2 are detained in Gurugram for a PF fraud. Success

Two are detained in Gurugram for a PF fraud.

The Gurugram Cyber Police recently made significant progress in a case involving the fraudulent withdrawal of Rs 1.60 lakh from a person’s Provident Fund (PF) account. Two individuals, identified as Shailender (25) and Surender (28), were arrested for their alleged involvement in the crime. The accused were produced before a city court, with one being sent to judicial custody and the other on police remand.

The incident dates back to last year when a complaint was filed by an employee of a private company. The complainant reported that an unidentified individual had fraudulently withdrawn Rs 1.60 lakh from their PF account. The fraudulent withdrawal took place between February and March, and the suspect had linked a fake bank account to the PF website to carry out the transaction. The police investigation revealed that the fake account was opened using an edited Aadhar card belonging to the accused, Surender.

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The case was subsequently handed over to the Gurugram Cyber Police, which specialises in investigating and resolving cybercrimes. The Cyber Police unit is equipped with skilled personnel who employ various techniques and tools to track and apprehend cybercriminals.

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Upon receiving the case, the Cyber Police Gurugram initiated a thorough investigation. They began by collecting evidence, including the complainant’s statement and relevant documents about the fraudulent withdrawal. The police also sought technical assistance to trace the IP addresses and digital footprints associated with the fake bank account and the fraudulent transaction.

Through meticulous analysis and data examination, the Cyber Police Gurugram were able to trace the transactions and track down the individuals responsible for the crime. The investigation revealed the involvement of Shailender and Surender, who were subsequently apprehended by the police.

During the interrogation, Shailender confessed to his role as the main perpetrator behind the fraudulent withdrawal. He admitted to linking the fake bank account to the PF website and making the unauthorized transaction. The accused also disclosed that the fake account was opened using the edited Aadhar card of his accomplice, Surender.

Following the arrest, the accused were produced before a city court. One of them was remanded to judicial custody, while the other was placed under police remand. The court proceedings allowed the police to gather further information and evidence regarding the case. The police remand provided an opportunity to extract additional details from the accused, which could help in uncovering any potential accomplices or the modus operandi of the fraud.

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This incident serves as a reminder of the significance of continuing robust security procedures to safeguard private information. People must use caution when disclosing sensitive information online and keep a close eye on their financial accounts for any unusual activity. Employers must tighten the security measures in place to stop unauthorised access to accounts and give priority to protecting the privacy of their employees’ personal information.

This case serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining strong security measures to protect personal and financial information. It is crucial for individuals to exercise caution while sharing sensitive details online and to regularly monitor their financial accounts for any suspicious activity. Employers should also prioritise the security of their employees’ personal information and strengthen the safeguards in place to prevent unauthorised access to accounts.

The effective conclusion of this case by the Gurugram Cyber Police sends a clear message to potential hackers that their actions will not go unpunished. The arrest and ensuing legal processes show how committed law enforcement organisations are to defending the rights of citizens and preserving the integrity of online transactions.

According to the complaint, an FIR has been lodged at the Cyber Crime Department of the West police station Gurugram. As a result, significant progress has been made in the case, including the recovery of a mobile phone that was utilised during the commission of the crime. Surender, one of the accused individuals, has been arrested and subsequently sent to jail. The investigation is currently ongoing, with the authorities actively questioning the other accused party, Shailender. Varun Dahiya, the Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Gurugram in charge of the criminal division, provided this update.

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The registered FIR marks a crucial step in addressing the reported incident, enabling law enforcement agencies to initiate appropriate legal proceedings. The recovery of the mobile phone is a significant development, as it may potentially provide valuable evidence and shed light on the nature of the crime. The defendant’s arrest and subsequent imprisonment indicate swift action taken by the authorities to ensure accountability for the alleged offence.

The fact that Shailender is still being questioned shows how committed the investigating team is to fully looking into every facet of the case. This procedure tries to obtain further data, support the evidence, and create a thorough knowledge of the circumstances behind the complaint.

Varun Dahiya, the ACP criminal Gurugram, has taken charge of overseeing the progress of this investigation. His role is pivotal in coordinating efforts, ensuring proper adherence to legal procedures, and ensuring that justice is served. As the investigation progresses, further updates are anticipated, reflecting the relentless pursuit of the truth and the upholding of law and order in the jurisdiction.

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