Motorcycles – The Empire of Rajputana Customs And Their Best Inventions

The Indian motorcycle ethnicity and background can be studied through eras. The first era comprised of the high octane tuned-up motorcycles from the pre or early independence years and which were set in the opposition and were to be fought against one another on tracks like the famous Sholavaram race track and the less renowned Agara and Sulur airstrips.

The second era was the one with the modern-day and fashionable age of high-end and high-performance motorcycles and bikes that are more mainframe than that of a motorcycle.

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The earlier or the first era had motorcycles which had to be customized for sole or one purpose only, out–and–out speed and performance. The drive trains used to be taken apart and worked up to squash as much energy as possible out of them while keeping the movement within the class.

Despite this, in between both the eras were a period where the motorcycle culture was taken aback due to many issues and problems that were overpowering the developing economy of the country. But this phase was overcome with time which thankfully, didn`t hinder the progress of the economy and the surviving motorcycle culture. The second era saw the rise of the motorcycle culture due to foreign bikes such as Haya Busas, R1’s, GSXR’s, Kawi Z’s, and the odd Italians in the form of Ducatis and Aprilias.

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A major Indian custom shop that came into the big picture was THE RAJPUTANA CUSTOMS. This featured company introduced the biggest invention in the field of bikes which is one of the most renowned bikes in not just the country but in the entire world till date as we speak, and that is the Royal Enfield. This company came into the picture when the motorbikes were considered to be comprising of aftermarket parts.

This company stood up like a boss in the market and put forward its customized motorcycles or bikes.

They innovated and created uniqueness in huge amounts; be it custom-made panels, tanks, custom ergonomics, anything.

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Rajputana Customs make classy and eye-catching motorcycles. The most popular and bestsellers of the company are the Royal Enfield Bullet bike, Royal Enfield Classic 350, Royal Enfield Meteor 350, Royal Enfield Classic 500, Royal Enfield Interceptor 650, Royal Enfield Continental, and many more. Royal Enfield also makes off-roading motorcycles like Royal Enfield Himalayan. Their motorcycles are installed with single-cylinder and twin-cylinder engines.

Their most recent or up-to-date built-to-rock motorcycles or bikes market is the remarkable “Assault”; a raw, minimal, and shrewdly painted Royal Enfield 500 cc (Classic conversion). The bike has a matte green/black color scheme on its build. 

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This company believes there is something for everyone and that they shall offer the same to its customers. They produce customized bikes, Royal Enfield ranging from the price of Rs.1.24L – Rs.14L. The Royal Enfield Classic 350 Single Channel is one the lowest-priced bikes which are set at a price of Rs.1.84L- Rs. 2.08L while the on-road price of the Royal Enfield Classic 350 Dual Channel is priced from Rs. 2.38L- 2.48L depending upon the dark and chrome series variants of the bike. The most expensive Royal Enfield bike is the Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 which has a hefty on-road price of Rs.2.97L and goes up till the price of Rs. 3.20L.

The company offers a range of a total of 32 bikes. Some of the most renowned of a lot of these bikes are Original Gangster, Light Foot, Uno, and 8 ball. The company has recently started to trade in Bikes, Royal Enfield parts, RCM bolts and has even introduced its merchandise.

You can check out their cool and new merchandise on the Rajputana Customs official website.

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