Is NCB planting against SRK’s son, Aryan Khan?

Aryan Khan, son of Shah Rukh Khan was arrested on October 3 by Narcotics Control Bureau after the agency conducted the cruise raid on October 2. The arrest was made based on possession of banned drugs. Aryan Khan was sent to judicial custody for 14 days but the question is why the case seems like NCB is planting things against Aryan Khan. 

According to the reports, there were approx. 1000 people in the rave party on the cruise on October 2 and the raid was conducted by a team of 22 members. The team completed the raid in approx. 1 hour but is it possible for 22 people to check 1000 people in that time, even if they check each individual will take half an hour for one person so in total the team of 22 members must have taken a minimum of 8 hours to complete the raid but the actual time is something different and that turns out to be suspicious. 

Aryan Khan with 16 arrested in Mumbai cruise case so far - video Dailymotion

In the entire raid, was it something like only Aryan Khan and his friends were present in the rave party, there were many others so why after the raid the cruise was allowed to leave and others were allowed to continue the rave party. The NCB could have taken the cruise under themselves for further investigation but no such thing happened they just targeted the son of Shah Rukh Khan, Aryan Khan, and a few of his friends. 

Meanwhile, the entry pass for the rave party has been told as Rs 1 Lakh per person, the son of Shah Rukh Khan can afford this amount but still, he was invited by the host as a VIP guest but what about the NCB team, there were 22 members in the team, did they pay Rs 22 lakhs to enter the rave party, if they paid it so they invested Rs 22 lakh of the taxpayers into this raid which was not even conducted properly in respect to the time or anything. Can we assume that the NCB just went to raid the rave party just because the son of King Khan who rules Bollywood and is a high-profile person was present at the party? 

Aryan Khan Drug Case: NCB's Sameer Wankhede reveals links to dark web and  Bitcoin unearthed | PINKVILLA

The director of the Narcotics Control Bureau, Sameer Wankhede said that they did not found any kind of drugs from Aryan Khan, so in what context they arrested him just because the drugs were recovered from Aryan’s friend. While investigating Aryan Khan accepted that he consumed drugs but not in India but in the foreign countries where he used to study earlier, so does NCB has the right to arrest him on this basis or NCB can arrest anyone who consumed drugs earlier, if yes then other actors like Ranbir Kapoor, Kangana Ranaut and many more should also be arrested, as they said this in front of media that at some time they consumed drugs due to mental pressure or some different reason. 

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Other than that talking about Sameer Wankhede, he does not have a good profile in his work tenure, even his wife Kranti Redkar is a Marathi actress who was accused of spot-fixing in IPL in 2013, it is the same time when the player S Sreesanth was booked for spot-fixing but later it was termed that it was a case of mistaken identity. But isn’t this suspicious that at one place Sameer Wankhede is digging into the Bollywood high profile actors and on the other hand his wife is making it in showbiz? 

The case seems like NCB already had the information about the presence of Aryan Khan, and NCB planted the drugs just to obtain the money from Shah Rukh Khan and the things are raids were fake.

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