Nusrat Jahan Welcomes 1st Baby; Opts For Single Motherhood

Nusrat Jahan is once again in the news as she has chosen to be a single mother and will be raising her son alone. The actress-turned-MP recently gave birth to a baby boy and named him Yishaan.

Nusrat Jahan is a Bengali Actress and she is also TMC (Trinamool Congress) Lok Sabha MP from Basirhat in West Bengal. She made her first appearance to the media after becoming a mother and spoke about her relationship, her child, and also about actor and BJP leader Yash Dasgupta

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The main question arising in the media and among the people is the identity of Yishaan’s father, but the question has not been answered yet.

After her separation from her husband, Nikhil Jain, she moved into a live-in relationship with BJP leader Yash Dasgupta. While talking about this, Nikhil Jain clearly stated that the child is not his. From here, the question arises: who is the father? And on September 8, 2021, Nusrat Jahan made a statement that Yash Dasgupta is the guardian of her son Yishaan and they are having a good time.

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Recently a video featuring Yash carrying Yishaan in his arms went viral online. Also, when Nusrat was asked about a glimpse of her son, she asked the media to ask his father and stated that he was not letting him see anyone.

After the child’s birth, Nusrat’s estranged husband, Nikhil Jain, congratulated her and said, “we may have differences yet I wish the newborn and his mother all the best. I wish the child a bright future.”

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Everyone is guessing that BJP leader Yash Dasgupta is the father of Nusrat Jahan’s child as he was present in the hospital with her while she delivered the baby. He was also the one who confirmed the news of the baby boy’s birth to the media.

But after all this, Nusrat did not disclose the name of the child’s father and agreed that she would be raising the child alone as a single mother.

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