Top 10 Best CRM In India 2022

Top 10 Best CRM In India 2022

CRM in India: Due to the epidemic, staying in touch with happy consumers has been more difficult than ever, and this trend will surely continue in the age of hybrid work. As a result, once-familiar business operations have irreparably changed, including how your sales force communicates with clients, how they connect with one another, and, most importantly, how your customers want to engage with you.

A CRM’s value goes beyond simply keeping track of contacts in a client database. A good CRM records every interaction your staff have with each customer and helps you to track and measure those interactions. These might be anything from the user’s first sale to their service history to the topic of conversation they had with your local sales agent during their last lunch. CRMs store this information safely and allow you to track, analyze, and surface it as needed.

CRM (customer relationship management) software is a must-have for every business that wants to improve client interactions. You can also use this tool to keep track of, record, and manage all of your customer interactions on a single server.

Each firm may have different needs depending on their procedure. As a result, you must choose the best CRM system that understands your business goals and helps you achieve them. Choosing the proper Operational CRM supplier might be difficult because there are so many to choose from.

CRM Creatio CRM is a full-featured platform for increasing marketing, revenue, and customer service. It’s a complete platform that gives all departments the tools they need to improve the customer experience. One of the system’s assets is its BPM engine, which allows it to adapt procedures quickly. You can also take advantage of a 14-day free trial to explore how this CRM software might help your business.

In the digital age, digital CRM is a web-based CRM platform that automates most workflow procedures. Using admin role management, you can have an endless number of users and records using this software solution. This software can also be installed on your webserver, localhost, or on-premises.

This CRM software allows you to easily tailor the application to your specific business needs. One of the most appealing aspects of this solution is its low cost and lack of hidden costs.

Starting a successful business is not easy. You must continue to increase revenue, develop client loyalty, and find ways to streamline so that you can be more productive, regardless of the difficulties. CRM software comes into play at this point. It’s not just any CRM system; it’s the most sensitive CRM solution for small enterprises.

Fresh sales CRM is a system for managing client relationships. All of the tools you’ll need to improve your sales team are included in Fresh sales CRM software. This software system uses artificial intelligence to score leads, phone calls, emails, and activity capture. It also compiles and organizes client experience into a single platform. One of the top CRM systems for personalizing your own business demands, it serves as a critical server for the organization to access 360 degrees of your customer profile. Furthermore, automation increases the productivity of your team.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software: What Is It?

It’s also known as CRM software, and it’s a collection of tools that help businesses build strong relationships with their customers while also improving sales, conversions, and revenues. To close the gap as rapidly as possible, the program allows them to connect through a variety of channels, including phone talks, website visits, emails, and social media activities.

It also aids in the classification of customers based on their buying habits, expectations, and behaviour. We’ve put up a list of the top ten CRMs for 2022 that will make your life easier and more efficient.

Consider again if you believe that a decent CRM is only for large companies with unlimited funds, tech experts, and complex software ecosystems. There are a variety of options available that are tailored to your individual needs as a small business. You won’t have to spend your days imprisoned in spreadsheet hell or doing laborious, time-consuming manual processes if you have the correct system in place.


It allows for enhanced cross-functionality, which improves team collaboration.

CRM improves client service efficiency while also increasing employee happiness.

It saves money and eliminates the need for manual labor.

Cons of Not Using a CRM Platform: 

Without a CRM tool, managing client contacts on an excel spreadsheet becomes exceedingly difficult.

A fight or the need to switch between multiple tools is constantly present.

It necessitates a significant increase in manual effort.

Small enterprises are prone to losing track of contractual obligations.

Consumer satisfaction is low, and data accessibility is limited.’


How Can CRM Software Help You Grow Your Business?

CRM software is a strategy or approach that allows businesses to manage and access customer data. It enables you to connect your various departments, such as marketing, sales, and customer service. It can also be used to make a system that includes notes, actions, and measurements. Furthermore, each user will have immediate access to real-time client data. Organizations will be able to tailor their customer journeys by allowing great collaboration across teams.


Future Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Trends

11 CRM Trends for 2022: Top Predictions to Watch Out For -

One of the recurring trends we observe with CRM solutions is consolidation into larger product ecosystems. Certain businesses, like the legendary Zoho CRM, aren’t only the hub of their ecosystem.

They serve as a template for the vendor’s other offerings. Zendesk, for example, bought Base CRM, a well-known standalone solution, and renamed it Zendesk Sell. Zendesk’s incredible assortment of customer support-driven SMB solutions can benefit from this more integrated approach.

Fresh sales CRM is comparable, since it is a lightweight and simple SMB-focused CRM solution with advanced functionality. This includes features like integrations, process automation, and sales intelligence. Fresh sales CRM also works nicely with Fresh caller and Fresh desk, which is a big plus for businesses that use both services.

Other CRM solutions, such as Sales Creatio, have enhanced their user interfaces to make it easier for users to initiate specific business processes. You may switch between Marketing, Sales, and Service in Sales Creatio, making it a more dynamic control centre for controlling multiple elements of CRM.

SMBs must consider the long term when it comes to CRM solutions. Start looking at whether integrations would make sense for growth-stage companies or businesses looking to expand in the future.

CRM In India 2022

1.Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM Reviews 2022: Details, Pricing, & Features | G2

The Zoho CRM Software gives you a 360-degree view of the whole sales cycle and pipeline in India. This is for small businesses, and it offers a comprehensive solution for managing sales, customer support, marketing, and inventory management across the entire company in a single system.

2.Zendesk CRM

Zendesk Integration | Agile CRM

Zendesk is a sales CRM software that makes salespeople’s responsibilities in any company 10 times more accessible. With the primary goal of deal completion and customer satisfaction in mind, this integrated solution automates everyday sales activities, measures conversions, improves performance visibility, and streamlines sales pipeline management.

With Zendesk, a sales staff can do a variety of tasks from a single platform with only a few clicks. Salespeople can schedule meetings, conduct phone calls, and keep track of deal history without breaking a sweat. Furthermore, the platform’s mobile app allows you to access all of the platform’s features while on the go, ensuring that your sales department gets the attention it deserves even while you’re on the go.

3.Constant Contact

Constant Contact - Review 2021 - PCMag India

Constant Contact is most known for its email marketing service, but it may also be used as a customer relationship management system. So, not only can you send amazing marketing emails to your subscribers, but you can also manage all of your contacts with Constant Contact.

You can easily import and arrange your existing contact lists into Constant Contact using tags. You can create subcategories for “VIP clients,” “leads,” and “Twitter follower” relationships, for example. Segmentation, list cleansing, and email list-building tools are among the services they offer. Constant Contact also integrates effectively with a variety of CRM platforms. Constant Contact has a lot of pricing options depending on how many email subscribers you have and what services you wish to employ. There is a free trial available for these programs, which range in price from $20 to $335 per month.

For small business owners, Constant Contact is a terrific tool. It does, however, come with a set of limitations. If you require advanced automation, for example, this may not be the best option. You’ll have to manually screen duplicate people if you want to get rid of them because it doesn’t allow you to recognize them. Aside from that, you’ll need to utilize a YouTube link if you want to incorporate videos in your emails. Other video connections will not work.

4.CRM by Send Pulse

CRM Email Marketing Automation - Integrations | SendPulse

Send Pulse is a familiar brand in the world of online analytics. Send Pulse, which serves email and social media marketers, has finally added a customer relationship management system to its platform.

With Send Pulse CRM, keeping track of your client base and ongoing sales is straightforward. It also has a live notification feature to respond to customer activity and expedite the transaction.

The platform has made great progress in chatbot development, with chatbot builders for the most popular social networking sites and messengers, including a WhatsApp chatbot builder, being released.

5.Fresh works CRM

Freshworks CRM -

It’s a Fresh works online CRM application that uses AI to score leads. Fresh sales’ online CRM features include a built-in phone, built-in email, and a search tool for the best leads, as well as conversation monitoring and pipeline sales management. This software offers an excellent user interface and is simple to integrate with other programs. The user can view every activity and perform many actions at the same time.

6.Oracle NetSuite CRM

NetSuite CRM Pricing, Alternatives & More 2022 - Capterra

Stop wasting time trying to figure out what your customers want and instead utilise NetSuite CRM to expand the capabilities of your best CRM system. This CRM Solutions for Oracle NetSuite software is cloud-based and captures vital client information through online surveys and inquiry forms.

Project Management Software |


It gives you the flexibility to manage customer data, interactions, and processes in your own way. It will keep all of the data secure. You can capture leads online using an embedded contact form, and leads collected on other forms can also be automatically inserted. You may import data from a variety of sources into

Enterprise ($49 per month), Pro ($39 per month), Standard ($26 per month), and Basic ($17 per month) are the four main pricing choices available on These charges are based on a yearly billing cycle for two users. A free trial of the product is offered.

Monday’s Highlights

This CRM software allows you to customize a dashboard to fit your specific information gathering requirements.

It will, among other things, provide you a comprehensive view of methods, sales, and performance.

You’ll be able to automate time-consuming operations with it.

It allows you to set up automatic reminders, receive due date notifications, and assign new projects to teammates automatically.


File:HubSpot Logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons

HubSpot is likely the most well-known CRM software. HubSpot CRM is a simple, user-friendly CRM application that’s perfect for rookies, solopreneurs, and startups. With the online CRM for small businesses, you can keep track of your relationships and current contact activity rapidly.

You can manage your contacts and obtain an up-to-date picture of your whole sales funnel using HubSpot’s easy, visual interface. You may organize your connections based on sales won and lost, scheduled appointments, time frames, and other factors. You may even create custom filters to organize your contacts based on your preferences.

The filtering function in HubSpot CRM makes it simple to slice and dice contacts. When working with large databases of leads, this is really beneficial.

HubSpot CRM also has a number of features that are currently available. In addition to contact management, HubSpot CRM provides email scheduling, tasks, deals, ticketing, team email, live chat, and more. You can also use HubSpot to automatically log all of your activity by integrating it with Gmail or Outlook. As a result, HubSpot CRM will be able to capture each email as soon as it is sent.

HubSpot is a completely free customer relationship management solution that does not have a time limit, making it great for small businesses on a budget.

This CRM solution is completely free, even if you have an unlimited number of users and may save up to one million contacts and businesses.

If you want more advanced CRM capabilities like calling, contact activity, email tracking notifications, meetings, and conversational bots, you’ll have to upgrade to one of HubSpot’s subscription plans, which start at $50 per month. HubSpot CRM integrates with most common services, including Active Campaign, RingCentral, Constant Contact, Gmail, and others.

Hubspot’s biggest drawback is that when your company grows, you may want to phase it out owing to its limited capability for larger businesses. Another disadvantage of Hubspot is that it only offers technical support for a price. The support crew for this lead software solution, on the other hand, is among the best. Furthermore, many of its costly services are free elsewhere, and several of them aren’t as complete as those offered by some of its competitors.


Salesforce - Wikipedia

If you want to master the CRM environment, Salesforce is the right tool for you. It’s a cloud-based CRM system that brought in $2.5 billion in revenue last year.

From tiny firms to huge corporations, everyone benefits from its extensive features and customer service management advantages. Salesforce makes it easier to engage with potential consumers by including some of the best services available, such as Chatter.

Additionally, it is compatible with a wide range of mobile devices, including iOS and Android. The properties of this tool make it appropriate for a variety of business sizes.

Free Agent CRM

Customers for life Call us: + (650) 729-8400 The only Insurance CRM made  for better customer relationships. Start Free Trial LEARN MORE You cover  your customers. Increase renewals and drop attrition Happy customers who  feel connected to you are ...

Businesses may improve their marketing, sales, project management, customer success, and more with a cloud-based Custom CRM solution. It entails bringing everything together in one location, making communication between teams much easier. It’s a flexible and configurable solution with a user-friendly UI that works well with major enterprise apps from third parties. Free Agent not only lets you use boards, cards, and lists to organize and prioritize your chores, but it also keeps track of them, helping you to improve your entire company’s productivity. It removes the stress of dealing with clients.

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