Pratik Gandhi: The Reel Harshad Mehta

Pratik Gandhi is an Indian actor, director and theatre enthusiast who has worked in many successful plays and films.

Pratik Gandhi Childhood and Relationships

Pratik Gandhi (born April 29th, 1980) is an Indian actor working in the Gujarati theatre and cinema, primarily known for his work in Scam 1992, which was based on the Harshad Mehta Scam case. 

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Pratik Gandhi’s parents were both teachers and he comes from a middle-class family in Gujarati. During his school days, Pratik had the dream to become a doctor and make a name for himself in medicine. He wanted to be a doctor but chose engineering because of poor school grades. He joined North Maharashtra University after graduating in industrial engineering. He worked for the National Productivity Council at Satara, Pune University and later for a multinational company in Mumbai.

Pratik married Bhamini Oza, a theatre actress, in 2009.

Pratik Gandhi teams up with wife Bhamini Oza Gandhi for the short film,  'Shimmy'

Pratik Gandhi Career, Movies and awards

Pratik Gandhi began his career by appearing in Gujarati plays such as Aa Paar Ke Pele Paar in 2005. He worked in the theatre and played roles in several hit plays such as Mere Piya Gaye Rangoon, Hu Chandrakant Bakshi, Ame Badha Sathe Duniya Laiye Math etc. 

Pratik Gandhi shared his excitement for his big screen release, saying: “I’m very excited. In fact, as an actor, I am regarded seriously and many want to consider me for the lead role or begin a project with me, whether in Hindi film, web series or regional cinema. The reason I say this is because Vitthal Teddi loves the script as much as I do.”

Gandhi, who had been a part of the Gujarati film fraternity, agreed to move to the mainstream because of the changes around him was to take on the role of Vitthal Teddi in the web series Vitthal Tedi, directed by Abhishek Jain. Vitthal’s character becomes a poker player at the village level and begins to go to the next village to earn money for his family’s survival. 

Scam 1992 star Pratik Gandhi recalls financial struggles: 'Suddenly, the  whole family was homeless' | Bollywood - Hindustan Times

Pratik Gandhi is famous for his iconic role in the web series Scam 1992. He played the role of Gujarat businessman Harshad Mehta, who was involved in various financial crimes in 1992. We can also say that this series was the best opportunity given to Pratik Gandhi to showcase his real talent and skills to the audience. For this series, Pratik Gandhi had to do a lot of research and learn stock market shares to do justice to the role of Harshad Mehta, and he also had to gain about 18 kg to do justice to the role.

Pratik appeared in the Limca Book of Records with a performance of Mohan’s Masala in three languages (English, Hindi and Gujarati ). He also became part of several popular plays such as Apurva Avasar, Saat Tari Akvee (Part 1), Bohot Nachyo Gopal, Master Madam, and Mere Piya Gaye Rangoon.

Pratik has also worked in Gujarati films such as Dhunki (2019), Wrong Side Raju (2016), Ventilator (2018), Luv Ni Love Storys (2020) and Bey Yaar (2014). In 2018, he got the chance to appear in the popular Bollywood film Loveyatri by the famous Bollywood actor Salman Khan.

Actor Pratik Gandhi tests positive for COVID-19 | Celebrities News – India  TV

Pratik Gandhi real-life Struggles

Pratik Gandhi, who became a star after starring in the successful web series Scam 1992 tells of his struggle to make ends meet with his day job and his true love of acting. Pratik and his family moved to Mumbai after losing their home in the 2006 floods in Surat and lived in a one-bedroom apartment in Mumbai.

Success was not easy for the 41-year-old actor from Surat, who had to endure many personal, financial and medical struggles to make a name for himself in the country. In an interview with Bollywood Bubble, the 41-year-old actor from Surat spoke about his wife Bhamini Oza’s illness and his father’s death from cancer.

The Bhavai actor reveals how he overcame many struggles and successes to show what brought him fame. The man who once struggled to make ends meet got a call from the veteran actress Shabana Azmi said that his performance in Scam 1992 was the best performance she had seen in the last two decades. 

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Pratik Gandhi captivated our screens when he played the devious stockbroker Harshad Mehta in the web series Scam 1992. He has become one of India’s most recognisable and coveted OTT stars. Pratik believes now is the best time for an actor to work on an OTT platform, “There’s something beautiful in the industry of fighting in the performing arts, and it’s called hope. The journey, the challenges and the performance keep you there”.

The release of Scam 1992, based on Harshad Mehta and his stock exchange scam, on October 9th, 2020, on SonyLiv, made Pratik an overnight success. Life gives everyone a chance to change their destiny.

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