Officials from Noida assault and destroy unlawful apartments in high-rise buildings.

Officials from Noida assault and destroy unlawful apartments in high-rise buildings.

The Noida authority’s anti-encroachment squad reportedly faced a violent attack while carrying out a demolition drive at the Antriksh Golf View Society in Sector 78 of Gautam Budh Nagar. The incident occurred on Friday and is currently under investigation by the police.

The demolition drive was initiated by the Noida authority to dismantle illegally constructed residential flats within the Antriksh Golf View Society. Prior to the drive, the authority had issued notices to the builder, highlighting the illegal construction and requesting the residents occupying those flats to vacate the premises.

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Ritu Maheshwari, the chief executive officer (CEO) of the Noida authority, explained that warnings and notices had been served to the builder regarding the unauthorised construction. The authority had also given instructions to demolish the illegal structures. However, the builder ignored the orders, prompting the demolition to take place on Friday. Unfortunately, during the operation, a group of individuals engaged in a heated argument with the authority workers and attempted to obstruct their work.

Taking this incident seriously, Maheshwari emphasised that legal action would be taken against the perpetrators, and a case has already been registered in this regard.

The Antriksh Golf View Society had been a subject of concern for the Noida authority due to the unauthorised construction carried out by the builder. The authority had taken a strong stance against such encroachments to maintain the integrity of the city’s urban planning and ensure the safety and well-being of its residents.

The demolition drive aimed to rectify the violation of building regulations and eliminate structures that had been constructed without the necessary approvals and permissions. Encroachments and illegal construction not only pose a threat to public safety but also disrupt the planned development of the city. Authorities have been proactively addressing such issues to maintain the urban landscape’s orderliness.

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However, the violent incident during the demolition drive highlighted the challenges faced by the Noida authority and its anti-encroachment squad. It demonstrated the resistance encountered while carrying out lawful actions against illegal construction. The attack on the authority officials not only hindered their work but also posed a risk to their safety.

Following the assault, the police initiated an investigation to identify and apprehend the individuals responsible for the attack. The authorities are determined to ensure that those involved face legal consequences for their actions. Such incidents are taken seriously as they undermine the rule of law and create an atmosphere of fear and disorder.
Instances like these call for enhanced security measures and support for the personnel engaged in carrying out anti-encroachment drives. The safety of officials should be a top priority, and measures should be implemented to protect them from any potential harm while performing their duties.

The incident also highlights the need for a collaborative approach between the Noida authority, builders, and residents to address the issue of illegal construction. Strict adherence to building regulations and obtaining necessary approvals should be emphasised to prevent such situations from arising. Timely action by the authority in identifying and addressing encroachments can help maintain a harmonious living environment for all residents.

The Noida authority’s commitment to taking legal action against the offenders reflects its determination to uphold the law and ensure that unauthorised constructions are dealt with appropriately. Efforts to educate the public about the consequences of engaging in illegal construction activities can contribute to raising awareness and preventing such incidents in the future.

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In conclusion, the violent attack on the Noida authority’s anti-encroachment squad during a demolition drive at the Antriksh Golf View Society highlights the challenges faced by authorities in addressing illegal constructions. The incident underscores the need for a comprehensive approach involving strict adherence to building regulations, cooperation between builders and residents, enhanced security measures for officials, and public awareness campaigns. By addressing these aspects, it is possible to curb illegal construction and maintain the planned development of the city while ensuring the safety and well-being of its residents.

Jitendra Singh, the Station House Officer of Sector 113 police station, addressed a recent incident involving the demolition of houses in the area. Singh explained that notices had been served to residents regarding their establishments. Some residents, however, had obtained stay orders from the court, preventing the demolition of their houses. On Friday, the authorities proceeded with the demolition of four to five houses that had failed to secure a stay order. Unfortunately, during the process, a scuffle broke out between the authority workers and a few residents.

The altercation occurred when a section of a house with a stay order was accidentally damaged by a JCB machine. In response to a complaint, a case has been registered under Section 186 of the Indian Penal Code, which pertains to obstructing a public servant in the discharge of their duties. Currently, an investigation is underway to address the matter.

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Anant Agarwal, a resident of Antriksh Golf View, expressed his support for the authorities’ actions. He acknowledged that flats were being constructed in violation of guidelines, enabling builders to profit from illegal construction. The prevalence of such unauthorised construction was a major concern, and Agarwal commended the authorities for finally taking notice of the issue.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that last year, the builders were also accused of engaging in illegal construction at Golf View 2. As a result, the Noida authority cancelled the housing society’s occupancy certificate. This incident further highlights the repeated misconduct of the builders and the urgent need for intervention to prevent the proliferation of illegal construction in the area.

In conclusion, the Sector 113 police station has registered a case following a scuffle between authority workers and residents during the demolition of houses. The incident occurred after some residents obtained stay orders while others failed to secure them. The demolition was carried out to address illegal construction that was profiting builders. The support from residents like Anant Agarwal demonstrates the community’s recognition of the need to curb such unauthorised activities.

The previous incident at Golf View 2 Noida serves as a reminder of the builders’ repeated involvement in illegal construction, prompting the cancellation of the occupancy certificate. The ongoing investigation will shed further light on the situation and determine appropriate actions.

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