In the case of “mistaken identity”, at least 10 killed

A case of ‘mistaken identity’ cost the lives of ten people in Nagaland, among the ten, a soldier also got killed during the clash with the villagers. This incident has made the local people angry as around 10 civilians were killed in a village named Oting in Nagaland. 

During the operation in the Tiru region, ten civilians were killed and the security forces called it a case of mistaken identity, but some innocent people lost their lives in all these situations.

The number of dead people can be more but till now ten has been reported and the government has released that, for the proper investigation a court of inquiry has been set up and according to Home Minister of Nagaland and Deputy Chief Minister, Y Patton, he can not reach to any conclusion until and unless he inspects the locations and all the proofs regarding the mistaken identity case. 


According to some unofficial reports, 13 deaths have been reported but, officials are still waiting for confirmation. The specific operation was planned based on the specific intelligence on the movements of insurgents, and that was conducted in the region of Tiru and it was said that the incidents are very sad to hear and are regretted, without even knowing and getting into the details by the Assam Rifles.

Also, it added that the inquiry for the unfortunate loss of lives will take place by the court and will be properly investigated. During this operation, the security forces have also suffered severe injuries and one of those soldiers died due to more severe injuries. 

At least 13 civilians shot dead by Indian army in case of 'mistaken  identity' in Nagaland

Amit Shah, the Union Home Minister has given the assurance of justice to the families of those who died during the operation and expressed his condolences towards them.

Meanwhile, according to the locals, the army misunderstood the victims and believed them to be the members of the Yung Aung faction of outfit NSC (K). Few boys were returning to their home after work in the evening, and at that time the security personnel fired upon them, when they were in their vehicle, they died on the spot.

The security was into the operation as they received some inputs about the movement of the militants of the Yung Aung group. The security forces said that they received the inputs and the force was waiting for the bolero car and as it was already dark, as they spotted a bolero car, they started firing, six people were shot dead in the car, and two were reported to be injured.

As soon as the security forces realized their error, they took the two injured locals for medical treatment at the nearest place possible.

Nagaland killings: At least 11 civilians gunned down by security forces;  army says 1 jawan dead, several injured 

After this incident, the security personals were surrounded by the local villagers. To provide more brief detail the Army and Nagaland Police are going to conduct a joint press conference in Kohima.

After the incident took place, the internet was suspended in the district on Saturday until any further orders, and the situation in the village is still tense. This matter will be taken in a very sensitive way as the civilians were killed and till now nothing as such is been cleared by the government.

The incident can result in more anger toward the people belonging to Nagaland and can also affect the Indo-Naga peace talks, and, it is a fresh wound for the civilians as they still remember the happenings in the 50s and 60s, which will act as salt in the wound.

Naga people still do not believe that they are a part of India due to many reasons and, if these kinds of activities are still in action in the future also they will not be able to accept that they are Indians and this mistake of the military persons are deeply regretted.

edited and proofread by nikita sharma

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