities for many individuals and contributes to the local economy.

In conclusion, the surge in complaints about unorganised street vendors encroaching upon roads and causing traffic congestion in Gurugram necessitates immediate action. The MCG’s invitation for suggestions from residents and RWAs is a step in the right direction, allowing the public to actively participate in shaping a better street vending system. By addressing concerns related to encroachment, waste management, and infrastructure development, the MCG can create a well-regulated and thriving street vending culture that benefits both vendors and the general public.

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The Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) has taken steps to address the issue of street vendors encroaching upon city roads. In September 2022, a dedicated team of 20 members was formed to relocate these vendors to a designated site. This initiative aims to alleviate the problems caused by the reckless parking of food carts and the subsequent open dumping of waste by vendors. To streamline street vending, the MCG had earlier established 148 street vending zones, and in June 2022, an additional 132 zones were added. The town vending committee, formed in January, plays a crucial role in regulating and managing street vending activities in the city.

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