4 suicide cases in Kolkata in 48 hours

4 suicide cases in Kolkata in 48 hours

Between Friday night and Sunday, four women were found dead in four different parts of the city. Police said the four appeared to have died from suicide, but treated the case as an unnatural death and interviewed the victim’s parents and friends to investigate the circumstances that led to their death. In Bandsdroni, model Pooja Sarker, 19, was found hanged in a rental apartment in Vansdroni on Sunday morning.

She claimed that a woman who was a resident of Kanchrapara had lived in her rental apartment for a year and her co-resident had quarrelled with her boyfriend on the phone on Saturday night.

Police officers said Circer did not leave her suicide note. The police officer asks her roommate and friends, including her boyfriend. A class XI student, Mamon Das, 17, was unknowingly discovered by his parents on Friday, nearly 4 km away.

They found an empty bottle of local anaesthetic. She was taken to Vidyasagar Hospital and sentenced to death on her arrival. Her relatives said her victims were eager to become a stewardess and were enrolled in the institute by paying Rs 80,000. She was not allowed to take the exam because she could not pay the remaining 3 rupees. ”

It is because of this reason that her students are depressed, which led her to take her sleeping pills in an attempt to end her life on July 10. Her parents somehow found her and were admitted to her hospital.

Her life was saved when she let her do it, “she said. Puja Kundu, 20, a second-year student at Sasna University, was unknowingly found at his home on Saturday. She was sentenced to death in the hospital.

Police are trying to find the reason for her death.  Another woman, a clerk, Debika Kundu, 30, was found hanged on Saturday in her rental apartment in Newtown. She lived alone while her 7-year-old child was sent to Bongaun.

After she found her antidepressants and sleeping pills in her home, police suspected she was suffering from depression. 

Three suicide deaths in Calcutta – an up -coming TV actor on May 12, an ambitious model on May 25, another ambitious model on May 27, and a friend of his second wife.

Veterans of the Bengali film industry were made to believe that their victims were depressed for a variety of reasons, including work anxiety and human relations issues. All three women were in their early twenties.

 Their bodies were hanged. What they all have in common is that they were born in the suburbs of the middle class and moved to the city without training to pursue their careers. According to friends and family, the last two women also had previously attempted suicide attempts.

In April, the actress left her parents and moved to a rental apartment in the Garfa district of southern Kolkata with her boyfriend Sagnik Chakraborty, who was already married and worked at a call centre.

suicide rate - Brittle lives: Editorial on the high rates of suicide -  Telegraph India

Based on the actor’s family complaints, police arrested Chakraborti and charged him with murder and financial fraud. City courts did not grant him bail on Thursday, even though his lawyer claimed that the autopsy report cited suicide as the cause of death.

An ambitious model who lived with two friends in a rental apartment in Nagel Bazaar, her second victim, left a suicide note that no one blamed, according to police officers who investigated her death.

Explained that she was suffering from a life-threatening illness. But her model friend, Diya Das, claimed in front of police and the media that the 21-year-old model was obsessed with the Jargram County Gymnastics coach she met on Facebook. 

The man told the media that the model wanted to be romantic, but they could just be friends. She said, “She has tried two suicide attempts in the past. I tried to help her overcome her depression caused by her work anxiety.

She wants to help the police.” Said. According to police, her model’s diary says she has difficulty paying the rent and monthly payments for her recently purchased cell phone.

 The third woman, who was a friend of the second victim, married a businessman last November and lived there.

The marriage was arranged by her family. The woman tried to jump off the balcony two months ago, but her husband saved her. She returned home two days ago to spend time with her parents, and she committed suicide on Friday morning.

 ” As a result of the death of her friend, she has been experiencing deep depression. She continued to talk about dying, even though she had no financial concerns. ”

Police officers involved in the three cases said the actress had gained some fame and was financially stable, while the two models had a hard time extending their careers and interrupting filming. Neither was affiliated with a reputable institution.

HT experts said they believe that failed efforts are the root of depression and blame mobile phones and social media apps as the cause of the problem.

Bengal film director Subratasen, who created many new faces including Concona Senshalma in the first film of 2001, depressed many young men and women as their high ambitions clashed with the harsh realities of the industry. I said I would fall into it.

Sen said, “I’ve only heard about the actress. The two models were virtually unknown. In recent years, I’ve noticed that young people without formal education have moved from the district to Kolkata because they find it easier to take a break. They couldn’t meet the demands of the fascinating world of the city, where it’s normal to buy new dresses for every party. “

 ” The majority of young girls come to Kolkata believing that it’s very easy to become the leading actress in a film, despite the discontent of their parents. Finding easy money ends up in depression for many.

I advise young people not to choose to act as a minor until they graduate and build a career, “Sen added. Popular actor Sudip Mukherjee said he first met the actress at an event four days before her death. ” There is no way I know what these women’s personal lives are like, but it has emerged over the past few years that 100 likes on Instagram and Facebook ‘brave’ photos and videos will help people quickly secure their careers.  I noticed that I was thinking.

Mobile apps create negative exposure. These young people are in a complex state of mind because they have no bonds and are separated from reality, “says Mukherjee. ” There is also a grey industry that lies beneath the real one that attracts many young people.  I don’t run a moral police force, but in a so-called promotional video related to some of the hospitality industry, youth You can find YouTube videos where women are being fooled into exposing themselves. No one knows how much these women will be paid.


 Mumbai-based clinical psychologist Anindita Roy Chowdhury believes peer pressure is a major factor for young people of the victim’s age group, and they lack family attachment. “Mobile phones also play a big role in their lives,” she said. Young people feel that the app will become famous overnight. Many do not hesitate to cross the boundaries of dignity. Her private life will be public.

This has eroded the values ​​of our society. It is also true that many young girls in suburban homes are being pressured to make money from an early age. That drives them into the race for easy money, “Roy Chowdry said. Suicide increased by 54% during the 2020 Covid hit, a  total increase from 181 in 2019 to 278 last year. This was one of the highest increases in suicide in a year, and this trend was reflected in some of the 53 cities surveyed.

Data released in the latest NCRB suicide and traffic report for 2020, released  Thursday, showed a 200% increase in suicide in Srinagar, a 65% increase in Rancho and a 50% increase in Lucknow. However, NCRB reports that the city-wide suicide rate is 2,  calculated as the number of suicides per 1,000 people. This is considered a genuine indicator.

This is only part of the national average of 14.8 and only part of the national average of 11.3. Kolkata has the second lowest suicide rate in the country after Srinagar (0.5).  The total number of suicides in the city is also much lower than in almost every other metro. Even in Bengal, the highest number of suicides in the first year of the pandemic was not in Kolkata, but in Asansor (329 people committed suicide in 2020). Compared to 278 cases in Kolkata, Delhi reported 3,025 suicides, an increase of almost 25% from 2019.

Chennai reported 2,430 suicides and 2,196 Bangalore in 2020. Suicide is increasing during pandemics in almost every city in India, except for Dhanbad and Agra. According to the investigation, the suicide in Kolkata was not due to bankruptcy or unemployment. Instead, 197 cases were due to mental illness and 3 cases were due to physical illness. Given the content of the suicide note, the 43 reasons were marital issues, dowry demands, and extramarital negotiations.

Substance abuse and test failures were also cited among the many reasons that led to drastic behaviour. June last year was one of the worst months. On June 9, four people committed suicide in the city, including a 10-year-old boy. The three drank poison while the child hung his neck. A few days later, on June 14, Kolkata police reported five suicides. Among the victims were 38 years old, two elderly people and two middle-aged people. All five hung their necks. The same day, Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput hung his head.

 Seven suicides were reported in Kolkata on June 17 of the same week. Among the victims were two other 10-year-olds, 19-year-olds, and 30-year-olds. In the first week of July, three people committed suicide, including a police officer who committed suicide. While biological, psychological and sociological reasons are the cause of mental vulnerabilities, Indians are falsely conditioned to believe that they should never admit their vulnerabilities.


 The advisor said. “It drives many to suicide without explicit warning,” said psychological counsellor Soumya Mukherjee. There is no reason to commit suicide, says psychiatrist J Ram. ” It is complicated to understand depression because it is the result of many factors interacting together. Therefore, there are always many reasons to drive a person to suicide in general. Many people, especially those who are prone to depression, are isolated during a pandemic. The feeling is like that I’m doing it,” Ram says. He added that many people suffering from depression often refuse to help because they believe they are not men.

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