Can’t Afford Netflix? Here Are The Top 15 Alternatives That Are Free!

When money is tight, disconnect the cord and instead use entertainment applications like Netflix. To watch free TV series and movies, you don’t need specific streaming equipment. These businesses offer mobile apps that allow you to start a show on your smartphone or tablet and cast it to a smart TV.

While you won’t have to pay a membership to view free streaming movies and shows, these apps will play advertising throughout movies and episodes.

With movie screenings rescheduled, performance venues cancelled, and theatres closing for the coming years, the public’s entertainment options have decreased too nearly nothing. At this moment, home entertainment is truly one of the last available outlets.

Netflix UK in February 2021: new on the streaming platform this month

As it turns out, this isn’t such a bad thing. Because the streaming sector has fully matured and now provides more entertainment possibilities than ever before. Platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime have maintained their consistent output of movies and television shows, while newcomers such as Disney+ and HBO Max have enlarged the market of available platforms.


The only issue? There may be too many possibilities at this point, and you won’t be able to afford them all. The streaming market has become so crowded that individual are forced to choose between a plethora of different entertainment sources.

Fortunately, several free streaming solutions have risen from the pack, making the streaming surge a little more wallet-friendly.

How many free streaming alternatives are available? Perhaps there are too many to count. However, 15 notable streamers provide a diverse selection of movies and television shows. Here are the most popular free streaming platforms accessible right now.

These are my top 15 free streaming alternatives of Netflix that are simple to use, work on a range of devices, and provide a wealth of viewing fun.


With over 850,000 movies, TV episodes, music, and books available, Hoopla has emerged as one of the most significant alternatives to subscription-based streaming services. If the service collaborates with your local library, you’ll have access to its extensive catalogue of selections, which includes a lot of stuff focused on entertaining children.

Hoopla, a Netflix for library patrons, adds streaming deals - Los Angeles  Times


Kanopy is just another on-demand streaming platform for folks who frequent libraries and institutions. Membership through Kanopy gives access to all of a library’s films and documentaries, in addition to the plethora of items currently available. Kanopy Kids, Kanopy’s sub-division, also has a lot of children’s programmes.

Kanopy: A Movie Lover's Paradise | Reading + Entertainment | Idea Exchange


After all, Vudu is a major digital marketplace for purchasing and renting movies and television series. However, Walmart’s on-demand streaming service provides free access to a variety of selections. If you don’t mind a few commercials during your movie experience, this is an excellent choice.


IMDb, like Vudu, provides free access to a variety of movies and television shows—as long as you don’t mind commercials during the viewing. IMDb TV offers a wide range of streaming alternatives, including new movies, ancient classics, and cult television shows.


Pluto is yet another service that is rapidly gaining popularity. Pluto is a Viacom CBS-owned American online television service that is ad-supported (similar to Tubi) and offers hundreds of hand-picked channels. Many of those channels will be known to you, such as channel 236, which broadcasts CBS news 24 hours a day. However, you will get access to channels that continuously stream shows such as Degrassi, MTV Cribs, and The Twilight Zone.


For a long time, most people were unaware of Tubi. However, after research indicated that the free streaming platform was among the top ten most downloaded streaming applications in 2020, it was evident that Tubi was no longer a movie buff’s best-kept secret. Tubi provides access to a variety of movies and TV series. Tubi generates money by running advertisements throughout the viewing experience, but many of its movies and episodes are also available sans advertisements.

MX Player

MX Player provides free access to the platform’s movies, TV series, MX Originals online shows, music videos, and other content. The MX Player app is available for free download on all iOS and Android smart devices.


Since March, VIZIO has announced over 50 free streaming channels on its Smart Cast Platform. These free streaming channels complement VIZIO’s WatchFreeTM service, which is powered by Pluto and now offers hundreds of free streaming TV channels covering news, movies, sports, and more. All of these streaming choices may be accessed on the SmartCast home screen in the “Free Channels” section.

The Roku Channel

If you own a Roku streaming media player or a Roku TV, you will be able to enjoy Roku’s free, ad-supported streaming channel. The Roku Channel provides its material as well as video from normal channels such as Fox and CW, as well as streaming services such as Pluto and Tubi.

World's Most Watched YouTube Channel CoComelon Now Available on The Roku  Channel | Business Wire


Consider Crackle to be a lesser, less well-known version of Netflix or Hulu. Sony’s platform provides access to a variety of television shows and movies, as well as Crackle-produced material that is only available on the site.


Xumo, another ad-supported site, provides live and on-demand video from hundreds of channels. Xumo, like Pluto, provides a variety of alternatives ranging from sports to leisure to news.


Tivo has launched a new ad-supported service to adapt and compete with the changing times. TiVo+, which is powered by Xumo, gives users access to a wide range of older television shows, as well as content from sites like TMZ and FailArmy.

Fawesome, another ad-supported service, has a library of over 250 channels and offers over 10,000 movies and television series. FutureToday owns the service, which produces over 1,000 streaming channels covering everything from food to beauty and fashion to children’s entertainment.


This ad-supported streamer provides a mix of local and national content in addition to a plethora of on-demand movies and TV shows. After you’ve chosen your city and state, you’ll have access to local news. Then, similar to Pluto, you may select from a variety of handpicked channels that are available nationwide., an ad-supported service from the TVS Television Network, offers a plethora of options if you enjoy old television episodes and movies. The platform is divided into many networks that address a variety of themes. Then, inside those networks, channels give more specialised channels.

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