Thrashed, clothing ripped: Ghaziabad pub bouncers arrested for abusing 3 ladies. Shocking

Thrashed, clothing ripped: Ghaziabad pub bouncers arrested for abusing 3 ladies.

In a disturbing incident, the Ghaziabad police have registered a case against the staff and five bouncers of a pub for allegedly assaulting three women and tearing their clothes during a fight that broke out over the playing of a particular song. The incident occurred around 4 a.m. when a dispute erupted between the victims and the pub staff over the selection of a favourite song.

According to one of the victims, when they attempted to defend themselves and escape from the attack, their clothes were torn. The victims claim that they were brutally beaten with sticks and rods by the bouncers. This horrifying ordeal was reported by one of the victims in her complaint to the police.

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Following the complaint, the Ghaziabad police have initiated an investigation and are currently searching for the accused individuals involved in the incident. The complainant also alleged that she repeatedly called the police for help, but they arrived at the scene half an hour later, by which time the bouncers had already fled.
The complainant further stated that when her brothers arrived to rescue them, they too were subjected to assault by the bouncers. The brothers suffered serious injuries, including fractures in their hands and ribs.

One of the victims, identified as Shabnam, narrated in her police complaint that she and her two brothers, along with two friends, visited a restaurant and lounge named “Thrust of Drunks” (TOD) located in D Mall, Ghaziabad’s Indirapuram. During their visit, Shabnam requested that the DJ at the pub play a song of their choice.

However, the DJ demanded a payment of Rs. 500 to play the requested songs. Despite paying Rs 1,500, the DJ refused to play the songs that were requested, leading to a heated argument. The situation escalated when the pub’s bouncers and staff intervened and allegedly assaulted the woman.

Shabnam’s brothers tried to protect their sister, but they too were subjected to severe beatings, resulting in one of the brothers fracturing his hand.
Based on the victim’s complaint, the police have registered a First Information Report (FIR) against the accused individuals under sections 323 (assault) and 506 (criminal intimidation) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). In addition, another FIR has been registered against the pub for allowing the DJ to play loud music late into the night. The police have seized the DJ equipment, including mixers and speakers, as part of their investigation.

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The incident has caused shock and outrage, highlighting the importance of ensuring the safety and security of individuals, particularly women, in public spaces. It raises concerns about the behaviour and conduct of bouncers and the need for effective monitoring and regulation of such establishments.

The authorities must conduct a thorough investigation into the matter, ensuring that the accused individuals are apprehended and brought to justice. It is essential to send a strong message that such acts of violence and harassment will not be tolerated in society.

The incident at the Ghaziabad pub highlights the urgent need for comprehensive training programmes aimed at bouncers and staff members in pubs and similar establishments. These programmes should focus on equipping them with the necessary skills in conflict resolution, customer service, and appropriate behaviour towards customers. By providing such training, we can enhance their ability to effectively handle difficult situations and ensure the safety and well-being of patrons.

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In addition to training, it is crucial to enforce strict adherence to laws and regulations. Guidelines related to noise pollution and operational timing must be diligently followed to prevent future incidents of this nature. By doing so, we can create an environment that is conducive to the well-being of both customers and the surrounding community.

However, addressing this issue requires more than just institutional measures. It necessitates a collective effort from society as a whole. We must work towards creating an environment where individuals feel safe and secure, free from any form of violence or harassment. This requires fostering a culture of respect, empathy, and equality where the rights and dignity of every individual are upheld.

To achieve this, authorities, law enforcement agencies, and citizens must come together and take collective action. Legal measures are important, but they should be accompanied by efforts to promote awareness, education, and cultural change. Society should engage in open discussions about these issues, raising awareness about the importance of respectful behaviour and the consequences of violence and harassment.

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Moreover, we need to educate individuals about their rights and empower them to speak up against any form of mistreatment. By encouraging a sense of responsibility and accountability among all members of society, we can create an environment where such incidents are less likely to occur.

Ultimately, the incident at the Ghaziabad pub serves as a sombre reminder of the challenges we still face in building a safe and inclusive society. By prioritising training, enforcing regulations, and fostering a culture of respect, empathy, and equality, we can take significant steps towards preventing similar incidents in the future. It is only through collective action and a commitment to change that we can create a society where everyone can live without fear of violence or harassment.

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