Ripudaman Singh Malik, suspected of bombing the 1985 Air India was shot dead in Canada

Ripudaman Singh Malik, suspected of bombing the 1985 Air India was shot dead in Canada

Ripudaman Singh Malik, a Canadian-based Seek businessman suspected of bombing the 1985 Air India Kanishka, acquitted in 2005, was shot dead outside his office  Thursday morning. Before being acquitted by a Canadian court, Malik funded those who planned to bomb Air India’s flight and claimed that 329 had died in prison for more than four years from 2000 to 2004 and was sentenced to.

In the early ’70s, Vancouver-born Malik cared around 9 am local time when an attacker sent him a bullet in a parking lot in front of his own-branded Papillon warehouse in Sally, Canada. I was about to get off.

 He travelled daily from Vancouver to his office. According to sources who visited the scene shortly after Malik was attacked, the shooter’s face was completely covered and he had weapons in his hands. Later, a burning car has witnessed some distance from the crime scene in front of this office.  In January, Malik thanked the Prime Minister for the steps taken for the Sikhs.

 Malik wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in January of this year, just before the Punjab general election, praising her for reaching out to the Sikh community. “Not only the people of the country but also the Sikh sangatte of other countries, are grateful for the steps that Modi Ji took for the Sikhs,” he wrote. At the same time, he appealed to the Sikh community, arguing that it was not correct to unfairly criticize Prime Minister Modi given his many positive gestures towards the Sikh community.

This letter was posted by Punjab BJP on the Facebook page of his office with a picture of Malik. Malik had also explained in a separate appeal to the Sikh community that unfairly criticizing the PM would be wrong given his many positive gestures towards the Sikh community, and that, instead of criticizing, the Sikh community should be appreciative and engage meaningfully with the Government of India under his leadership.

In a tweet on Thursday night, BJP national spokesperson R P Singh suggested he may have been targeted by radicals with regard to his appreciation of steps taken by his government on behalf of Sikhs.

Ripudaman Singh Malik

 Malik had visited India only a few weeks back in May-June. According to Manjit Singh GK, former president and CEO of the Delhi Gurdwara Management Committee, Malik returned to Canada on June 6-7 last after spending over a week in India. Throughout his life, he has served the community, and his latest and most pressing concern was to make Guru Granth Sahib Birs available to Sikhs living abroad.

In an interview with The Times, Paramjit Singh Sarna described his shock at the murder of Malik, saying, “The loss is irreparable.”. “Sardar Malik was a prominent member of the Khalsa community in Canada and was at the forefront of humanitarian efforts.

Malik visited India after a 25-year hiatus in November-December 2019 when the Indian government removed the “blacklist of Sikhs”. After his visit in 2019, his brother Jasjit Singh Malik told TOI  it was Ripudaman Singh Malik. It had long been his wish, really his death wish, to visit Darbar Sahib in Amritsar and when they arrived at Darbar Sahib after more than two decades, his brother’s eyes were swollen looking at the holy place.

 “He shared his wish with many people including  Sikh leaders of India to visit Canada and he would ask them for help in getting an Indian visa and said he wanted to. visited Darbar Sahib before his death. However, after the ‘blacklist’ was removed, he applied for a visa and he received it on a regular basis,” said Jasjit Singh Malik, who runs a clothing export business in Delhi, said.

 “During this visit, he visited Darbar Sahib three times because that was his strongest wish. We visited other gurdwaras, kept in touch with relatives, and visited a few other gurdwaras.” Malik was unable to visit India after 1984 until his father’s death in January 1994. “At that time, he received a visa for a year due to our father’s death and after January he went near the end of that year in 1994. “Despite being acquitted of the Air India bombing, he was denied a visa,” said the statement.

 His brother, Ripudaman Singh Malik, was acquitted of murder and conspiracy charges in 2005 in connection with the bombing. aimed at the Air India flight in 1985, shot down on Thursday morning in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, because of a plan to expose the Pakistani-backed Khalistanis In a July 20 interview? whether the matter will be investigated fairly.


 Malik is the founder of  Khalsa Credit Union and Khalsa School. He will soon find Khalsa College to which he invited Akal Takht Jathedar.  Three weeks ago,  Jathedar visited him for three days to lay the groundwork for Khalsa College. But Malik’s critics began to threaten the gherao. The visit was later cancelled.

Malik has revealed that Jatedar will not allow him to oppose India using his school or college stage, senior sources said. After the visit was cancelled due to threats from Khalistan groups, Malik spoke on SanjhaTV in a talk show with journalist Kuldip Singh, revealing that these anti-Indian elements are also Sikh enemies.

 He named Moninder Boyle and Hardeep Nijjer “bullish”. “Clearly these people were working for some foreign government agencies and had a relationship with Pakistan,” he said. Tired of her constant harassment, Malik decides to expose her in a series of interviews.  He scheduled the first such interview with Kuldip Singh on Sanjha TV on July 20th. The acclaimed PM MODI was called “HARDLY DAGADDAR”

 On January 17, Malik wrote to Prime Minister Modi a long letter praising him for taking the initiative to resolve long-standing Sikh dissatisfaction. The letter shook the anti-Indian element. On the stage of Sally’s Grunanaksik Temple, Hardipniger spoke to Malik on January 23 for over an hour, calling him “almost Dagadar”, “agent”, etc. and boycotting the congregation to Malik. I called for education and lesson.  Others who have launched a bitter campaign against Malik include journalists Moninder Boyle and Grupreto Sinsahota, who work for Satinder Pargill and Parry Duray on the Punjab channel, sources said. Said.

Flyers for Malik were also distributed in the area.  A few years ago, Malik began printing a copy of  Sri Guru Granth Sahib after obtaining written permission from the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee. The permit was later revoked.  Taking advantage of this situation, Haristani’s group raided his place where the printed version of the scriptures was stored and took all copies. 

All you need to know about the 1985 case

Ripudaman Singh Malik

 Malik is a British Columbia-based Khalistan separatist group suspected of bombing Air India 182, launching a  suitcase bomb on Air India 182 and killing 327 people when it exploded in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast. Nominated as part of. Southern Ireland. Two baggage handlers also died when another bomb exploded at Tokyo International Airport.

The bomb arrived in Tokyo on Flight 003 in Pacific Canada and was in transit to Bangkok on Flight 301 on Air India. The bombing was a retaliation for the 1984 anti-Seek Pogrom and  Operation Blue Star launched by then-Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to eliminate the Calistan terrorists hiding in the Golden Temple of Amritsar in June 1984. 

This was the most deadly terrorist attack in recent history until the September 2001 attack. In 2003, Inderjit Reyat on Vancouver Island was convicted of manslaughter in both bombings. He was a separatist and a member of the International Seek Youth Federation (ISYF), which supported the Khalistan movement.

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