Squid Game – All You Need To Know About The 5 Games

An unexpected hit, “Squid Game” has broken all sorts of records on Netflix and not only became the first Korean series to make it to the top 10 charts of the service worldwide, but is on track to become Netflix’s biggest-ever series. The series features Lee Jung-Jae, Park Hae-soo, Wi Ha-jun, Jung Ho-Yeon and a few other established Korean names and newcomers.

Squid Game is Netflix’s newest offering in the K-drama segment, and it’s one of the strongest entries in the genre of horror game shows. It’s a disturbing nine-part series about how the world of children’s games is being turned upside down.

squid game

Netflix’s budget power coupled with Hwang’s continued commitment to the show will almost certainly ensure that Squid Game Season 2 will sustain the interest of its massive audience, if it ever materializes.

The Storyline of Squid Game

The premise of Squid Game is simple – a group of people drowning in debt with nothing to lose is offered the chance to risk their lives for an obscene sum of money. As the series unfolds, it becomes clear that the game exists for many reasons, including the removal of human organs, killing to entertain the chattering classes of wealthy people (all portrayed as white Westerners) and betting on the results. The series is an anti-capitalist satire, a version of The Hunger Games. 464 indebted people are invited to take part in a game-style challenge tournament to win huge prizes to solve their money problems. 

The series focuses on people in debt who are taken to a mysterious island to play sadistic childhood games in which they partner with others and the contestants demand that they take on each other to win millions of dollars. The ninth and last episode of the Squid Games begins with Sae-baeyok being killed by Sang-woo, leaving him and Gi-hun as the last remaining players of the game. 

Games Played in Squid Games series

There are many games and several levels that the group of players have to cross in order to get the money. These all are games which we all have played in our childhood in different ways in different countries. The full list of gams in Squid Games includes Red light-green light, Honeycomb, Tug of war, Marbles game, Glass stepping stones and finally squid game. To survive the game, players must react quickly and alert their environment to the next expert and fight for their happiness.

1] Red light, Green Light
In the first game, participants are asked to play red light / green light and have no idea what kind of punishment the loser will receive. If a player is caught in the game, he gets eliminated, which is tantamount to death. At first glance, Red Light, Green Light may seem like an easy-to-play version, but Squid Game has added some unique features.

Green Light Red Light is a game in which one player stands back to the wall while the rest tries to cross the finish line. The eliminated players are executed.

When this game starts, no one knows the consequences of being eliminated. So as the game starts, the eyes of the doll detects the person in motion and shoots with a gun. This scares people playing the game, and the players start rushing here and there which result in some of them getting shot. After this, majority of people decided to quit the game.

2] Honeycomb or Dalgona Candy Game
This game was big suspense to the players. In the second game of the series, players have to choose between four shapes without knowing what their choice entails. In this game, players choose between stamp shapes and honeycomb snacks. Several players try desperately to carve their honeycomb shapes with toothpicks provided by Seong-gi Hun, but a few selected remaining players come up with an ingenious solution for the game. There are different shapes such as triangle, Circle, Star and Umbrella. Umbrella was the toughest one because it is not easy to carve.

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This honeycomb game was quite tough and challenging for players This game also becomes frustrating for players because players can’t rely on force manipulation to take advantage of other players. Players have to win this round by their efforts to prevent elimination and death.

3] Tug of War
One of the best rounds, in the tug of war, a group of players have to use their strengths and abilities to bring down the other group to their deaths. Players will be given 10 minutes to choose and compile a team. And every team have to fight with the other to prevent elimination. In Tug of war, there are no specific rules, but each team receives ten marbles. 

4] Marbles
The next game in the series, the players who qualify from the previous games are given 10 minutes to choose a partner for this game. Everyone chose the person they liked most without knowing the game.

After making pairs, players are taken to a place which reminds them something from their childhood. Each player is then given a bag of 10 marbles and asked to play any game they want but with a condition that they cannot hurt the other player. They just have to win the game without doing any kind of violence.

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But here is the main twist of the game. Each player will have to collect all the marbles of the other one and the player who will collect all the marbles, that is 20 marbles, 10 for each, will qualify for the next round. The players left with no marbles will be eliminated.
This game left many people in tears after watching this episode. This game was indeed heartbreaking and filled with emotions.

5] Glass Stepping Stones
In this game, players guess which of the next two tiles is the tile that makes up the one tempered glass, and then step over the 18 pairs of tiles. Most players in Squid Game do not have the advantage of glassmaking knowledge, so they just step over the normal glass.

The players have 16 minutes to cross a bridge made of normal glass-hardened plates in a predetermined sequence. Players who do this in a huge room are killed and two panes of glass break at the end of the game, resulting in catastrophic injuries to players who make it out of the room.

This game is based on the hopscotch game where you have to put your feet in certain places. In this game, most of the players got eliminated and there are only 3 people left for the final game. 

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The final game 

Squid Game is a real game that is popular in amongst children South Korea. The game is played in a field of elongated sand that divides the players into opposing teams (attackers and defenders). In the series, the game is played on a sandy surface, where the players are grouped into rival teams of attackers and defenders.

The first player to kill the other and team up with the other to make it into the winning triangle becomes the official winner of the final title game of the Squid Game and wins the cash prize of millions. 

This series shows how people give their lives by playing such childish games just to earn money and the person with money uses it for entertainment to see people dying in front of them.


Edited by Anupama Roy

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