Sanak Review 2021: Movie Story Is Predictable, But Vidyut Jammwal Packs a Punch and comes out strong

Bollywood has its ‘Die Hard.’ Los Angeles skyscraper turned into a shining hospital in Mumbai, Bruce Savior-In-A-Singlet Willis, played by Vidyut Jammwal, a Hollywood blockbuster ex-wife, becomes a working-class partner (Rukmini Maitra), and a strong-willed terrorist led by Chandan Roy. saying those immortal words that every character can kill: Time to Go to Tango in the movie sanak.


A criminal with a large ticket (Karmakar) is still in the hospital to continue some procedure, and his team will enter. It all happens with numbers: underground parking, check, control room with CCTV, check, kidnapers, check. . MMA coach Vivaan (Jammwal) is on his way home. Said the wife (Maitra), looking to pick up the whole place in a whirlwind. 

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In the middle, a gang leader (Roy Sanyal) walks down the corridors of a rat-a-tat, exploding huge holes in various bodies, and when the plot demands, he pulls someone out through a high window. A policeman with a strong nose (Dhupia) says, ‘we are the Mumbai police,’ as long as we miss you. With these rights, ‘Sanak’ was supposed to be a non-stop trip. But it’s like walking around a park with no spark.


You wonder why it took so long to get to this point, considering that the Hindi film defeated everyone in making films when our heroes became Rescuing Rambos. Remember the ‘Burning Train’ of the 1980s? Decades have passed, and there is plenty of advanced technology that films can use, and there is Jammwal, which is very capable of searching rooms and pulping baddies. But it’s the same old saggy writing problem that not even the most skilled muscle artist can save.


Sample this line. Says Jammwal to a naughty child, in the midst of a tense situation: ‘Are you ready to kill bad people?’ The child says, ‘I was born right, uncle.’ Err, all right.


Sanak Movie Review: Script Analysis

Sanak | Official Trailer | Vidyut Jammwal | Rukmini Maitra | Chandan Sanyal  | Neha Dhupia | 15 Oct - YouTube

The type of action in Hindi cinema is still a niche. You can easily count the stars that have given their art to it with their fingers. Actor Vidyut Jammwal is definitely at the top of the list, and his fans are waiting for him to start the action. Yes, even Sanak writers do. A movie that takes the Hospital as its battlefield can have a unique foundation, but what about the building? Have we forgotten that we need to be different too?


Ashish P Verma takes credit for being a film writer. The movie reaches the stage where the action begins after 22 minutes of setting. Now it is clear that everything that happens in those 22 minutes is to create a drama that we will see. But if you make that moment look like a meatless countdown without the pearls leading the sweet chemicals, which are also cut suddenly, it all looks lazy.


At this point, he seems to have survived the construction without really holding anything back just to enjoy Vidyut moving his muscles in an amazing way. While the sequence of battles is what the writers absolutely rely on to bring in the audience, they forget to create the one who throws those punches into the world. Vidyut is often attacked by anxiety; why? Do they bother to speak clearly? No! Rukmini, aka Anshika, suddenly made martial arts; we know she knew that? No! The couple have come together for all sorts of good things, but is their seemingly intriguing background still under consideration? No!

Sanak (2021) - IMDb

On top of all this, the writing of the movie equips ten the old things to know more about guns. You can use them. If that is unbelievable, he even knows how to detonate a bomb of a high-profile terrorist group, which planned the attack for four months. So, when after all this, the Mumbai Police leave this job to the average person, you don’t judge them too much because you have given up thinking.


Kanishk Varma, on her way, is focused on showing how good her leading husband is in what he does. There is nothing wrong with that, but without focusing on anything else, it becomes a little weak. Action director Andy Long Nguyen though does a very difficult job. Getting a job with Jammwal, an unprecedented design for stunts and sequences. And smart enough to use the surroundings to support the action. Two notable sequences are one in the MRI room and the other in the physiotherapy ward.

Sanak trailer: Vidyut Jammwal is one-man army out to save a hospital under  attack | Entertainment News,The Indian Express

Vidyut Jammwal is a great reason to watch Sanak, but it can’t be the only place that draws attention to the movie. While the action is high, we wish that the plot was also equally developed.


Vidyut Jammwal has demanded his throne as the biggest star again. He strikes with a fist and kills people with his bare hands. The magic is, it makes all this seem very believable. There’s also a charm in his beats; that’s something fans really come for.

Rukmini Maitra, who made his first Bollywood show, promises the part he is offered. His chemistry and Vidyut are fascinating, and I wish the makers would give the audience more of that.

Sanak (2021) - IMDb

Chandan Roy Sanyal, as a rival, enters the screen with a bang, promising a lot. But over time, he turns to the traits of a crazy villain, thus turning his good performance into a caricature. Neha Dhupia also faces a similar fate. The character enters the film as a police officer with a strong personality. But when he decides to just stare at the CCTV screen and allow a citizen to launch a campaign to beat a terrorist group, you can’t stop your disbelief at that level.

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