The NDRF rescues 33 persons from a flooded area in Ghaziabad’s Loni. Alarming

The NDRF rescues 33 persons from a flooded area in Ghaziabad’s Loni.

In a late Sunday night operation, the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) took decisive action to rescue 33 individuals who were trapped in the heavily waterlogged Daulat Nagar area of Troinca City in Ghaziabad‘s Loni. The persistent heavy rainfall in the National Capital Region (NCR) since Saturday has caused severe waterlogging conditions in the region.

The rescue teams from the NDRF arrived in Loni by 8 p.m. on Sunday and tirelessly worked until about 1 a.m. to carry out the rescue operation. The affected area was situated in a low-lying region, with waterlogging reaching depths of 8–12 feet. To navigate through these challenging conditions, the NDRF personnel utilised two inflatable boats to access the locality and evacuate the trapped individuals. Among those rescued were 16 women, four children, and even five pets. Many residents had moved to the first floor of their homes as the water levels rose.

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The local police were alerted to the situation on Sunday evening when they received information about residents being trapped in their homes. Promptly, the police teams, accompanied by administrative officials, reached the spot and sought assistance from the NDRF. The NDRF successfully rescued and evacuated all 33 individuals from the area. Efforts were made to ensure that no one was left behind in the water. Due to the large number of houses in the low-lying area, the water had reached depths of 11–12 feet in several locations.

According to data from the India Meteorological Department regarding rainfall distribution, the Ghaziabad district received 60.5mm of rainfall between June 1 and July 10, falling short of the expected normal amount of 96.8mm. The heavy rainfall in the region since Saturday has led to severe waterlogging on roads and in residential areas. Most of the drainage systems were overflowing, resulting in the flooding of numerous houses.

Authorities from the Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation reported on Monday that several major waterlogged areas had already been drained and that the flow of water in the drains had subsided to a large extent. Efforts were underway to mitigate the effects of the heavy rainfall and alleviate the waterlogging situation in the affected areas.

In response to the recent heavy rainfall, the Corporation Area, divided into five zones, faced challenges with waterlogging due to obstructions in its drains. Mithilesh Kumar, the city health officer of the corporation, reported that the cleaning of drains had been completed. However, during this process, trees and branches fell into the drains, creating further obstacles and exacerbating the issue of waterlogging though NDRF came to rescue.

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To address the situation, the corporation swiftly mobilised its resources. Fifteen quick reaction teams of NDRF, equipped with specialised tools and equipment, were deployed to the affected areas. Additionally, 30 suction pumps and five earth-moving machines were also utilised to expedite the clearance process. These concerted efforts aimed to restore normalcy by clearing the waterlogged areas promptly.

Thanks to the corporation’s dedicated response teams, the major waterlogging has now subsided. The combined efforts of the quick reaction teams, suction pumps, and earth-moving machines successfully alleviated the immediate impact of the heavy rain. The corporation acknowledges the importance of proactive measures and the prompt deployment of resources to mitigate the consequences of such weather events.

Despite the immediate resolution of the waterlogging issue, the corporation remains vigilant and prepared for any future contingencies. Recognising the unpredictable nature of heavy rainfall, the teams remain on high alert to respond effectively should there be another spell of intense rain.

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Mithilesh Kumar assured the public that the corporation is fully geared to handle any incident that may arise. The experience gained from tackling the recent waterlogging situation has further strengthened the corporation’s ability to address similar challenges in the future. By continuously refining its strategies and enhancing its response capabilities, the corporation aims to minimise the impact of adverse weather conditions on the city and its residents.

The corporation’s commitment to maintaining the cleanliness and functionality of drains is crucial to preventing waterlogging. With 74 major drains, 255 mid-size drains, and 175 small drains spread across the five zones, it is an ongoing task to ensure their efficient operation. Regular maintenance and cleaning operations are essential to prevent blockages and obstructions that can lead to waterlogging.

NDRF Efforts to educate the public about the importance of maintaining the cleanliness of drains and refraining from disposing of waste irresponsibly are also underway. Such initiatives aim to create awareness and encourage residents to actively participate in keeping the drains clear and functioning optimally.

The corporation’s city health officer expressed gratitude to the dedicated teams involved in the clearance operations. Their tireless efforts, coupled with the efficient deployment of resources, played a pivotal role in resolving the waterlogging issues. Furthermore, the officer expressed appreciation for the public’s patience and cooperation during this challenging period.

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In conclusion, the recent waterlogging incidents in the Corporation Area prompted swift action from the local authorities. By mobilising quick reaction teams, suction pumps, and earth-moving machines, the corporation successfully cleared the waterlogged areas. While the major waterlogging has subsided, the corporation remains vigilant and prepared to tackle any future contingencies that may arise due to heavy rainfall. The corporation recognises the importance of regular maintenance and public awareness in preventing waterlogging and ensuring the efficient operation of the extensive drainage system throughout the city.

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