SRK Chooses The Path Of Justice

Whenever some matter get out of our hands and we do not have any other option, we say, “I will see you in court”. When we say “I will see you in court”, we have that trust or belief that we have a chance to get justice and the judge and lawyer will help us to solve our issues properly. We can see the same in SRK’s son, Aryan Khan’s, drug case.

Aryan, the son of SRK, the king of Bollywood, probably has all the luxuries in the world, that some people can only dream of. We can make a guess of Shahrukh Khan’s earnings just by his house “Mannat”, which is worth Rs 200 crore; he also has a net worth of $700 million.


SRK’s son was taken into custody on October 3, after the interrogation about drugs during a rave party on a cruise ship. Later, he was presented before the court and was sent to jail.

The legal team applied for bail several times on behalf of Aryan Khan but, the plea was rejected by giving different statements like he can temper with the evidence. Also, many people are saying that all this was just an elaborate trap set by the Narcotics Control Bureau

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Meanwhile, after some days, a witness of the case came out saying that he had heard NCB asking for a bribe of Rs 25 crore to settle down the case. In that, a big share of around Rs 8 crore will be given to the zonal director of Narcotics Control Bureau, Sameer Wankhede. It can be the truth, but has not been proved yet; but when a commissioner of Mumbai, Parambir Singh, can be held for the money extortion why not Sameer Wankhede. 

The fact is that, even if Rs 25 crore was demanded from Shahrukh Khan by the NCB to settle down Aryan’s case with ease, it is not a big amount for the king of Bollywood and the owner of so many luxuries, to pay Rs 25 crore to save his kid from the trap; but we can say that Shahrukh Khan believes in his kid and in the law as well.

Instead of settling down the case by using his money, he opted to knock on the doors of the courts again and again. It’s another factor that he could appoint the best legal team due to his position, but that all was in the judicial procedure. He tried to save his son legally and fairly. 

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Aryan Khan was in jail for 25 days. A person who has lived with all the luxury since the day he was born was put into aplace which is like a hell for him. Along with Aryan Khan, what must have his parents, Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan, gone through. His bail plea was rejected by the court even when the Narcotics Control Bureau did not have enough evidence against him. NCB did not even take him for the blood test but, still, he was arrested for drugs consumption.

This is the doing of one of the government bodies that deal with narcotics. The high-profile case was just targeted for the money extortion, and in that, a 23-year-old young boy got trapped.


Edited by Anupama Roy

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